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Tom & Jesse Podcast #1 – Campaign 2020, Super Bowl Halftime

This morning it was a delight to record “Tom & Jesse Podcast #1” during which we discuss the recent political surge of Donald Trump, the bumbling Democrats and the seemingly weak Democrat presidential candidates, the murder of prominent California car dealer Jose Arredondo in Mexico, and the dynamite halftime performance of Shakira and Jennifer Lopez. […]

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Abused and Enslaved

I’m Virginia Isaias, and I want you to use my name. I had twenty-three brothers and sisters. No, not from the same mother. My dad said he’d lived with eight women before my mom. They had six children together, but he wasn’t home much. He’d go away for three or four months, supposedly to work. […]

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State of Emergency

I’m a gambler. I’ve made billions from my casinos and know when to double down. I told Kim Jong Un I’d destroy North Korea if he continued testing ballistic missiles and exploding nuclear bombs. And I ordered renegade Iran to continue abiding by terms of our nuclear deal even after I dumped it. Just look […]

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Summit Meeting

“Mr. President, may I please have a word with you?” says a young man, standing in the open door frame of the Oval Office. Trump glances up and immediately rises and walks to shake the visitor’s hand. “Dr. King, I wasn’t expecting you.” “I visited you last year on this occasion and intend to do […]

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Pelosi v. Trump

I’m back in the saddle, as Speaker of the House, and heading for the airport to lead a delegation to Egypt and Afghanistan. My cell phone vibrates in my purse. “Speaker Pelosi, you can’t go overseas,” says an urgent aide. “I can do whatever I want.” “President Trump says you must reschedule ‘this public relations […]

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Don Junior Hunts Reporter

I’m a sharpshooting stud who all over the world has killed many beasts including leopards, elephants, buffaloes, deer, bighorn sheep, foxes, and plenty more. I also know a helluva lot about security and expect you to pay attention when I write, “You know why you can enjoy a day at the zoo? Because walls work.” […]

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Ultimatum Trump

either fund my wonderful berlin wall or i’m shutting down federal government

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Guardian Trump

After ducking big rocks, my brave forces weren’t firing tear gas and rubber bullets at women and children charging my beautiful concertina-wire border. They were stopping hordes of invaders, mostly adult males, who would destroy the paradise that we European Americans have created. I made the truth clear. I’ll close the whole border with Mexico. […]

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Thanksgiving Concertina

I know you troops stationed overseas are excited to hear my voice address you from luxurious Mar-a-Lago where I’m ready to throw up my turkey dinner because of disgraceful judges who tell us how to protect our border. These wimps are often Californians who support sanctuary cities and liberal asylum laws that have allowed millions […]

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Trump on Election Day

I’m up early because I couldn’t sleep last night after Sean Hannity shined my butt at an election rally and now my tweeter’s hotter than ever telling patriots this Republican candidate’s great and that one’s wonderful and those others are important and it’s vital to get out and vote because my name is really the […]

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Trump Mobilizes

As Latin American hordes march toward our borders I every day feel more like Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt, two other presidents who faced threats that could’ve destroyed our nation. And like those heroic presidents, I am responding with bravery and vigor. I’m mobilizing our troops for war. At first I thought five thousand soldiers […]

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Trump Timing

it’s only a coincidence i’m sending five thousand troops to the border the day before midterm elections

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Lopez Obrador Calls Trump

(This morning President-elect Lopez Obrador of Mexico called President Trump. On a third line I served as translator.) Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador – President Trump, please don’t do anything rash before we’ve had time to meet. Donald Trump – Thanks for calling but let’s keep in mind you’re not the president yet and won’t be […]

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Stop That Caravan

(Last night I visited the White House to talk to President Trump about immigration. He offered ten minutes and demanded I not ask him about Saudi Arabia. I agreed.) Donald Trump – You’ve read my tweets. Everybody reads them. There’s a caravan of four thousand migrant criminals from Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala headed this […]

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The Honor of a Lady

Soon after his wealthy father died, I married Truxtun Beale and we moved to Washington, D.C. where I spent much time alone in his mother’s elegant Decatur House, across from the White House, while he traveled to Central Europe and Siberia and other rough places he couldn’t take me. In two years we nevertheless managed […]

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The Booming Economy

(These are highlights from my conversation with an economist who graduated from an elite university, served on public policy staffs during the administrations of Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, and later consulted international businesses.) George Thomas Clark – Okay, I read your recent newspaper columns about economics and foreign policy, respectively. You emphasize what President […]

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Joe Six Pack Reports

I’m excited looking at an email from Team Trump. They need our participation “because we’re close enough to change everything.” And we have to. “Illegal voting in the United States wreaks havoc with elections. Every election… it seems we rarely get our candidates elected.” Damn right “it’s time we do something about this.” Team Trump […]

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Latin Presidente

harvard harris poll reveals hispanic support for trump up ten percent

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Trump Embraces White Europeans

Have you heard? I hope you have. Lots of European leaders feel just like I do about immigration from the south. They can’t build a wall like mine, but they’d like to. Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, a bright young guy who’s only thirty-one, wants a Rome-Berlin-Vienna “axis of the willing against illegal immigration.” Okay, maybe […]

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Trump Meets Lopez Obrador

After sundown at the White House, President Donald Trump climbs into a laundry truck and in utmost secrecy rides to an undisclosed airport where he boards Air Force One and flies to an unnamed airstrip near the Rio Grande. He then overrules agents and drives his armored beast to the shores of the eternal river, […]

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Trump Infested

i’m a big man with a big belly and write large my name on executive order before tweeting democrats are the problem and want illegal immigrants no matter how bad to infest our country and become potential voters

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Melania’s Jacket

I’m a model who understands the power of clothes and nudity, and know the latter pays better. Still, I must wear clothes to the border. After thinking about it quite a while, I select a green jacket showing white words in back, “I really don’t care. Do u?” Of course I’m not referring to children […]

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Trump Tough in Minnesota

I’ve come to Minnesota to get away from this border hassle. Don’t lecture me about kids. I’ve got five and they’re all really great, especially Ivanka. I’m concerned about kids everywhere. That’s my job as most powerful hombre in the world. All along I’ve been worried about kids getting split up from their parents on […]

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Campaign Mexico

i was running for mexican office in unnamed place but dropped out after cartels killed more than hundred politicians and many journalists

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Jeff Sessions Heads South

No longer will I tolerate renegades calling me a racist divider of families along the southern border of these United States. I’m already astride Traveller, my galloping gray steed, and arriving at what I’m confident is a humane detention facility for those who tried to illegally enter our sacred land. “Mr. Attorney General, thank you […]

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Sessions on the Mount

I, Jeff Sessions, attorney general of these United States, do not wield God’s name as a saber, I only quote the bible, “Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God,” and in His behalf and those of […]

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Border Politics

since arrests at border continue declining to lowest in forty-six years why is trump banging immigration drum

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Vicente Fox Counters Trump

Lights glow, TV cameras roll, and Donald Trump says, “I want you to remember my remarks at Trump Tower the day I started my campaign for president. I used the word rape, and people said I was too tough. Now they’re saying I’m right. On the journey coming up here, from Central America through Mexico, […]

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Easter Egg Hunt

no more daca deal too many dreamers need wall happy easter love donald

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The Right Walls

i don’t like california but it’s great to be here at the border where i’m looking at prototypes of eight wonderful walls i’ll chose from to save countless lives and hundreds of billions of dollars and that’s how mexico’s really paying for our wall

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State of Trump

Look at Paul Ryan trying so hard not to smile, in his seat behind me, as he thanks Heaven he no longer has to frown throughout a State of the Union speech by Barack Obama. Like all true citizens, Ryan knows under my leadership our country is enjoying a “new tide of optimism… incredible progress […]

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Manila Bulletin Posts “Nuclear Role Reversal”

Retired Ambassador Jose Abeto Zaide, now a columnist for the Manila Bulletin, has posted another of my stories about foreign affairs: “Nuclear Role Reversal.” Click here to read “King Donald” by George Thomas Clark

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Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals

trump doesn’t favor punishing children for actions of illegal alien parents but stresses kids now law abiding adults and may have to leave since we’re nation of laws

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Free Arpaio

ignoring families who roasted in desert tents on arizona border trump says you’re pardoned sheriff joe

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North Korean Overture to Mexico

Deep in a bunker somewhere in North Korea, Kim Jong Un points to a huge wall map of the world and, aided by his finest Spanish-speaking tutor, says, “President Fox, I feel for the righteous Mexican people who’ve so long been degraded by the American colossus to the north. Your strategic position and indeed your […]

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Chapo Guzman’s Guest

I don’t know where I am. Maybe New York. It doesn’t matter. I can’t see anything but frosted glass and can’t talk to other prisoners. I only get out of my cell an hour a day and sometimes am so lonely and depressed I almost enjoy it when guards call me shorty or cabrón or […]

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Trump Prisons

seventy percent farmworkers in u.s. undocumented many headed for new private prisons owned big by trump donors

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Undercover Trump

Make me a mature Mexican rock star, I tell my makeup lady, hang some long cool black hair on my head and pin a big mustache on my face. I need to blend with families and friends of those being naturalized as U.S. citizens this morning in Fresno. There’s already a big crowd in the […]

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Guardian Trump

Our naïve and pitiful nation is as I speak being targeted by terrorists here and abroad, and only I can save you from further carnage. An appellate court of three ultra-liberal and traitorous San Francisco judges has temporarily overturned my order to ban people from seven nations poisoned by Islam. They won’t get away with […]

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Off the Wall

I love being the coolest and most powerful man in the world especially as I sit on my throne in the Oval Office and, before the world, sign big my name in thick blue ink unleashing executive orders that implement my campaign promise to save the nation by walling off our southern border not only […]

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Streep Invades Trump Tower

I sense tweeting and TV blasting won’t be sufficient so in a radical Hollywood jet I fly to New York and ride in a five-limousine caravan to Trump Tower where I exit and announce, “Meryl Streep to see President-elect Trump.” “You aren’t really Meryl Streep, are you?” says a secret service agent. “Indeed I am.” […]

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The Fuehrer Endorses Trump

This story is from the rousing campaign book “King Donald”

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Trump Invades Mexico

This story is from the rousing political book “King Donald”

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In Other Hands – Published and Available

IN OTHER HANDS — In search of stimulating stories, George Thomas Clark interviewed prostitutes in Madrid, Mexico City, Havana, and Managua and on many boulevards in the United States, and talked to detectives and rode the rough roads of social workers who deal with human trafficking, which is contemporary slavery, and toured the tattered, handmade […]

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El Sombrero

This story is from the rousing campaign book “King Donald”

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Trump Counters Hillary’s Foreign Policy Speech

This story is from the rousing campaign book “King Donald”

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War of the Winemakers

Many times I’d flown to the heart of this great nation, to its vast and glorious and contaminated capital, Mexico City, but never had I driven just over the border into Baja California, and I might never have visited if my wife, a connoisseur par excellence, hadn’t told me, “Jack, please service the SUV. Next […]

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Trump Prepares for Coronation

This story is from the rousing campaign book “King Donald”

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Chapo Guzman Returns to Prison

“I’m in charge of Altiplano prison, Chapo, and didn’t come here because you asked. Or did you think you ordered me? Remember, the director who preceded me, and helped you escape, is locked in a nearby cell and will doubtless be incarcerated the rest of his life, as will you.” “Of course, comandante. I’m honored […]

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Chapo Recaptured

okay the cabrones recaptured me and killed five amigos before taking me back to prison where i’d tunneled out and i asked for my old cell but you know cabrones they said i’d be somewhere else

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Trump Touts “Take Our Jobs”

This story appears in the collection “In Other Hands”

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Himmler Tutors Trump

This story is in the rousing campaign book “King Donald”

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Chapo Discusses Great Escape

This is Chapo Guzman’s first interview since escaping from the Atiplano high security prison fifty-five miles from Mexico City. His representatives blindfolded and administered narcotics to an anonymous journalist before taking him/her to meet the man. Anonymous Journalist – Congratulations on your thrilling escape. Chapo Guzman – Those cocksuckers were loco to think they could […]

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Chapo Guzman Escapes

I am at once humiliated and outraged that hypocritical Mexican officials have fired me as director of Altiplano prison in Mexico and loudly accused me of incompetence if not outright cooperation in the recent escape by celebrity mass murderer and narcotics trafficker Chapo Guzman. That is unfair. I am merely one decent man in a […]

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Airport Taxi

Mark didn’t like late night arrivals at any airport especially in Mexico City where some people get hyper when they see a gringo. He should’ve been ready when a young man rushed up and in Spanish said, “Here, Señor, come with me.” “Where?” “To a place with no lines and low taxi fares.” “Taxis are […]

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More Great Walls of Trump

This story is from the rousing campaign book “King Donald”

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Bold Rubio Spanks Trump

This story is from the rousing campaign book “King Donald”

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Great Wall of Trump

This story is from the rousing campaign book “King Donald”

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Eruption of Enrique Guzman

You consider that a national-prize painting, ten feet of completely black resin and charcoal offering no message or creativity. I don’t care we’re in the Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City and some might say I’m jealous I didn’t win. Nonsense. It’s necessary to be outraged and impossible to tolerate such a mockery of […]

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Touch of Saturnino Herran

You’ve never heard of me? That’s all right, don’t apologize. Most people haven’t. I’ll explain. I am born in this city, not far from the Aguascalientes Museum where we stand, and begin taking private drawing lessons as a child. My progress enthuses instructors, and when I’m eighteen, two years after my father dies, they urge […]

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Famished Horse

This is more than a challenge. They want me to fail. That’s why they demanded: take Francisco Goitia’s dirty gold horse to your complex and make him a Triple Crown winner. Preposterous. The horse is several times three-years old and shows more ribs than a skeleton. When I introduce myself as the world’s greatest scientist, […]

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Images of Death

Emiliano Zapata Dead handsome and authoritative he’s highlighted by grand mustache pointing at bloody chest amid men looking into camera 1919 Photograph from Archivo Casasila Cadaver of Pancho Villa not again will he extend both arms to earth as he hangs on his back over door of convertible Anonymous photo 1923 Poster Demonstration ghostly head […]

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East Aguascalientes

This story appears in the collection “In Other Hands”

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Teatro Juarez

Clyde definitely yawned, and perhaps growled, at several unfunny clowns mimicking idiots in front of the illuminated stone columns of Teatro Juarez in Guanajuato and resolved to escape and see the real show. He waded through hundreds of observers, amid thousands of tourists hiking by, and shoved aside one clown on the steps and climbed […]

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Museum of Mummies

Don’t ever go to a joint with a blockhouse john out front where they make you pay to pee and tip a mournful woman handing out tissues as you enter. I should leave especially after I see the ticket line four or five wide and long as two football fields. I’m not going to wait […]

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El Pipila

Go ahead, call me El Pípila, I do sound a bit like a turkey when I laugh and my freckled face suggests the eggs of that nutritious, earthbound bird. Come and see my statue on a hill overlooking Guanajuato. Admire my muscular legs, chest, and arms, the right of which holds high a torch I […]

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Callejon del Beso

This story is now in the collection “Tales of Romance”

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I didn’t panic at all, not at first. We tourists at the Museo Casa de Purgatorio in Guanajuato simply followed the guide behind stone walls into a dim room where he said, “Here, ladies and gentlemen, we have a traditional stockade used to harness drunks and teach them discipline. Sir, would you like the give […]

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Silver Mine

Come work in this seventeenth century silver mine near Guanajuato. The pay’s not great, just enough bad food to keep your Indian ass alive, and of course there are no health or retirement benefits but you won’t need them. Just climb sixty meters into a dusty hole and carry out seventy-kilo sacks of wealth till […]

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Forever Alive

This story is part of the collection “Paint it Blue” Mural by Jose Chavez Morado at Alhóndiga de Granaditas

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Diego Tours Rivera Museum

This story is part of the collection” Paint it Blue” Bather of Tehuantepec

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Hoops on the Other Side

This story is in the collection “Basketball and Football” It’s Saturday in art-rich and tourist-clotted Guanajuato, and soon I’ll have a much anticipated chance to watch my first professional basketball game in Mexico, a land traditionally noted for boxing champions and skilled soccer players. Since Thursday I’ve been scouting the city as a potential new […]

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Hand of Orozco

This story is part of the collection “Paint it Blue” Catharsis

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Here Comes the Bride

This story is now in the collection “Tales of Romance”

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Mexico City – Blog Tour on Goodreads

Mexico City is a beautiful and exciting place. Check it out on my Blog Tour

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Interview with Chapo

I’m a young reporter and delighted to be first to interview Chapo Guzman in his new cell at Altiplano, in the state of Mexico. I’ve met some celebrities but never such a big star. I imagine he must be pretty sad and discouraged living in a prison that has proven impregnable. Walls three feet thick […]

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Ramos Martinez Debates Rivera

This story is part of the collection “Paint it Blue” “The Bondage of War” “Indian Couple” “Indian Mother” “Calla Lily Vendor”

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Free Chapo Guzman

No one paid us. No one gave us food or alcohol. No one told us to march in the streets of Culiacan. We marched and carried signs with hundreds maybe thousands of others because we love Chapo Guzman and want him freed from prison immediately. Chapo is our hero. He creates jobs and gives money […]

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Chapo Guzman’s Five-Star Prison

You think I’m worried they captured me. Don’t be dumb. I let them take me. I’m tired of hiding in hovels in the Sierra or scurrying like a rat through city tunnels. I want the good life I’ve earned as a billionaire and one of the world’s most dangerous men. I want luxury and safety […]

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Prime Real Estate

Come on in. This Tijuana home may be modest but it’s yours for a tenth you’d pay in San Diego. Now, step back here and check out the kitchen. You won’t have to go out front or back doors. Leave through this fine tunnel and relax in the little rail car rolling seven hundred yards […]

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Teacher Patrimony

I teach Spanish in Mexico City, math in Morelos, history in Guadalajara. Father passed his job to me as Grandfather had to him. We’re educators. We don’t need government bureaucrats to hire and evaluate us with standardized tests. We’re evaluating them, wearing masks and waving sticks and lying in streets, snarling traffic and leaving kids […]

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Drink Vacation

Had too much last night or wouldn’t have left underwear stacked in motel rushing to early Mexico City flight. Soon proud to attract beautiful señorita in loud bar but regretted smile disappeared shortly before she did.

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Taxi Ride

Drunk American lumbers into Tijuana taxi and in Spanish asks for señoritas and marijuana. Fine, says cabbie. Few minutes later American admits he really wants cocaine. Cabbie reminds that’s not what said then silently drives way out and says here’s best place for you. American enters and thinks goddamn guy dropping me where there’s only […]

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The Right Room

First time in Puerto Vallarta I was hungover standing at basin, looking into fright, when woman popped from stall behind and said sir are you aware this is women’s bathroom. Years later long sober I stood in Bakersfield theater as two women entered and one said what’s guy doing here. Leaving quickly I forgot to […]

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Panty Tree

This story appears in the collection “In Other Hands”

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Jose Clemente Orozco’s Impaled Head

displeased with emerging portrait i shove handle of big brush in left eye and another in upper right cheek next to eye and another in mouth and in neck and two in shoulder and pray that will suffice To see “Cabeza Flechada,” 1947, please click here Editorial note: This work is on display at the […]

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Trees of Francisco Goitia

This story is paprt of the collection “Paint it Blue” To see “Zacatecas Landscape with Hanged Men II,” 1914, please click here Editorial note: This painting, like its subjects, hangs in the National Museum of Art in Mexico City.

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Distress in Polanco

This story is part of the collection “Paint it Blue” is try to find a bullfight.”

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President Chapo Guzman

Come on. Admit it. You keep having to Google “new Mexican president” because you can’t remember Enrique Pena Nieto. He’s handsome but like generic model and smooth but so’s oily auto part. You know he represents old guard PRI that ruled dictatorially for decades, spoon feeding wealthy while ignoring poor. Trust me, Enrique Pena Nieto […]

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World According to Americans

Don’t know if they were godless communists or radical Muslims but some outrageous critters emailed world map insulting Americans. On map they write we think Canada’s uninhabited. Bull feathers. We know few icy people live up there, and they sure as hell want to be like Alaska next door, which is now America except for […]

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Travel Advice

Avoid crowded and dangerous Mexico City, stay way from torrid beaches, ignore over-hyped pyramids, and forget boring cathedrals. Instead, come to San Juan in infernal yet enchanting Nuevo León. Here you’ll meet friendly and forthright people. Don’t worry about forty-nine headless corpses on highway under welcoming white arch. Everything’s been cleaned up, and narcotics traffickers […]

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Border Patrol

This story is now in the collection “The Bold Investor”

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Mexican Journalists Murdered

routine news three mexican journalists found maimed in plastic bags week after female reporter strangled at home To read “Drug Rehabilitation in Ciudad Juarez,” please click here To read “Mexican Society Under Attack,” please click here

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El Popo Getting Hot in Mexico

volcanologists at national disaster prevention center in mexico city say rock spewing el popo volcano agitating like teenager’s pimple must be dreary group or would’ve likened el popo to hard on ready to blow

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Entreating “The Two Fridas”

This story is part of the collection “Paint it Blue” To see “The Two Fridas,” please click here

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Mass Murder in Mexico

Hasn’t been much new in search engines about discovery of hundred seventy-seven corpses near San Fernando, Mexico. Occasional reports reminded just eighty miles south of border Mexican authorities ignored mountain of unclaimed luggage in bus depot before finally digging holes and discovering mummified Central Americans and Mexicans who’d headed north to work. Some had been […]

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The Right Room

first time on puerto vallarto tour quite hungover stand at basin looking into fright woman pops up behind and says sir are you aware this is women’s years later long sober at bakersfield movie women enter one says what’s guy doing in here leaving rapidly forget to say heat intoxication

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State of the Union

This story is from the collection “Obama on Edge”

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Remembering Mass Murder in San Fernando, Mexico

There hasn’t been much new news in search engines about the discovery one year ago of a hundred seventy-seven corpses near San Fernando, Mexico. Occasional reports merely reminded that just eighty miles south of Brownsville, Texas, Mexican authorities ignored a mountain of unclaimed luggage in a bus depot before finally digging holes and discovering mummified […]

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Drink Vacation

had too much last night or wouldn’t have left underwear stacked in motel rushing to early mexico city flight * * * proud had attracted beautiful senorita in loud bar but regretted smile disappeared shortly before she did

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