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Inside Lucian Freud’s Studio

Don’t burden me with bourgeois morality. I’m going where excitement is, Lucian Freud’s London studio, and don’t pretend he’d respect mine if I had one and the door was open. Tonight’s perfect. I hear the rascal’s out of town. Walking up six flights of stairs I tinker with the lock and saunter in. I shan’t […]

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Blue Collar Babe

I started dating Jeff when were high school sophomores and enjoyed the security of always being part of a couple and not one of those sad souls who never had anyone. I didn’t consider Jeff my intellectual equal, and no one, including Jeff, would have disagreed. In college I studied biology and went to medical […]

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Love Medicine

Mildred didn’t want to hope for too much but in truth was thrilled. She’d tried sexy clothes and no clothes, submission and domination, coos and threats, lavish attention and pointed inattention: nothing helped. Bill simply needed to screw lots of women, and Mildred withered each time he came home smelling like perfume or smudged by […]

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Poor House

Bill worked part-time as a material handler for the construction company where I was office manager. The boss offered him forty hours a week but Bill said that would destroy his literary career. “You make money writing?” I asked. “Not yet.” “There’s more security here.” “Loading trucks.” “You could learn the trade.” “Can’t hammer a […]

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Megyn Kelly Counterattacks

I was professional and dignified during the first Republican presidential debate as well as afterward, but now, on my day off, I’m tired of being restrained about Donald Trump, who I questioned about his many insulting remarks regarding the appearance of women who displeased him. He enjoys calling them “fat pigs, dogs, slobs, and disgusting […]

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Bruce Jenner Opens Up

I was twenty-three in the spring of 1976 and often played basketball in the Sacramento State University gym and then drove to the all-weather track on the south side of campus and jogged before running wind sprints. People often complimented me for being in good shape, and I considered myself a stud but must’ve known […]

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Sexual Restoration

I was only trying to help the man. That’s my job. I’m a urologist specializing in sexual restoration, a noble goal. And Charles seemed an ideal patient. He still had a prostate, enlarged but normal for a man of sixty. His heart was healthy and he didn’t drink much or smoke at all. His small […]

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Sleeping with Marcos

I hope you know that as a young man I survived the Bataan Death March and escaped to build a tough and dedicated group of fighters who trained in mountains and jungles as we waited to strike Japanese invaders trying to destroy our country as well as the United States. Some hapless political opponents later […]

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Tame Her

This story is part of the collection “Paint it Blue” Francoise Gilot and Pablo Picasso

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Nobel Prize Knockout

That evening in Mexico City I witnessed a historical confrontation or, rather, a sucker punch in the dastardly vein of Pearl Harbor. At the time, as a callow young man teaching English in the exotic capital, I understood nothing of the significance of the event, and no one could have known – though some scholars […]

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Hillary Clinton v. Monica Lewinsky

I’m laughing when not growling about what Republicans, rather pathetically, are praying is true about me, that I’m fat and sickly and incapable of campaigning a week much less a year, and my book is selling poorly, and, most outrageously, that both the ghostly and earthly presence of Monica Lewinsky will preclude me from defeating […]

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Silvio Berlusconi

Those saying I’m thief and libertine are fools. I’m suave multi-billionaire media mogul who as prime minister and consummate politician dominated Italy for generation. Regrettably, latest idiots are three dowdy female judges, jealous of Berlusconi allure for gorgeous young women, who sentenced me to seven years prison and banned from politics for life. They won’t […]

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Waiting Room

Waiting room roar: she cheats so does he they’re divorcing and lucky to escape. You can’t. Doctor always late and secretary refuses to shoot TV.

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Next Door

Customers of lady on next farm often crossed Hilmer’s property and damaged fence. I’m gonna get those bastards, he told wife. Ever catch anyone, she asked. Not yet. Just Eddie. I didn’t father no bastard. Maybe you have twin who did.

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House Arrest

Lady says she’s sad three teenagers kidnapped in Cleveland decade ago and caged prior to serial rape. Lady doesn’t understand, though, how pervert so long suppressed they couldn’t kill or escape or make noise to alert neighbors. She cites first job, as maid. Employer demanded she join wife for threesome in bed. When she shouted […]

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Lady Driver

Burly female bus driver let off all passengers save last man on route. When she passed final step he yelled hey. She pulled onto dark street. Next week police found body battered and abused. Bus driver was questioned then released.

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Following long engagement and big wedding Sarah and Justin flew to dream honeymoon on Maui. First night, as couple entered seaside dining room, Steve said, hi Sarah. Who’s that, Justin asked. Guy from high school. Hello there, said Jim. Justin looked at wife. He was in college English class, I think. Waiter arrived at table […]

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Snapshots of Distressing Events – Just Published

In compressed language George Thomas Clark presents Snapshots of Distressing Events. A distraught man confronts noisy neighbors, one couple is enveloped by infidelity, another’s destroyed by violence, drinkers and drug users have some fun but more trouble, people stumble in matters of money, medical destiny is determined by mishaps, malice, and chance, members of the […]

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Child Bride

When she was fifteen family received money and jewelry and said she had to marry him. In five years she bore four children. Unhappy she wasn’t always available, husband acquired girlfriend. Wife protested but lived with in-laws who kept her busy cooking and cleaning. After she, husband, and children moved to United States, he tired […]

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Big Exam

Harry put on extra cologne and best suit. He was excited. After several weeks exchanging emails with beautiful Patricia, he received invitation to dine at house. He knocked. Barefoot and in silk bathrobe she opened door. “Thought you’d be wearing one of your elegant dresses,” he said. “Please step into bedroom and take off […]

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Pasadena Bedrooms

Tour of stately homes in Pasadena was interesting but unsurprising until, in large second-floor master bedroom of 1920s matron, man pointed to small adjoining room with bed visible through glass doors. “Didn’t she like privacy?” “Frankly, she did not,” said handsome female tour guide. “While busy in bed, she kept fresh man entertained in other […]

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Sleep Issues

Driving elbow into ribs, Patti said, “Quit snoring.” As Bill did not waken, she drilled again. “What hell?” “You’re ruining sleep.” “You don’t sleep,” he said. “Because you always roll around and snort like pig.” “That’s not why.” “Go to guest bedroom.” Bill complied and was soon snoring. Patti stared at dark ceiling and wondered […]

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Tips from a Pimp

Don’t call me a bad guy. Most of my girls are cursed and molested at home by parents, stepparents, mothers’ boyfriends, and others, and feel worthless when I find them on the run or hanging in the streets. You don’t have to take this, I tell them. You’re a beautiful young lady. Come with me. […]

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Arousing Einstein

Bereft of traditional McLaughlin Group debating team old host John interviews two scholars who reveal Einstein was womanizer propelled by nuclear libido erupting from supernova brain later carved into fifty bite-size pieces. The male scholar knows everything about Einstein’s infinite adventures and betrayals and writes many books about subject. Female scholar doesn’t know much but […]

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In Ripley’s Museum

Gladys wants to go to Ripley’s Museum. “I’d rather not. I don’t believe most they say.” “It’s all true, and, besides, it’s my turn to choose.” I concede, and we drive down filthy and crowded Hollywood Boulevard, park on asphalt in fenced recreational area, and walk two pungent blocks through panhandlers, sidewalk jewelry vendors, and […]

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Two Brides

Pretty Colombian bride with Anglo surname returns to adult ESL class for quick writing tip and says she’s in college taking fifty units this semester to become nurse. Two years later pretty Colombian bride about ten years older enters and signs same last name. After class teacher asks if they’re related, and she frowns saying […]

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Online General

Have you fought in war? Have you been shot at? Ever killed anyone? Ordered people into battle? Seen field of corpses? Held dying comrade in arms? Tried to comfort loved ones of dead? Worried what horrors are next? That’s what I thought. So shut bourgeois mouths. I’m in charge of American troops in Afghanistan and […]

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I’m West Point graduate who ran varsity cross country and track and served in Army Reserve, specializing in military intelligence and counterterrorism. In 2006 I earned master’s degree in international studies and met general and told about academic interest in career. He handed me business card, stressed he’d always been mentor, and said stay in […]

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Child Prostitutes Get Younger

This is outrageous. I finally convince my wife I have business in Southeast Asia, pay thousands to fly to Cambodia, and the lousy pimp offers me a girl twelve years old and claims she’s a virgin. Like hell. I know she’s been sewn up. No way four thousand, I say, not three either, two thousand […]

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When Dad’s a Pervert

My name’s Diana Cisneros. I’m twenty-six years old, from Bakersfield, and want to tell you this story. My dad was a salesman and weekend preacher. My mom had a home day care center. Dad always had to look perfect on the outside but in truth was an angry and violent man who physically abused our […]

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Children as Sex Slaves

Jeff is in Cambodia, portraying a pedophile in search of little girls. He’s learned they’re being held in several pens dispersed in the village, and arranges to meet a trafficker who brags he has many for rent. What kind do you want? About this tall? He extends a hand. That too big? He lowers his […]

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On cold night drunk in another bar he met chunky woman who opened purse and showed white powder they snorted in car. At apartment she called neighbor who walked over, sold more, asked for hit, and took three, firing thousand words before leaving. They burned noses and strained hearts two hours before moving upstairs and […]

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Barack and Michelle Obama Audio Soars on Internet

This story is from the collection “Obama on Edge”

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Jacob Zuma Demands Dignity

This story is part of the collection “Paint it Blue”

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Border Patrol

Ed would’ve quit his job if he’d had one to jump in a pickup high on four big wheels and speed down here to stop millions of illegal aliens from invading his country and committing crimes, devouring welfare and health care, and overcrowding classrooms. Those people had also destroyed integrity on building sites, jabbering in […]

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The Hussy

Years ago as child visiting relatives in small community on western slope of high Sierra, I heard one woman tell another, “Fay Hendricks is hussy,” and they nodded. “What’s that?” I asked. “Never mind.” I figured hussy must be insult but until recent night didn’t pursue personal details. “Fay’s son just got married for first […]

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Dalliance in Colombia

Look, we were just relaxing at hotel bar in Cartagena. Even secret service agents and soldiers have right to relax. Indeed, we had duty to unwind because if uptight we might not be as attuned to potential danger to President Obama, who was going to arrive in few days. What’s big deal about twenty of […]

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Downtown Drinkers

Tim and Billy were barhopping in brand new old downtown. They always drank too much and Tim used buzz to talk to women. Billy usually became quieter. On Saturday night Tim brought young woman back to table and charmed her while Billy tried to say few words. When she went to restroom Tim told Billy […]

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Evil Eye

why look at me like that email link only for aesthetic reasons

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Joan Bennett Allure

decades ago sultry actress joan bennett parked car in public lot leading to private time with agent on afternoon husband spotted car still there hours later waited till night when joan and agent returned she entered car and agent stood at window for passionate goodnight husband interrupted with two shots to groin agent survived to […]

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New Employee

new employee pulls my eyes hardens hers couple months later feel gentler look up say wait aren’t you

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Little Honey

little honey married and too young hope she knows too

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at party naked couple hugs painting each other

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Orange Ladies

two mouths pout under hats above dresses sexy or mean better assume mean and sexy

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Munch on Canvas

This story is from the collection “Paint it Blue”

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Madonna Interlude

aficionado excited madonna appeared unintroduced lassoed neck with skinny muscular arm unzipped pants pulled off slid out dress hopped on surprising but not disappointing when realized was another blonde

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Wired in Bed

cold night drunk in ‘eighties bar met chunky woman who showed some white powder we snorted in car at apartment she called woman who came sold more asked for hit and took three firing thousand words before leaving we burned noses and strained hearts couple hours before moving upstairs about two and were nonstop at […]

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Arousing Einstein

bereft of traditional mcglaughlin group debating team old host john interviews two scholars who reveal einstein was womanizer propelled by nuclear libido erupting from supernova brain later carved into fifty bite size pieces the male scholar knows everything about einstein’s infinite adventures and betrayals and writes many books about the master the female scholar doesn’t […]

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Herman Cain Explains

There’s liberal conspiracy by those who don’t want real independent black man to be president so claim I propositioned some ladies at restaurant conventions inviting them to my room where they’d have been lucky with charming rich rascal like me. I guarantee those women are lying or exaggerating I don’t recall which except settlements they […]

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Strong Maids

for protection i demanded two maids and they always appeared in tandem and everything worked fine till the day they locked the door bound my hands and had their way

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fragrance of a new dimension compels me irrevocably

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Lady for Lucian Freud

This story is part of the collection “Paint it Black”

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Mitt Romney Sleeps

mitt romney behaves too well talks too swell looks too good and bores like hell

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Michele Bachmann Sweet

short and slender wrapped up sweet

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Michelle Obama Arms

your long arms squeeze

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Sarah Palin Swings

better you ain’t runnin’ cuz you need full time luvin’

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Iraqi Women

This story is from the collection “Obama on Edge”

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George W. Bush on Men and Women

This story is from the collection “Echoes from Saddam Hussein”

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Pauline’s Fabulous Whorehouse

Your houses are worth about half what you owe, gas is rocketing past four bucks a gallon, food’s gotten so precious you’re eating more lettuce than meat, and you’ve already told the kids to forget those elite universities and instead plan to attend local community colleges while they scramble for fast food jobs. Don’t be […]

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Romancing Women

This story is part of the collection “Paint it Blue”

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Thomas Eakins Gets Physical

This story is from the collection “Paint it Blue” To see Swimming, please click here To see Taking the Count, please click here To see Wrestlers, please click here

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Islamic Conference

At annual Islamic Conference robed African imam declares indecently-dressed women cause atrocities and rape. When question and answer session arrives I write two inquiries on file card provided by man in Western suit: “Are you saying scantily-dressed women are asking to be raped? Don’t men have obligation to control themselves?” I worry imam will ignore […]

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Hypocrites Still Attacking Tiger Woods

I am honored today to speak for the greatest, most powerful and God-fearing creatures who have yet graced the earth, the white American male. For three months now we have been in the throes of moral outrage because Tiger Woods, after years of profitably portraying himself as a dedicated and monogamous family man, was revealed […]

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Reversing Elin and Tiger Woods

Beautiful Elin Woods, the Athlete of the Decade and, perhaps more significantly, the most compelling entertainer on earth, remains in isolation and is quite depressed.  One understands why.  For thirteen years, until the early and dangerous hours after Thanksgiving Day, Elin had stridden the world’s golf courses as unrivalled queen, and her corporate dominance was […]

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How Tiger Woods Should Respond

Until recent revelations of my weakness for young white female flesh, and the overwhelming moral outrage that followed, I thought in a sexual sense I was a relatively normal guy, that is one ready to squeeze any appealing woman who beckoned.  Now, sadly, after reading countless rabid condemnations in the press and blogosphere and cringing […]

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Management Teams Clarifies Adventures of Tiger Woods

Bulletins from Saturday November 28, 11:30 a.m. It is untrue that Tiger Woods is having an affair with a striking New York City celebrity chaser, Rachel Uchitel, and therefore it is a lie that his wife Elin attacked him for so doing.  About 2:25 a.m. Friday November 27, after failing to properly digest turkey […]

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David Carradine: 1936:2009

When friends and I gathered in the mid 1970s for marijuana-fueled TV watching, we usually tuned to football, basketball, and boxing.  The only significant exceptions were episodes of Kung Fu, the legendary series in which Kwai Chang Caine, played by David Carradine, embraced the wise and soothing philosophies of Asian martial artists before he righteously, […]

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Muslim Fights Hypocrisy

I can’t tell you name or father and brothers might beat or shoot me. I’m indefinite because don’t think they’d succeed. I’m not like many Muslim women in Europe who pay plastic surgeons thousands to cut semicircles in vaginas and sew up with dissolving stitches to reestablish virginity, primitive standard of purity, so they can […]

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Activist Demands Abstinence

As commander in chief of Parents For Abstinence I must at critical moment in our sexual history warn apocalypse is approaching but still can be stopped. Despite years of immorality and decadence by libidinous liberals, who have driven teen pregnancy rates highest among developed nations, we can regain righteousness and self-control. We can do so […]

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