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George Thomas Clark Podcast #3 – Radio Pro

Veteran radio personality Jesse Portillo discusses his career, which includes stints in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Miami, as well as his experiences teaching aspiring on air radio professionals in Bakersfield. Click here to listen on your favorite digital platform Listen on YouTube

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Rush Limbaugh Speaks

I love being fat and famous and talking out of my ass. Listen. We just don’t do this. Republicans don’t make bombs and mail them to enemies of freedom like Obama and the Clintons and CNN. That’s the low-rent style of liberal conspirators desperate to smear conservatives before the midterms.

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Trump Blasts the Media

(The following highlights are from President Donald Trump’s speech to the Conservative Political Action Committee in Washington, D.C. on February twenty-fourth.) What a fantastic standing ovation. You’re incredible. And outside people are lined up for six blocks. Please, please sit down. You’re embarrassing me with all this love. But you won’t read about this tomorrow. […]

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Limbaugh Offers Tips to President Obama

This story is from the collection “Obama on Edge”

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Red Light Rush Limbaugh

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TV from the Ass

tv ass aimed at toilet heads lack toilet ears for radio To see an image of “Toilet Heads” on Facebook, please click this link

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Alarm Radio

another tardy you’re fired boss told fred sir i’ve been creative as well as diligent in this matter alarm radio was problem but stopped listening to wakeup news which interested me too much to get right up until fell back asleep rock and classical music soothed into slumber then tried country which had hated but […]

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Limbaugh Loves Kony

As child like thousands in Uganda I was kidnapped by Lord’s Resistance Army of Joseph Kony and tortured and raped and brainwashed for years as thousands died and am confused why free American radio talker Rush Limbaugh calls Joseph Kony Christian and attacks Barack Obama for trying to help us and through mangled lips I […]

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Getting to Madrid

My journey to Madrid began on a Sunday morning as I drove from blistering Bakersfield down Highway 99 toward Los Angeles and punched sports talk radio but heard an ESPN guy strain to be funny and cool but sounding lame: most jockeys lack comedic skills and can’t sustain the purported subject matter of their shows. […]

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Sarah Palin Shoots Back

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Time to Pay College Athletes

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Harvest of Shame

This story appears in the collection “In Other Hands”

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Rush Limbaugh’s Stunning Announcement

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Sean Hannity Mortified

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O’Reilly Clarifies Al Qaeda Remarks

This story is from the collection “Echoes from Saddam Hussein”

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Michael Savages the Nation

Perhaps I shouldn’t have. I knew what could happen if I switched radio stations during weeknight time slot. But I was desperate. PBS, oasis of thoughtfulness and moderation, was not less so at moment but I was bored by voice of gentle man chronicling love of cartoons. So I pushed button for ESPN radio where […]

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