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Who’s Myriam Gurba?

Myriam Gurba is a feisty, talented, and photogenic writer and social activist. Whether or not readers agree with her opinions, Gurba entertains with a deft literary touch. I receive many newsletters and one of them is Electric Literature but I usually don’t have time to read fairly long stories since I’m at the computer to […]

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Visiting the Birdman

I guess I’m honored. I’ve read Burt Lancaster’s a fine actor and here he is, preparing to play me in Birdman of Alcatraz. “Why the hell’s Alcatraz in the title,” I tell him. “I suppose that sounds better than Birdman of Leavenworth.” “I hope you’re making a fair movie.” “We’re doing our best, Mr. Stroud.” […]

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Gore Vidal v. William F. Buckley

Many do not know that after World War II, while an undergraduate at Yale, William F. Buckley taught beginning Spanish at the university. As a child in Paris his primary languages had been Spanish and French and, though at age seven he finally began the academic study of English, he would soon spend much time […]

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Sarah Palin v. Michele Bachmann

I’m not a superrich Republican donor but am affluent and generous, and delighted conservative heavyweights consider me a worthy host of this fundraiser starring Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann who I sit between on the dais, turning left to Sarah and right to Michele back and forth talking to women who get prettier and more […]

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Flight of Insanity

During my recent trip to Spain film director Pedro Almodóvar calls and invites me to join him on a short flight from Madrid to Marbella. Since I’ve never flown first class or met movie celebrities, I accept, figuring I’ll learn much about filmmaking. What a horrific misconception. First, I can’t find Pedro, and the flight […]

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Castro District

Al wanted to be close to Jewish Film Festival. He didn’t want to worry about parking in San Francisco. He wanted to walk to Castro Theater. He got Spartan hotel room three windy blocks away. He needed good dinner before first of three movies that night. Around corner from theater he entered restaurant. Hello, love, […]

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Gay Moscow

moscow bans gay parades hundred years when president putin will lead procession

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