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HITLER HERE on sale at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Stores, and Wherever Books are sold. Adolf Hitler and his intimates and his enemies have bylines and thus the opportunity to reveal what they did and how they felt during a period of unparalleled destruction. Amazon Barnes & Noble, Apple, Kobo and Wherever Books Are […]

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75th Anniversary of D-Day

This excerpt, commemorating the 75th anniversary of D-Day, is from my biographical novel Hitler Here. ATLANTIC WALL By Field Marshal Erwin Rommel The enemy was soon going to strike, probably somewhere on the Atlantic coast of France. Maybe that place would be Pas de Calais, the shortest point across the Channel from England. The Fuehrer […]

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Dedicated ESL Teacher Retires

(I wrote the following announcement about the retirement of my friend and former colleague Gary Christiansen and, without byline, it was published in the Bakersfield Californian on May 24, 2019.) Long ago friends and colleagues of Gary Christiansen began to wonder how he could teach a four-hour English as a Second Language class five mornings […]

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Badass John Bolton

I must tell you that we are in great danger because the Iranians are planning to attack American personnel in the Middle East. This I know because I’m very shrewd analyzing intelligence, and that’s how I knew Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and was preparing to start World War III. Every day I […]

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These short stories and creative columns examine entertaining but stressful problems about people merely doing what nature mandates. They seek love or companionship on dating websites and meet people at work or on the phone or even at the southern border. They marry or date and quarrel with each other or former spouses unwilling to […]

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In a rousing trip through the worlds of Basketball and Football, George Thomas Clark explores the professional basketball league in Mexico, the Herculean talents of Wilt Chamberlain, the difficulties and humor of attempting to play basketball in middle age, and observes that coaching at Caltech can be more painful than studying all night for a […]

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Free Booksy and Book Guerilla are Promoting My Books This Week

I’m enthused that Free Booksy and Book Gorilla are promoting my books this week. In Other Hands: Revised Edition Hitler Here Books by George Thomas Clark on Bargain Booksy – Use the Site Search Books by George Thomas Clark on Book Gorrilla

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HITLER HERE – On Sale All Week

Hitler Here is a well researched and lyrically written biographical novel offering first-person stories by the Fuehrer and a variety of other characters. This intimate approach invites the reader to peer into Hitler’s mind, talk to Eva Braun, joust with Goering, Goebbels, and Himmler, debate with the generals, fight on land and at sea and […]

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In Other Hands: Revised Edition – On Sale

IN OTHER HANDS: REVISED EDITION – eBooks on Sale – $0.99 Riveting stories about victims of human trafficking, prostitution, poverty, and homelessness. Amazon.com Barnes & Noble, Apple iTunes, Kobo Books, and wherever books are sold

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Battling Kids for Rebounds

This story appears in the collection “Basketball and Football” The experience was so painful and disillusioning I thought I’d never be able to write about it, but in three intervening years there’s been enough healing that I can finally reveal I tried a modest comeback in basketball. I never envisioned actually playing the game well, […]

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Doncic Blitz Fuels Bagley Debate

Dallas trailed Houston by eight with three minutes left when Luka Doncic, who had been shooting errantly, nailed a three-pointer from the left corner and another out front and a floater in the lane and then the pièce de résistance, a step-back three to lift his team to victory. I assume most viewers of the […]

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Bobby Quarry in the Bookstore

I feel good this morning after putting on my burgundy workout clothes and running a few miles, like when I was a pro, and now I’m going to be interviewed by George Thomas Clark who wrote “Jerry Quarry from Boxer’s Heaven,” an article I enjoyed about my late brother, the top ranked heavyweight contender years […]

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Little League Blast

Watching the muscular Red Sox crush four homers and the Dodgers in game five to win the World Series, I’m reminded that at age ten I was the youngest and skinniest boy on our Triple A baseball team and didn’t play much and when I did I always struck out. Late in the season I […]

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Meet the Golden State Killer

MEET THE GOLDEN STATE KILLER $0.99 eBook What would Joe DeAngelo reveal if he were aggressively interrogated? Would he admit to a dozen murders and more than forty-five rapes, most of which are solidly linked to him by DNA? Author George Thomas Clark places a fictional seeker of justice in DeAngelo’s Sacramento jail cell and […]

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Summertime Love for Sacramento Kings

I like living in Lubbock year round and rooting for my alma mater Texas Tech Red Raiders in football and basketball but recently surrendered to my fifth wife, Melanie, who’s from Sacramento and during the seven months I’ve known her has been pestering me to buy a second home here so we can watch her […]

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LeBron Declares: Referees Robbed Us

Following game one of the NBA finals, it’s unfortunate fans can’t celebrate my masterful fifty-one points to lead the Cleveland Cavaliers to an upset over the formidable Golden State Warriors. Instead, we’re talking about obtuse referees who turned a great game into a farce. Late in the fourth quarter, I cleanly stripped the ball from […]

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LeBron Previews NBA Finals

I’m thankful to be drowsy en route to dreamland where I can forget my body’s thirty-three-years old and tired from playing more minutes than anyone in the league and twice carrying us to playoff victories in game seven, and that almost everyone’s saying the Warriors are too good no matter what LeBron does, they’ve got […]

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Ayatollah Khomeini Debates the Shah of Iran

I’m writing this commentary in French, the most sublime language, from my Parisian penthouse where I’ve been ruminating for almost forty years. I assure you I remain a most formidable leader and lover, and am primed to educate you about what is happening to Iran. Don’t you wish I, instead of radical and incompetent theocrats, […]

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Stephen Stills Fifty Years Later

Stephen Stills became a rock star when he was twenty-two and wrote “For What It’s Worth,” a political anthem of the era and a song graced with several exceptional lines such as “Paranoia strikes deep, into your life it will creep,” and as a prodigy and friend of many stars he probably couldn’t relate to […]

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“The Collector” is Published

“THE COLLECTOR” is charged with murdering six artists… Lyle Perkins is obsessed with art and buys many more paintings than he can afford. Then artists whose work he hordes begin to die, driving up the prices of Perkins’ collection. He is soon arrested and, aided by a flamboyant attorney, must battle hostile prosecutors and witnesses […]

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“Meet the Golden State Killer” is Published

What would Joe DeAngelo reveal if he were aggressively interrogated? Would he admit to a dozen murders and more than forty-five rapes, most of which are solidly linked to him by DNA? Author George Thomas Clark places a fictional seeker of justice in DeAngelo’s Sacramento jail cell and uses the latest factual information to confront […]

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Manila Bulletin Posts: “Trump and Biden Brawl”

Manila Bulletin columnist Jose Abeto Zaide, former Philippine ambassador to Germany and France, has again posted one of my columns. “TRUMP AND BIDEN BRAWL” in the Manila Bulletin Click here to read “King Donald” by George Thomas Clark

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Tales of Romance

TALES OF ROMANCE Entertaining stories about men and women dating, marrying, swinging, divorcing, and more… 99 cents on Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo Books Click here for Amacon Barnes & Noble Apple Books Kobo Books

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Gilbert Demands Examination of LeBron

In a lather, Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert calls and tells me to get online and click the link he just sent. I do so and listen as he says, “Who the hell’s that little dude standing next to Joel Embid after the game? Looks like he’s smiling up at his hero. And check out poor […]

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Manila Bulletin Posts “LeBron’s Championship Dreams”

Manila Bulletin Columnist Jose Abeto Zaide, former Philippine ambassador to Germany and France, has again posted one of my stories in his column, this time “LeBron’s Championship Dreams.” Click here to read on Manila Bulletin “Basketball and Football” on Amazon.com “Basketball and Football” on Apple, Barnes & Nobles, Kobo, and Wherever Books Are Sold

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LeBron’s Championship Dreams

Am I dreaming? I hope so and we aren’t really getting bushwhacked by Oklahoma City and surrendering forty-three points in the first quarter to trail by nineteen. Despite shooting well we’re down sixteen at halftime and twenty after three quarters and let the gathering Thunder hit fifty-eight percent while they hang a hundred forty-eight on […]

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Manila Bulletin Posts “Martin Luther King Meets Trump”

Manila Bulletin columnist Jose Abeto Zaide, former Philippine ambassador to Germany and France, has posted another of my columns: “Martin Luther King Meets Trump” Read about the raucous 2016 presidential campaign in “King Donald”

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5-Star Review for “Basketball and Football”

I would like to thank Lance Smith, the Sports Book Guy, one of the top reviewers of sports books in the nation, for his kind words about my most recent book, “Basketball and Football.” Sports Book Guy Lance Smith January 20, 2018 “With one of the simplest titles for a sports book, ‘Basketball and Football’ […]

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Therapy – A Short Story about a Basketball Player

The basketball bounced long into Jimmy Barton’s strong hands, and he dribbled straight at the player who’d shot and was now backpedaling, and as he passed half-court Jimmy planted his right foot and drove left but instantly cross-dribbled, twisting the defender onto the floor, and glided in for a lay-up. Haggin, the center, ran up […]

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Manila Bulletin Posts “Crocodile Eats Mugabe”

The Manila Bulletin Posts “Crocodile Eats Mugabe” A stunning change of power in Zimbabwe Click here to read “King Donald” by George Thomas Clark

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A Dawn

Packed in a dark city canyon we march with bayonet faces to the Great War. We march for our country and those who say we must fight. We march toward bullets, shells, and trenches. We march to A Dawn many never see. Notes: A Dawn was painted by C.R.W. Nevinson in 1914. A Dawn by […]

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Young Kings Routed

Sunday afternoon as I tried to nap I received a call from an aggrieved Sacramento Kings fan who upbraided me because the coach, Dave Joerger, had finally started the young, potential-laden five I’d been demanding for weeks, and look what happened: the Washington Wizards outmanned, outmaneuvered, and outshot the local lads to lead at halftime […]

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Letters from Two Basketball Coaches

Launching a book isn’t as prolonged as writing one, but it’s a tension-filled time of making sure the cover and text are editorially and graphically sound, that plenty of electronic and physical copies are sent to readers and potential reviewers who may be interested, and that internet advertising options are chosen to disperse the new […]

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“Basketball and Football” is Published

In a rousing trip through the worlds of Basketball and Football, George Thomas Clark explores the professional basketball league in Mexico, the Herculean talents of Wilt Chamberlain, the difficulties and humor of attempting to play basketball in middle age, and observes that coaching at Caltech can be more painful than studying all night for a […]

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Lube Job

This short story originally appeared in the collection “The Bold Investor” They were in his backyard, and she was smiling at him. He knew what she wanted. He wanted it, too. But not now. He wanted to wait. He needed to drink some more, and lifted the bottom of a cold can toward branches of […]

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Clark Interviewed on Boxing Podcast about Teofilio Stevenson

Clark Interviewed on Podcast about Teofilio Stevenson – Click here to listen Warren Rogan interviews George Thomas Clark about great Cuban heavyweight boxer Teofilio Stevenson – a fascinating exchange.

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In Other Hands – Free Amazon Kindle – Wednesday May 3

In Other Hands – Free Amazon Kindle – Wednesday May 3 In search of stimulating stories, George Thomas Clark interviewed prostitutes in Madrid, Mexico City, Havana, and Managua and on many boulevards in the United States, and talked to detectives and rode the rough roads of social workers who deal with human trafficking, which is […]

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Torture in Chicago

In a matter inextricably related to what will follow, let me first say that Dylann Roof, the white Neanderthal who murdered nine black worshippers in a Charlotte church last year, should be executed as soon as possible; his continued existence is an affront to civilized people everywhere. Jury deliberations about Roof’s fate begin next week. […]

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Spring Break in Cuba

For more reading related to the late Fidel Castro and vibrant Cuba, click here to read Spring Break in Cuba, a story written in 2010 about my 1992 trip to the forbidden island.

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In Other Hands – The First Review Arrives

In Other Hands Amazon.com – Top Customer Reviews 5.0 out of 5 stars Drugs – Homeless – Prostitutes- Human Trafficking and more By Charles Halter on September 23, 2016 I thought I knew all I wanted to know about drugs, the homeless, prostitutes, human trafficking and the poverty stricken. Well, I’ll tell you this —- […]

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Tales of Romance is Published

In compressed language George Thomas Clark presents “Tales of Romance,” a compilation of short stories and creative columns about relationships between men and women. The four chapters are Dating, Swingers, Issues, and Breakups. The book is comprised of 50 new stories and 12 from the critically acclaimed collection “The Bold Investor.” There are many highlights […]

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Gypsies in Madrid

This story appears in the collection “In Other Hands”

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Moonshine Sip

The moonshine, clear and innocuous as water, is offered in rustic form, in a jar. I inquire about its potency and Mike says: two hundred proof plus. That alarms me since tequila, an unforgiving force from the hallucinogenic mescal cactus, only packs eighty proof. Intrigued by the spirit of youthful experimentation, I sip a little, […]

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Interviewing George W. Bush

This story is from the rousing campaign book “King Donald”

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Netanyahu Young and Old

A generation ago young Benjamin Netanyahu, then Israeli ambassador to the United Nations, appeared on numerous American news telecasts, and I recall thinking what a bright and articulate fellow he was, and considered him reasonable in asserting Israel’s right of self defense while also at least suggesting the Palestinians had rights and legitimate aspirations in […]

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Where did Hitler Die?

I spent twenty years researching and writing a biographical novel called Hitler Here and hoped, after some post-publication interviews, I’d never have to answer any more related questions, which tended to be either of the “Did Elvis really serenade Hitler on Mars?” or “We sure need another guy like him, don’t we?” variety. Most such […]

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Discussion with Cesar Chavez

This story appears in the collection “In Other Hands”

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Crazy Return to Golf

I didn’t know whether to blame Jason Day or Davis Love so I rebuked both for casting a curse I thought would never return. Only in hindsight did I realize I should’ve blamed myself. I’d chosen not to write or go out and do something fun on a recent Sunday, and instead reclined on the […]

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Bathroom Slip

At age eighteen Bill tossed everything into his old car and moved to L.A, yearning for a life of wealth, women, and major league sports close up. He knew he was destined for distinction, he just had to figure how to proceed. He’d gotten a job sweeping concrete floors and stacking boxes in a south […]

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Red Light Rumble

Food and decorations rolled into the house for my wife’s birthday party that evening, and I, a preoccupied sort, only then realized I hadn’t chipped in. “Sorry, I’ll go to the bank.” “No, tomorrow,” she said. “Right now.” “Later.” I was already opening the interior door to the garage, a little after noon, and drove […]

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Art Appraisals

To an interviewer who asked Mick Jagger if he had any art, the slender septuagenarian said, well, I just have several paintings people have given me and a few I’ve bought, but it’s definitely not what you’d call a collection, and they (the bad guys) know that so they never bother coming to my place. […]

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Grady Harp Reviews “Paint it Blue”

Amazon.com Hall of Fame reviewer Grady Harp recently posted this review on Amazon.com and Goodreads.com Paint it Blue by George Thomas Clark 7 of 7 people found the following review helpful 5.0 out of 5 stars Oh to be a fly on the wall…. May 6, 2015 By Grady Harp HALL OF FAME TOP 100 […]

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Head on Rim

I was a newspaper correspondent in the summer of 1979 and assigned to go to a dormitory across the American River from Sacramento State University and get a story about any of the athletes preparing to compete the next day in the Golden West Invitational track meet for high school all stars. A meet official […]

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The Plan

what’re you gonna do retire then what write all day

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Almost Missed Manny and Money

I realize most sports fans and other seekers of excitement planned to watch the Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao fight at cool places like the MGM Grand Arena or packed sports bars or at least at big private parties enlivened by booze. My intention was far more mundane: I’d view the eternally-hyped showdown with my Philippine wife […]

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My Interview about Death in the Ring

“The Guy Who Reviews Sports Books,” Lance Smith, recently interviewed me online for his popular blog. We discussed my boxing book, “Death in the Ring,” and related subjects. Here’s a link to our electronic chat.

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First Review of Paint it Blue

The first review of “Paint it Blue” has just been posted on Amazon.com, and I’m honored that painter and writer Peter Wood gave the book five stars. Here is the review: Most Helpful Customer Reviews 5 of 5 people found the following review helpful 5.0 out of 5 stars — Painters Exposed As Never Before! […]

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Hoops on the Other Side

This story is in the collection “Basketball and Football”

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Gasthaus Stiefler

Entering a solid two-story building that houses Gasthaus Stiefler on the ground floor, I survey several morning drinkers before walking to a stocky mid-sixties man made sterner by a frowning gray mustache, wait for him to take another sip of wine and set the glass down, and say, “Herr Customs Official, I have most important […]

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Friends by President Edvard Benes I had just finished lunch when our friends, the British and French ambassadors, came and kicked me in the stomach. I almost passed out, that is my head went blank, and I stung too much to reply. Then I told them I was too angry to say anything. Their shame […]

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Fidel Recalls Benny Paret

(On a recent night I received a phone call from Fidel Castro who wanted to discuss many issues, especially Benny Paret). Fidel Castro – You’re responsible for the death of Benny “Kid” Paret. George Thomas Clark – Come on. I was nine at the time and didn’t even see his third fight with Emile Griffith […]

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100th Anniversary – Start of World War One

These stories are from the biographical novel “Hitler Here”

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70th Anniversary – Attempt to Assassinate Hitler

THE ENEMY By Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg This was the opportunity for which I had prayed and striven. At last I was going to be able to get to him directly. The generals definitely weren’t going to do anything. It was up to the colonels. It was up to me, the new chief of staff […]

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Mexico City – Blog Tour on Goodreads

Mexico City is a beautiful and exciting place. Check it out on my Blog Tour

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Becoming a Hero

This story is from the biographical novel “Hitler Here”

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Germany Attacks Russia – 73rd Anniversary

These stories are from the biographical novel “Hitler Here”

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Book Signing Saturday October 19

Starting at noon Saturday at Russo’s Book Store – 9000 Ming Ave. at the Marketplace in Bakersfield, CA – I will be signing copies of my short story collection “The Bold Investor.” Click here for book information

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The Bold Investor – Published

INTRODUCTION TO “THE BOLD INVESTOR” In these thirty-eight luminous short stories George Thomas Clark presents a smorgasbord of mysteries, adventures, and issues. Edgar Allan Poe may have been murdered. Promising actor Martin Stevens drinks and drugs himself from Hollywood to the streets. Extraterrestrials benignly dominate the earth until they suddenly demand humans make Bakersfield the […]

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French Antisemitism

Husky librarian lectured members of historical society about vast news and photo archives and then discussed college background, emphasizing in grad school had researched paper about nineteenth century French anti-Semitism. As author of “Hitler Here” I approached and said, that’s obscure subject. Yes, but fascinating, he replied. I focused on Edouard Drumont, Adolf Hitler of […]

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The Fifth Marquez-Pacquiao War

This story is from the collection “Death in the Ring”

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Mussolini’s Guest

MY GUEST By Benito Mussolini I did not want to. It was a nauseating notion, me hosting this political charlatan as if he were my equal. I really had to, though. I was determined to do a lot and had to make sure the Huns did not concern me. Hitler certainly needed me more. Russia […]

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Assassination of Reinhard Heydrich

This story is in the biographical novel “Hitler Here”

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Afghan Trap: 1982 and 2012

This story is from the collection “Obama on Edge”

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Valley of Cumbaya

This story appears in the collection “In Other Hands”

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The Tumble

An old woman carefully descended steps of a museum amphitheater, stopped at the second row from the front, and said, “Excuse me.” I immediately rose, and she planted about half her foot on the step, a semi-high heel hanging over, spun ninety degrees and fell, her hips landing on the first step and then her […]

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Pushing hand between armrest and cushion of ragged sofa, I searched for unknown artifacts and pulled out faded savings pass book revealing thirty years ago had opened account with hundred dollars, inauspicious total for man in twenties. Two weeks later I needed ninety dollars. That happens when make few hundred monthly. I still rebuilt balance […]

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Baby Frogs

At school the lawn banks toward a shady northern wall by a sprinkler oozing puddles where every spring male frogs mount female backs and fertilize eggs as they’re laid in water. We never notice the tadpoles that first emerge but are delighted by the sudden appearance of hundreds of baby frogs. Initially they’re fingertip-size and […]

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Maris Prime Rib

In mid-sixties Sacramento a restaurateur, exhibiting either grand generosity or manifest ignorance of human hunger, offered eat all you want prime rib lunch on Sundays. Two fast-growing adolescents and I, salivating after a hot afternoon of schoolyard baseball, scurried into an establishment that, a few years earlier, had presented Roger Maris the baseball he hit […]

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Adolf Eichmann Appears at Film Festival

On the final afternoon of the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, before a near capacity audience in the large theater, Adolf Eichmann – looking typically banal, bespectacled, and grim – was wheeled in a glass cage onto a stage in front of the screen after completion of “Eichmann’s End: Love, Betrayal, Death,” and he demanded: […]

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Death of a Teacher

Immersed in my own trivial but heartfelt concerns, the principal of which was that my six-week summer vacation had, as ever, lasted at least a fortnight too long and, despite a couple of stimulating vacations, left me feeling isolated and resentful and anxious to return to the camaraderie and energy of a large adult school. […]

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Picasso Sparkles

This story is part of the collection “Paint it Blue” To see “Two Women Running on the Beach” (1922), please click here To see “Portrait of Dora Maar” (1937), please click here To see “The Kiss” (1969), please click here Sources – “Picasso: Masterpieces from the Musée National Picasso, Paris” exhibited by the de Young […]

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Impressions of Madrid

Would I ever want to live in Madrid? I didn’t know. I hadn’t been there so before going prepared vigorously, studying maps and scouring cyberspace and printing out stacks of material that bulged from three folders. In Madrid I annotated my reference material and encouraged local citizens to also do so. I jumped into dozens […]

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Gallery Search in Madrid

This story is part of the collection “Paint it Blue”

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Prostitutes in Madrid

This story appears in the collection “In Other Hands”

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Dining at the Hotel Ritz in Madrid

The double-deck tour bus with top open had just completed its modern Madrid route north of downtown on shady Paseo del Prado into the chic Salamanca neighborhood where renowned Real Madrid plays soccer in a massive stadium and the most exclusive shops are found, and then back down Calle Serrano past several elegant foreign embassies […]

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Getting to Madrid

My journey to Madrid began on a Sunday morning as I drove from blistering Bakersfield down Highway 99 toward Los Angeles and punched sports talk radio but heard an ESPN guy strain to be funny and cool but sounding lame: most jockeys lack comedic skills and can’t sustain the purported subject matter of their shows. […]

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Nazis Attack Karl Schmitt-Rottluff

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Franco Beholds Guernica

This story is part of the collection “Paint it Blue” To view “Guernica,” please click here Sources: Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid; Wikipedia – Guernica, Francisco Franco; Spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk.

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The Young Ribera

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Angry Subjects of Antonio Lopez in Madrid

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Willie Mays is Eighty

I can recall no adolescent experiences nearly as vivid and pleasurable as going to Candlestick Park, that cold and blustery point on San Francisco Bay, and watching Willie Mays play baseball. I first saw him live the last game of the 1962 season. As I note in another essay, “With but three games to play, […]

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Book Tour

I had secretly taken an earlier flight to elude the media and (I later learned) several dozen readers who, by the standards of literary greetings at airports, constituted a throng. I wasn’t being rude. I was terrified. I couldn’t allow them to see me stagger out after one of those hemmed-in, gut-busting, ear-popping, time-altering twelve-hour […]

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Material Handler on the Road

I still wonder if my adult working career for many years progressed like a tortoise in sand because of apathy or a reflexive hatred of manual labor that began too soon, at age nine, when my mother remarried and her new husband, a drill sergeant masquerading as an electrical engineer and contractor, drafted my stepbrother […]

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The Eternal Jack Lalanne

On a fall late afternoon in 1975 I was watching the news when legendary master of fitness Jack Lalanne celebrated his sixty-first birthday by performing a physical feat unimaginable to most. For the ensuing thirty-five years I recalled that he’d swum handcuffed from Alcatraz Island to Fisherman’s Wharf while towing a thousand-pound boat. But, reviewing […]

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Death on the High School Website

Last fall, just before deadline, I bought a ticket to the forty-year reunion of my high school class in Sacramento. I wanted to see about ninety percent of the people on the party list but had hesitated, fearing that a few of the rest might say something insulting and there’d be unpleasantness so a few […]

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High on Hallucinogens

I must begin by warning you not to try hallucinogens because they’ll transport you to very strange places there’s no good reason to be but where curiosity and the devil may compel you to venture again. I remember my first trip, in the summer of 1970. I’d just graduated from high school and was already […]

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Letter to my Cable Company

Dear Cable Company, Please excuse me for annually asking you to send a technician to upgrade my service from a “limited-basic” menu of twenty-one channels to the still-merely-“basic” package of seventy-five, and then a few months later recalling your cable guy, always a different one, to climb the telephone pole in my back yard and […]

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Shooting Baskets in Dreams

Generation after Hal moved from two small dingy rooms connected to old house in battery-stealing part of town, he thought dreams had disappeared so was saddened to see himself there shooting baskets. Old friend sat behind and watched errant shots. Damn ceiling’s too low to shoot right. Friend should’ve agreed but only stared as Hal […]

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From Tennessee to California

In the summer of 1978 I lived in a small old room at the rear of a dreary house in north Sacramento, one of the worst parts of the Golden State’s capital city. Fortunately, I didn’t know I’d have to stay there several more years until a modest inheritance temporarily rescued me, and was delighted […]

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Wild Life of Oscar Bonavena

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