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Kennedy and Nixon Debate

i may cry says my wife standing in front of our giant tv as I enter the living room and see black and white images of young john f kennedy and richard nixon debating sixty years ago what’s wrong i ask these men are articulate and well-mannered i doubt they’d get elected today

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Guardian Trump

After ducking big rocks, my brave forces weren’t firing tear gas and rubber bullets at women and children charging my beautiful concertina-wire border. They were stopping hordes of invaders, mostly adult males, who would destroy the paradise that we European Americans have created. I made the truth clear. I’ll close the whole border with Mexico. […]

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Fidel Castro Forever

Fidel Castro died on November 25, 2016. Many mourned, some celebrated. In March 2006, on this website, the tireless revolutionary offered his version of history in Fidel Castro Forever

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Fidel Castro v. Che Guevara

I didn’t force Che Guevara to leave Cuba. That’s yanqui propaganda designed to impugn my loyalty and judgment and decency. I’ve loved Che since meeting him in Mexico City before the Revolución and admired him more than anyone because more than anyone I’d benefitted from his extraordinary talents. He accompanied Raul and me and eighty-two […]

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Kasich Must Gamble

This story is from the rousing campaign book “King Donald”

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Outraged by Castro-Loving Obama

Thank God our Republican Party is now resolved to prevent the worst president in history, Barack Hussein Obama, from normalizing relations with Cuba. How dare he try to throw our nation in bed with Caribbean communists and characterize our Cuban policy of more than fifty years as being outdated and a failure? It has been […]

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I’m not going to degrade myself running against that lazy rich boy in the 1960 Democratic primaries. The nation will surely drop him once I enter the presidential race right before the convention. Americans understand the country needs a man like Lyndon Johnson, not some runt who was handed a silver spoon the day he […]

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Nikita Khrushchev Explains

Don’t blame me Vladimir Putin’s grabbing the Crimea sixty years after I bestowed that lovely peninsula on Ukraine, the great Russian Breadbasket where I’d forged my political career and found a bride. Listen to my son, Sergei. He’s a wizard in computers and missiles and holds multiple advanced degrees and teaches at Brown University and […]

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Who Creates Jobs?

This story appears in the collection “In Other Hands”

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Update JFK

Mister President sorry to reveal Bobby was assassinated in sixty-eight right after winning California primary. Jackie fled to marry Aristotle Onassis and died of cancer at age sixty-four. Dashing John John was popular but crashed plane when only thirty-eight. Caroline’s fine but says you know a lot.

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McCarthy Nixon Castro – Just Released

Joseph McCarthy, who started high school at age twenty, says he’s a tough and dedicated guy in the boxing ring, on icy campaign roads of Wisconsin, and in the nightmarish confines of the 1950s United States Senate where he chases and tries to destroy enemies he calls communists but are actually demons within himself. Richard […]

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Photos in Box

This story is part of the collection “Paint it Black”

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Richard Nixon Where Are You

Richard Nixon called his first congressional opponent a commie, in ‘fifty senatorial race painted Helen Gahagan Duglas pink before trouncing her, and as vice president under Eisenhower snuggled with Joe McCarthy. By late ‘fifties he already wanted to invade Castro’s Cuba which however imperfect had just freed itself from American lackey Batista. After losing, perhaps […]

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Updates for John F. Kennedy

mister president sorry to tell you bobby assassinated in ‘sixty eight right after winning california primary jackie fled to marry aristotle onassis died of cancer age sixty four john john dashing and popular but crashed plane age thirty eight caroline fine but says you know a lot

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Spring Break in Cuba

In the twilight of their lives the once-intransigent Castro brothers, Fidel and Raul, have begun behaving in at least moderately encouraging ways. Fidel recently summoned writer Jeffery Goldberg of The Atlantic magazine and told him President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran was outrageous for demanding the destruction of Israel and a nincompoop for continuing to insist […]

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The Slugger – Senator Joseph McCarthy

This story is from “McCarthy Nixon Castro”

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Congress Mandates New Leadership Model

This story is from the collection “Obama on Edge”

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Fidel Castro Forever

I know what some are saying, that I’m a hick from a sugar plantation and loco because on a dare I rammed my bicycle into a prep school wall and knocked myself unconscious. They think I’m a hotheaded and dangerous young man who may someday kill people, and might already have as a politically-obsessed law […]

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