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Triumph in Tulsa

No need to mention there are a helluva lot of empty seats in the upper deck of the Tulsa arena but I do hint by saying some bad people attacked our town tonight. Or, I’m thinking, maybe some tough Tulsans believe Democrat propaganda this county has the highest number of coronavirus cases in Oklahoma and […]

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George Thomas Clark Podcast #6 – Playing in a Rock Band

Clint McCubbin recalls his days as a young rock musician in Seattle where he played in bars and clubs in the University District and learned about the pleasures and difficulties in the business. Click here to listen on your favorite digital platform Listen on YouTube

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Northwest Catastrophe

seattle mourns seahawks move to bakersfield

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Material Handler on the Road

I still wonder if my adult working career for many years progressed like a tortoise in sand because of apathy or a reflexive hatred of manual labor that began too soon, at age nine, when my mother remarried and her new husband, a drill sergeant masquerading as an electrical engineer and contractor, drafted my stepbrother […]

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Boat Ride

Mount Baker, shining like a big dish of vanilla ice cream in the sky, beamed instructions to two seals swimming noses just above the surface in Everett Harbor where many boats were docked. As a twenty-five foot, open-cabin craft moved out the seals followed a safe interval behind the propeller and then signaled that four […]

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Rigors of Football in Seattle

This story is in the collection “Basketball and Football”

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