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Curing Dan Gilbert

As a psychiatrist, a man of medicine and healing, I am both legally and emotionally required to guard the privacy of my patients, and am not ignoring sacred duty here by discussing my long-term treatment of Dan Gilbert, founder of giant mortgage lenders, builder of businesses and employer of thousands in downtown Detroit, and, most […]

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Surgical Surprise

In elementary school Carlo’s classmates, first male then female, called him banana-nose, which in high school became elephant-nose. Even allowing for Southern California fixation on cosmetic perfection, must be acknowledged Carlo had exceptionally large nose. We don’t know how personality would’ve developed without malady but can surmise, had he resembled older brother Luigi, blessed with […]

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Time to Pay College Athletes

Howls in the sporting world have resumed as they always must since those making the disgusting noises cannot do much else. I am primarily referring to white sportswriters and talk radio grunts, a snaky and jealous lot, who have recently called Tiger Woods scum and a bum because he enjoys sleeping with attractive young women. […]

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Michael Jackson This Is It

A movie of rehearsals in a big empty room can’t excite like concerts alive with screaming fans, but I still hope you enjoy This Is It because that’s what it is.  My dancers show why when we first gather in March.  Hundreds have come from all over the world to compete in rigorous auditions from […]

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Michael Jackson: 1958-2009

In the beginning the boy was wholesome and cute and sang like an angel and dazzled as a dancer.  His early musical success transcended that of most adult stars, and as a young man he generated the light of a supernova.  None of that, we must periodically remind ourselves, is helpful in shaping a tranquil […]

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