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Canada Bans

after another slaughter canada decrees ar-15s not needed to down deer so effective immediately citizens can no longer buy sell or use assault weapons meanwhile in fortress America nra announces some politicians exploiting pandemic to close gun stores and deny citizens sacred second amendment rights of self defense

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Old Joe Kapp Still Brawling

The known facts have been posted on YouTube and written about by those eager to revive the excitement of an enraged quarterback Joe Kapp in action. We’ll review those events before reporting recently discovered facts that now overwhelm the precipitating events which began in Canada’s Grey Cup championship football game in 1963 when lineman Angelo […]

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Nuclear Role Reversal

Frankly and without self-pity I tell you that I have a dangerous and therefore stressful job as president of South Mexico, which for years, with the help of our Chinese allies, has been holding off communist hordes in North Mexico and the United States. To help you understand, let me briefly review essential events after […]

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