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Admiral Steve Morrison demands his son stand at attention. Jim says no way, he’s going to sing for The Doors. Despite often being in an alcohol and acid haze he soon emerges as a star but his emotional and legal problems worsen, especially after melting down at the concert in Miami. Jim’s tired of performing […]

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Van Gogh In the Road

On an exotic summer Sunday I step into the Santa Barbara Museum of Art and head not toward a vision but a sound. “It’s the light or, rather, the lack of light in The Outskirts of Paris that makes this dirt road and the man in it faceless and gray and in need of southern […]

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Trump Embraces Guns

This story is from the rousing campaign book “King Donald”

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The Ragpicker

“Sir, I’ve admired you for years,” I tell The Ragpicker. “People in Paris saw a man carrying a long stick, and usually crossed the street.” “They’re forgotten. You’re a masterpiece visited by thousands a week in the Norton Simon Museum.” “They also see a bum.” “It’s your suffering people appreciate when they gaze at your […]

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Gun Lover’s Solution

This story is from the rousing campaign book “King Donald”

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Deadly Numbers

I was an Iraqi professor of statistics until the United States and later ISIS destroyed my classroom and much of the university. I suppose I should thank each group for attacking when school wasn’t in session, but I believe that may have been coincidental. At any rate, like civilized people everywhere, I commiserate with the […]

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Putin to Obama re Paris

This story is from the rousing campaign book “King Donald”

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Freud and Wife Visit Picasso

In Paris Lucian and I again socialize with other glamorous and creative people, and most mornings he paints while I write, imagining myself a female Fitzgerald thirty years after Scott brought exotic but doomed Zelda to this marvelous city. Several Parisiennes tell me Lucian and I might be an even more dazzling couple. Within a […]

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Battling Siki

This story is part of the collection “Death in the Ring”

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Picasso Sparkles

This story is part of the collection “Paint it Blue” To see “Two Women Running on the Beach” (1922), please click here To see “Portrait of Dora Maar” (1937), please click here To see “The Kiss” (1969), please click here Sources – “Picasso: Masterpieces from the Musée National Picasso, Paris” exhibited by the de Young […]

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The Coco Chanel Style

My mother washed people’s clothes and died young in 1895 when I was twelve, and my food-peddling father deserted his five children. For six years I lived in a Catholic orphanage and learned to sew. The moment I turned eighteen they said goodbye and I escaped to sing in cabarets and thought I well did […]

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Hemingway Fifty Years Dead

Early morning on a July second Ernest Hemingway, battered by decades of alcoholism, assailed by a brain injured in one car and two plane crashes, haunted by a lifelong fear of inherited mental illness and certain that it and rapid aging had forever rendered him paranoid and defeated, quietly arose from a bedroom separate from […]

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The Flowers of Seraphine Louis

This story is part of the collection “Paint it Blue”

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Paula Modersohn-Becker Speaks

This story is part of the collection “Paint it Blue”

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