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Alfred Hitchcock v. Tippi Hedren

I don’t like birds but was quite young and wanted to become a director and one of Alfred Hitchcock’s assistants hired me to work on the set of The Birds and care for his snake-eyed creatures. “As we shall begin filming the climactic scene tomorrow, make sure you don’t give nourishment of any kind to […]

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The Nest

That dove isn’t real, is it, I asked carpenter who stopped hammering patio beam and looked until bird’s eye moved. It’s sitting on eggs or wouldn’t still be here. For several days whenever I opened kitchen blinds dove shot up, bouncing off patio ceiling, and thrashed wings shooting for perch on telephone wire over backyard. […]

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Protecting Women Surrealist Painters

This story is from the collection “Paint it Blue” To see “Birthday” by Dorothea Tanning, please click here To see “Self Portrait 1937-38” by Leonora Carrington, please click here

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Wild Eggs

he never liked eggs after he boiled a cracked one yielding a feathery embryo

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Boat Ride

Mount Baker, shining like a big dish of vanilla ice cream in the sky, beamed instructions to two seals swimming noses just above the surface in Everett Harbor where many boats were docked. As a twenty-five foot, open-cabin craft moved out the seals followed a safe interval behind the propeller and then signaled that four […]

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