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Donald Trump v. Kim Jong Un

Let’s see, in 1950 North Korean soldiers, materially aided by China and Russia, attacked and mauled South Korean troops, which then received massive aid from American and other United Nations forces to repulse the invaders but then the rescuers became invaders and, despite many warnings from the Chinese, continued to charge further north, bombing and […]

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Mayweather Writes to McGregor

Dear Conor, I’m quite comfortable writing you this letter because I know it’ll intimidate you and at the same time offer a generous warning about what’s going to happen when we enter the boxing ring in three weeks and all our insipid promotional talk won’t matter. You aren’t going to make this boy dance and […]

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Must Sell

I’m just the old night watchman, now called security guard, making sure no one steals or vandalizes the cars. I’m not against Joe. I’ve often seen him pushing his grocery cart by the lot very late, and sometimes we said hello, but he always kept going, until tonight when he stops and brings wire-cutters out […]

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The Colonoscopy

“I’ve been waiting a long time,” Gerald said after being wheeled into the examination room. “We’re busy because Dr. Jackson’s the finest gastroenterologist in town,” said the nurse. “If there’s a polyp in your colon, he’ll find it.” “I’m real nervous.” “You’ll be fine. I’m giving you two medications for your nerves and two for […]

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Ronda Rousey Returns to Earth

I haven’t been a regular fan of boxing or mixed martial arts for a long time. As a kid and young adult and even into early middle age I used to growl and cheer like millions of other bloodthirsty souls who enjoyed watching people destroy each other. Disappointingly, I don’t recall questioning this behavior. At […]

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Julius Caesar v. Benito Mussolini

This was a hard ticket to get and a good seat eventually cost the equivalent of ten million bucks but people would’ve paid more to sit in the remodeled Colosseum when Benito Mussolini and Julius Caesar finally got it on. Both leaders, egomaniacal to the core, tried to dictate details of time travel, fight purses, […]

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Mayor Klitschko’s Successes

I didn’t worry about ragged furniture in my office at Kiev City Hall. The city looked much worse as unemployment rose, wages fell, our till stood empty, protestors lived in tents a hundred meters from my office, and Russian troops mobilized on our eastern border. The big bears intended to convince all Ukrainians, and especially […]

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Jack Dempsey Returns

I was simultaneously flabbergasted and thrilled the recent morning Jack Dempsey, age twenty-four and just a week after tomahawking slow, long-inactive, and overconfident giant Jess Willard, marched into my gym and said, “I’m taking my career to the twenty-first century. You interested?” Only pride prevented me from dropping to my knees and thanking all deities. […]

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Theodore Roosevelt v. William H. Taft

In the White House of 1907 I was waiting for my friend Teddy Roosevelt when rotund Secretary of War William H. Taft huffed by. “Rather out of shape, aren’t you, old fellow,” I said. “I’m relatively trim at two-eighty-three, a good fifty less than you, I dare say.” “All right, when President Roosevelt arrives, I’ll […]

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Memories of Emanuel Steward

The email from a friend dropped in my box and simply said: “RIP Emanuel Steward.” I thought this is a mistake, it must be, Steward always looks handsome and healthy on TV, he’s a winner, he’ll live a long time, it must be another guy with the same name who, quickly and privately, withered at […]

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Baseball Bat Killers Sentenced

Two years ago a murder story in Bakersfield haunted me and, despite uneasiness, I decided to view the crime scene. A forty-year old man, Patrick Matsuda, who lived in a neighborhood of new and expensive homes, had been killed by bat-wielding miscreants. For weeks residents had been complaining to each other and the police that […]

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Basketball and More in Las Vegas

This story is in the collection “Basketball and Football”

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