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Trump Worsens Pandemic

Trump has recently worsened the pandemic by summoning unmasked followers to rallies in Oklahoma, Arizona, and at Mt. Rushmore. These people are his victims yet often say that wearing masks is a “hoax.” Isn’t that ironic? The hoax is the lying fat man who stands next to the beautiful lady on the White House terrace, […]

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George Thomas Clark Podcast #10 – Writing & Editing “Janet”

Years ago I thought I had a good twenty-page short story named “Janet.” Fifteen years later I thought I had carved the tale into 12 smooth pages that would be part of my collection “The Bold Investor.” But I hadn’t, and needed to keep rewriting and editing. There wasn’t much left at the end but […]

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George Thomas Clark Podcast #9 – Learning Spanish

For many years Gary Christiansen taught Spanish and English as a Second Language and used those opportunities to learn to speak, read, and write Spanish like a native. He shares some of his insights and experiences. Listen on Spreaker here Listen on Spotify, Apple, Google, and Others here Listen on YouTube

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George Thomas Clark Podcast #4 – Coronavirus Count

Tom comments about persistent efforts on the right to portray the coronavirus as something less than a pandemic getting more dangerous every day. Click here to listen on your favorite digital platform Listen on YouTube

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George Thomas Clark Podcast #3 – Radio Pro

Veteran radio personality Jesse Portillo discusses his career, which includes stints in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Miami, as well as his experiences teaching aspiring on air radio professionals in Bakersfield. Click here to listen on your favorite digital platform Listen on YouTube

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George Thomas Clark Podcast #2 – Visiting South Africa

Doug Nareau, a Sacramento attorney and world traveller, recently returned from a month in South Africa where he toured the great cities of Cape Town, Durban, and Johannesberg as well as some of the beautiful towns along the southern coast. In addition to tourism, Clark and Nareau discuss South African history, Nelson Mandela, current crime, […]

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George Thomas Clark Podcast #1 – Emergency Computer Service

We launched the George Thomas Clark Podcast #1 with a discussion of the coronavirus, which sent Tyler Derosier to many businesses for tech support working at home. We also talked about his work as a book designer and his three years of living in Alaska. Click here to listen on your favorite digital platform Listen […]

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