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Bobby Quarry in the Bookstore

I feel good this morning after putting on my burgundy workout clothes and running a few miles, like when I was a pro, and now I’m going to be interviewed by George Thomas Clark who wrote “Jerry Quarry from Boxer’s Heaven,” an article I enjoyed about my late brother, the top ranked heavyweight contender years […]

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Stiverne to Beat Wilder in Heavyweight Title Fight

This week I’ve been watching tapes of Deontay Wilder pole-axe thirty-two straight opponents, most with his whip-cracking right hand. I’ve also checked him out on other occasions. Knockouts, like all traumas, attract attention. Now he has an opportunity to fight Bermane Stiverne, owner of the WBC heavyweight championship belt, the only one not in the […]

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Joe Frazier v. Jack Johnson

You’re kidding, right, taking me back to 1905 San Francisco to watch Jack Johnson, a peacock with a mouth big as Clay’s, fight some guy named Marvin Hart who’s got a fat ass. And you think Hart will be heavyweight champion in a year and that Johnson, whose abrasiveness and lawbreaking ruined opportunities for two […]

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Sam Langford Today

This story is part of the collection “Death in the Ring”

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Jerry Quarry from Boxers Heaven

This story is from the collection “Death in the Ring”

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