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Trump Immigration

the donald says he’s not racist but wonders why u.s. brings in haitins and people from shitholes in africa TRUMP CLARIFIES I’m not the person the media’s portraying me to be and am as far from being a racist as you can get. Okay, in private I did talk a little tough about immigration, but […]

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Devil Rebukes Pat Robertson for Remarks about Haiti

I’m weary of people blaming me for calamities both natural and premeditated. Recently, religious charlatan Pat Robertson attributed the disastrous earthquake in Haiti – as well as its tragic history of slavery, colonialism, bloodthirsty leaders, crime, poverty, hurricanes, floods, and other disasters – to a “pact with the devil” by leaders of the 1791 slave […]

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Haiti Mauled Again

This story appears in the collection “In Other Hands”

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