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Al Sharpton v. Jesse Jackson

Bill Jones, mayor of a small town in the Midwest, made some controversial remarks about integration of schools and neighborhoods, and three hours later Jesse Jackson’s jet skidded into the local airport, which has a notoriously short runway for even small private aircrafts, and in less than a minute the reverend emerged, waved to more […]

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Donald Sterling v. Adam Silver

This story is in the collection “Basketball and Football”

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Imus, Sharpton, and Jackson Attend a Racists Anonymous Meeting

Don Imus – Hi, I’m Don, and I’m a racist and a disgraceful human being.  At least I’m a very thankful racist since I know any time I can walk into any room and find a group of people just like me, people who have a problem we can’t control.  Control is a cruel illusion.  […]

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