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Putin Buries Liberalism

What great guy is Donald Trump. Finally, United States has president who understands trends of history. As new kind of candidate, Trump “saw changes in American society and took advantage of this.” He knew “Western liberalism is dying if not already dead.” Reason is simple: liberals “presuppose nothing needs to be done… Migrants can kill […]

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Admiral Yamamoto in Korea

We’ll talk about North Korea in a minute but first you should know I love the sea and more Kawai especially when I’m in Tokyo out of uniform in her arms. I tell her about studying at Harvard two happy years, and likewise two incisive years as naval attaché in Washington, D. C. I like […]

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Golfing with Shinzo and Donald

I’ve caddied for many of the greatest golfers in history, packing Tiger Woods’ bag the day he shot sixty-two in an exhibition with Japanese legend Jumbo Ozaki who, despite being almost sixty, fired a hot sixty-seven. Today, I won’t be carrying clubs because our distinguished guests here at Kasumigaseki Country Club – Hideki Matsuyama, fourth […]

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Nuclearizing East Asia

During a break at an economic summit Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan motions for Korean President Moon Jae-in to join him in a conference room where President Vladimir Putin arises and says, through several interpreters, “Please sit down.” The three leaders sit at a small dark wooden table. “North Korea’s headed toward a very […]

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Japan Watches

we japanese would be fascinated by tests of north korean offensive and american defensive missiles except we’re in middle of nuclear lunacy

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Kim’s Second ICBM

After my Fourth of July ICBM present to the United States I decided, little more than three weeks later, to air mail you another test, “a powerful sword for keeping peace,” and this one flew higher and longer than the last and, I’m confident, terrified those who live not only on the West Coast but […]

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Trump Calls Kim Jong Un

Donald Trump – President Kim, this is President Trump calling to tell you that it won’t happen. Kim Jong Un – It’s already happened. DT – I’m referring to North Korea actually deploying an ICBM. KJU – Consider them as good as deployed on quite mobile Chinese-built trucks you’ll never be able to track. DT […]

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Target, Japan

north korea just fired another ballistic missile into our sea of japan we’re still not sure what we’re going to do about this menace but based on history we better do something

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Empathetic Trump

I know some of you feel I lack empathy and have been calling me a narcissist, and that’s really unfair. As your president I’m up every night, tweeting and worrying about my most important priority, your safety and well-being. I also want to help people around the world. Inevitably, I think a lot about the […]

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Hydrogen Man

I’m not short and pudgy. I’m taller and firmer than you think and in fact I’m a stud who watches professional basketball and lives like a god and beds any woman I want and the other night my current favorite swooned as I told her, “This morning I exploded a hydrogen bomb.” “Oh, Dear Leader.” […]

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FDR to Trump

This story is from the rousing campaign book “King Donald”

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Putin to Obama re Paris

This story is from the rousing campaign book “King Donald”

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Rubio Warns China

This story is from the rousing campaign book “King Donald”

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Trump is a Scaremonger

I taught English as a Second Language for adults for twenty-four years. Eighty percent of my students were from Mexico. I would trust virtually all of them before I’d trust Donald Trump. He’s full of garbage and a shameless scaremonger and racist. For those old enough to remember the 1980s, he went around screaming how […]

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Edgar Allan Poe v. Haruki Murakami

Without creative flexibility, I wouldn’t allow this bout in my jurisdiction. And who but a sadist could disagree? As a teenager Edgar Allan Poe sometimes swam and long jumped vigorously but for two decades alcohol, opium, and heaven knows what else have shredded his body and soul, and it’s certain the inherent chemicals in his […]

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World According to Americans

Don’t know if they were godless communists or radical Muslims but some outrageous critters emailed world map insulting Americans. On map they write we think Canada’s uninhabited. Bull feathers. We know few icy people live up there, and they sure as hell want to be like Alaska next door, which is now America except for […]

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Book Tour

I had secretly taken an earlier flight to elude the media and (I later learned) several dozen readers who, by the standards of literary greetings at airports, constituted a throng. I wasn’t being rude. I was terrified. I couldn’t allow them to see me stagger out after one of those hemmed-in, gut-busting, ear-popping, time-altering twelve-hour […]

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I Am MacArthur

This story is from the collection “The Bold Investor” <

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Tokyo Life and Architecture

Men with technical minds made in Japan, England, and America were talking about my city, and me, at the A/cute Tokyo symposium, and I wanted to stand and shout shut up.  You architects aren’t so bright.  You’re human computers hired to build the problems you condemn.  I already knew life in my city of thirty […]

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