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Shorty Belton

Bombs, bullets, bayonets, and insanity dominate island Okinawa in spring 1945 as American soldiers kill hundred thousand Japanese soldiers who kill and wound sixty-five thousand Americans, and both slaughter thousands of natives. Someone shoots Shorty Belton in leg. He’s lucky, surviving in relative good health, and returns to Spokane where he marries, raises family, works […]

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Chinese Refugees in Jail

In early nineteen nineties my parents, small farmers, gave me everything and said leave China for better life in America. I paid pirates five thousand dollars for passage on ship stuffed with other unbathed and underfed emigrants, and pirates daily reminded we owed them several years labor in New York or death. We couldn’t escape […]

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Honduran Heat

Honduran money’s in few hands closed to rusty prison where every cell’s sealed and sole set of keys dropped by guard fleeing fire. Outside, guards blocked firefighters and shot at few prisoners not trapped in cells. Most screamed as fried or suffocated but quit carrying on when charred in stacks totaling three hundred fifty-five stinking […]

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Subject of A Clockwork Orange Refutes Stanley Kubrick

Don’t call me Alex DeLarge. I long ago changed my notorious name, and for that I cannot blame Stanley Kubrick since I would’ve hidden my identity even if he hadn’t directed A Clockwork Orange, the film purportedly about my life. What I do forever excoriate Kubrick for is misrepresenting and exaggerating my deeds, which had […]

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Warden Condemns the Alcatraz Hotel

Let’s start with what you’re bound to ask: why’d I take damn job if feared from inception whole scheme doomed? I had to because believed only I was tough and traditional enough to prevent do-gooders from ruining entire penal system. If they were going to transform Alcatraz into convict heaven, I was honor bound to […]

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