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Black Friday Binge

I love Black Friday, MY favorite event of year. After stuffing myself Thanksgiving Day I’m ready to stand in A crowd of cold shoppers. We feel like Christmas is about here, panting, pushing, and groaning, and finally cheer when through glass we see them coming to open THE store. I’m A pretty big guy, almost […]

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Oscar Signs Huge Wal-Mart Deal

I will not bemoan but briefly restate, as an introduction to new readers, that I am Oscar the oft-ignored pig who dwelled deep in a Calabasas canyon. I make that reference in past tense for today I can reveal I have maneuvered, boldly rather than treacherously, to improve my station. While my wealthy owners, who […]

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The Wal-Mart Experience

I’m not going to say my former south Bakersfield neighborhood, once a middle class haven, turned foul because it bordered a Wal-Mart store.  In fairness to the elephantine retailer, the area swirled into a sewer because absentee landlords sucked the Section 8 tit and, in exchange for government housing subsidies, stuffed criminals and other loud […]

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