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Ferdinand Marcos Endures

I’m not surprised the communists are still after me. They know I’m their most resolute enemy. I won’t let them carry out subversive activities. I won’t permit them to dominate my country. That’s why they didn’t want me to remain President of the Philippines longer than two four-year terms limited by the constitution. The communists […]

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State of the Union

I opposed the second Iraq war but today thank those who served and left the country ready to explode. We must also appreciate eruptions to come in Afghanistan, a war I campaigned to escalate, and eventually hope to end without resembling Lyndon Johnson or Richard Nixon. My American grandfather who fought for General Patton would […]

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Martin Luther King: “Beyond Vietnam”

a million die by 1966 day i deliver “beyond vietnam a time to break silence” declaring poverty inevitable in “society gone mad on war” and still i see america attacks to feed “giant triplets of racism materialism and militarism”

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Lessening Political Addictions

My brain’s a self-flogged chunk of meat and my nerves tight because the Electoral College is an undemocratic and grievous institution that, to understand, requires daily tracking of polls in critical states.  Tabulating popular votes would be fair and easy, but the system insists it’s better to stew about who’ll get winner-grab-all electoral votes and […]

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