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Rodman Goes Nuclear

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The Doors Rock Bakersfield – Part 8

Seldom is one inundated by stimulating activities in Bakersfield but today I must decide whether to go to an arts and crafts fair and other exhibitions up the road in Shafter, or watch the CSU Bakersfield league-champion men play basketball, or see Wild Child, the consensus best tribute band to The Doors. As it develops […]

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Young Cowboy Sings Country

Merle Haggard may have passed but he hasn’t departed. He’s enjoying this tribute to his life and work. On stage at the Bakersfield Music Hall of Fame, a sleek new place highlighted by polished wood floors, cushioned seats, and sharp acoustics, popular country singers from Haggard’s hometown and the Central Valley are delivering four hours […]

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Skipping Toll on the Golden Gate Bridge

Oh, what a foolish risk it was. It really should be illegal. I don’t know why it isn’t. All rational people understand it’s dangerous to drive while listening to Jim Morrison sing “Light My Fire.” Actually, I had been thoroughly reasonable all day, easing out of my motel in San Francisco and carefully driving through […]

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Ray Manzarek Opens The Doors

Surveying the ballroom I’m pleased it’s similar to intimate clubs where The Doors generally played best. About five hundred people are filling the room and sipping drinks if they drink at all. For years, before my reformation, I would’ve viewed such mature restraint as an affront and camped at the two rear-corner bars. Ray Manzarek […]

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Fabulous Recovery of Jim Morrison – Part 7

Three days after telling me to get my ass out of his hospital room, Jim Morrison died in a Paris apartment.  Don’t cry for the Jim who departed.  Yearn for a less-tortured man who would’ve wanted to live and become a pensioner last year at age sixty-five.  I’m a decade older still, and we’re both […]

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Saving Jim Morrison – Part 6

In early July 1971, I was vacationing in Paris.  Ordinarily, by inclination I would’ve been attracted solely by traditional destinations such as the Eiffel Tower and Louvre but, having recently been deserted by my wife, was amenable when friends suggested I visit the Rock ‘n’ Roll Circus, a nightclub where top bands jammed, the chic […]

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Pamela Courson Loves Jim Morrison – Part 5

We live on Love Street in a house with garden, maybe not yet but someday.  Jim’s going to buy a church in the south of France and we’ll turn it into a wonderful home.  He owes me for so often loving me the wrong way I ache and have to grab thorazine and other things […]

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Springtime in Paris – Jim Morrison – Part 4

I try not care simpletons think I’m wild sometimes I’m a considerate friend and listener who responds with wit and insight during interviews I spontaneously polish remarks about rock writing and death I don’t want to miss in a plane crash or overdose but savor the only time it ever comes.  Before then I can’t […]

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Jim Morrison Interprets Miami – Part 3

I don’t need a psychiatrist though I guzzle whiskey wine and beer and hang outside windows several stories up and drop every pill in hand and yank Janis Joplin’s hair and dash onto Jimi Hendrix’s stage grabbing his legs to shout I want to suck his cock and often screw haunted masochistic women and carouse […]

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Jim Morrison After College – Part 2

I love movies and just graduated from UCLA film school in spring 1965 and am ready to create.  I don’t think I’ll do films right now though.  I’m not lazy but have ten fingers on each hand then fifteen or twenty back to ten I’m not really counting I’m looking at the moon melt into […]

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The Admiral Speaks to Jim Morrison – Part 1

I wish you had appreciated I’m not only your father but a graduate of the Naval Academy and was at Pearl Harbor and didn’t panic when the Japanese sneak-attacked our big warships across the harbor.  From the little minelayer Pruitt we fired antiaircraft guns at the bastards and I later volunteered to be a pilot […]

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