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Typhoon in the Philippines

Wish I’d stayed in the mountains but years ago moved to the coast and became a fisherman and usually did pretty well and survived countless typhoons, annual curses in the Philippines, by grabbing my family and rushing into mountains which weren’t always hospitable flooding down toward us but we’d always dodged. This time, before we […]

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Devil Rebukes Pat Robertson for Remarks about Haiti

I’m weary of people blaming me for calamities both natural and premeditated. Recently, religious charlatan Pat Robertson attributed the disastrous earthquake in Haiti – as well as its tragic history of slavery, colonialism, bloodthirsty leaders, crime, poverty, hurricanes, floods, and other disasters – to a “pact with the devil” by leaders of the 1791 slave […]

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Haiti Mauled Again

This story appears in the collection “In Other Hands”

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