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Undercover Trump

Make me a mature Mexican rock star, I tell my makeup lady, hang some long cool black hair on my head and pin a big mustache on my face. I need to blend with families and friends of those being naturalized as U.S. citizens this morning in Fresno. There’s already a big crowd in the […]

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Employment Agent

This story appears in the collection “In Other Hands”

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World According to Americans

Don’t know if they were godless communists or radical Muslims but some outrageous critters emailed world map insulting Americans. On map they write we think Canada’s uninhabited. Bull feathers. We know few icy people live up there, and they sure as hell want to be like Alaska next door, which is now America except for […]

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Muslim Analyst on Iran and the Nuclear Nation

This story is from the collection “Obama on Edge”

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Born into Brothels

This story appears in the collection “In Other Hands”

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