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George Thomas Clark Podcast #20 – Easing Back into Business

We’ve been isolating about two and a half months and getting tense but are now cautiously trying to resume regular business activities and life. There are limits to what we can safely do but the murky waters must be entered. Listen on YouTube, Spotify, Apple, Google, and other Digital Platforms

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Trump Unmasked

i wasn’t making fun of biden and his wife for wearing masks why would i ever do that i just don’t like wearing them especially in public

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Church of Trump

we need prayer i pray five times a day and know we must reopen our churches today and am baffled some worshipers aren’t jumping right in

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Online Doctor

She needs to see her doctor and for days has been anxious for their meeting tomorrow. Thank goodness. There’s the text confirmation from his office. All she needs to do is reply yes. But this text is highlighted in drab green and states: Due to COVID-19 precautions, we will email you a link tomorrow to […]

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George Thomas Clark Podcast #19 – Video Doctor

For the first time in my life, I went to the doctor via video camera. And it was enjoyable and informative as we dispensed with personal matters and discussed the coronavirus. Listen on YouTube, Apple, Spotify, Google, and other Digital Platforms

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Trump Corona – Article and Podcast #15

Dr. Anthony Fauci and the coronavirus taskforce have done a great job but their duties are meant to be temporary before our agencies like FEMA begin to take over as certain brave governors reopen businesses, relax social distancing, and we daily watch more than a thousand deaths. We may have lost more than twice as […]

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Doctor Gonzo

my big scientific brain just saved the world let’s inject pour inhale disinfectants into your system to kill coronavirus

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George Thomas Clark Podcast #5 – Buying Food Online

Francilyn O’Brien is avoiding the coronavirus by shopping for food online and receiving the deliveries at home. As a survivor of valley fever, Francilyn is particularly concerned about evading further medical problems. Click here to listen on your favorite digital platform Listen on YouTube

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I didn’t write it. I’m just passing it along. Our great Republican candidate for Congress, DeAnna Lorraine, who got two percent of the vote against Nancy Pelosi, tweeted that irritating Anthony Fauci shouldn’t claim I caused loss of lives by not listening to medical experts. In fact, Lorraine noted, Fauci on February twenty-ninth told the […]

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Fauci Under Watters

Quit paying so much attention to what Dr. Anthony Fauci says about the coronavirus. Get your information from clever commentator Jesse Watters of fair and balanced Fox News. He on air asks Fauci, could you have done anything differently than a full-scale national shutdown, like letting those forty-five and under work and have everyone wear […]

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Points by Joe Six Pack

Liberals and other weaklings are destroying our country with this extreme and shortsighted lockdown. We conservatives have got to reestablish order. We do that by keeping in mind and acting on what President Trump and Rush Limbaugh and Fox News commentators and other patriotic geniuses tell us. First, remember that most of these poor people […]

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George Thomas Clark Podcast #4 – Coronavirus Count

Tom comments about persistent efforts on the right to portray the coronavirus as something less than a pandemic getting more dangerous every day. Click here to listen on your favorite digital platform Listen on YouTube

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Corona Carrier

I fly to Guam and march onto the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt and over the radio tell almost five thousand crew members this is Navy Secretary Thomas Modly and I’m tired of your complaining about the coronavirus spreading on board and infecting more than one hundred seventy of you who have a mission and […]

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Enlightened Governor

I’m jumping on board right quick with other Republican governors and shutting down lots of stuff in my state since I learned some “game changing” information about the coronavirus. “We didn’t know until the last twenty-four hours” that this ungodly virus “is now transmitting before people see signs.” Liberals are saying they knew all along. […]

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Question for China

is it true crematoriums in wuhan have been much more active recently

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Solemn Trump

okay this isn’t a hoax stay home easter and all of april and pray a quarter million of us don’t die

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George Thomas Clark Podcast #1 – Emergency Computer Service

We launched the George Thomas Clark Podcast #1 with a discussion of the coronavirus, which sent Tyler Derosier to many businesses for tech support working at home. We also talked about his work as a book designer and his three years of living in Alaska. Click here to listen on your favorite digital platform Listen […]

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Letter to Jeff Bezos

Dear Jeff, I hope this letter finds you in good health, and want to tell you I’ve been an avid buyer of Amazon literary products for many years. However, despite my love of the Kindle reader, which stores hundreds of electronic books and permits instant adjustment of lighting and type size and the spontaneous purchase […]

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I Surrender

I’d like to apologize to President Trump though I realize he’s too great and busy to notice or care what people like me think. I’m now in the minority. The majority of Americans, according to recent polls, believe the president is doing a fine job managing the coronavirus pandemic. I guess the majority is impressed […]

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Asking China

how many infections and deaths do you really have

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Easter Sunday

pack those churches long as trump and clan in middle of congregation

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Trump to the Rescue

Come on. Admit it. You’re happy Dr. Anthony Fauci, the celebrity expert about pandemics, isn’t on stage with me today. He’s a little guy, just a squirt, and I think people are getting irritated he always talks about medicine and ignores human pain caused by the shutdown that’s starting to ruin my great economy. Fauci […]

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What It Is

watching people die italian doctors warn it isn’t the flu it’s like chronic pneumonia coming your way

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Cruising with Joe Six Pack

“I don’t get it,” I tell a waitress. “If it’s safe to go into a restaurant and pick up food, why can’t I sit here and chat a while.” “You should be ashamed,” she says. “Quarantining is our only tool to shut down the coronavirus. If we let customers sit around here, instead of going […]

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Spanish Influenza Review

As you grumble quarantined in carpeted homes equipped with flat screens and computers, and wait in lines outside markets to learn there’s no more toilet paper or hand sanitizer, remember a far deadlier pandemic. Good morning Spanish influenza says entering healthy young adult hearts pumping lungs fatally full of fluid by that evening or next. […]

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Coronavirus Count

month ago south korea had four hundred cases now has nine thousand month ago iran had six deaths now has sixteen hundred last week Italy had a couple thousand deaths now has five thousand

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Bernie Announces

Don’t try to talk to me unless you’re wearing a surgical mask. I wouldn’t hear you then and don’t want to now. I don’t care I lost Florida by forty points and also got hosed in Illinois and Arizona and now trail Joe Biden by three hundred delegates. That’s irrelevant. What do you mean what […]

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Pandemic Irritates Joe Six Pack

I still think liberals may be scheming with the Chinese to blame the coronavirus on President Trump but since he seems to be taking it pretty serious now I guess I better try to do the same. But I’m only going so far. No way am I staying home when a kickass movie’s playing or […]

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The Coronavirus, Campaign 2020 – Tom & Jesse Podcast #5

In our fifth podcast, Jesse Portillo and I discuss the latest developments in the coronavirus, our impressions of Cuba – twenty years apart – Joe Biden’s electoral surge in the Democratic presidential primary, and Bernie Sanders’ next moves. Click here to listen

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Trump Attacks Coronavirus

Stated and unstated highlights from President Trump’s solemn address to the nation. I don’t remember saying the coronavirus would soon be down to two cases or maybe one in the United States. That’s just natural optimism based on my having already marshalled “the full power of the federal government and the private sector to protect […]

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Doctor Pence

I’d like to thank the greatest man on earth, President Donald Trump, for putting me in charge of the battle against the coronavirus. He picked the right guy. Before becoming vice president, as governor of Indiana, I stamped out an HIV epidemic by authorizing needle exchanges in Scott County. I hadn’t wanted to permit that […]

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