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Trump Counterpunches Mitt Romney

Oh, Christ, here comes Mr. Holy Pants, Mitt Romney, a freshman senator arriving in the town I own and craving the job I have, and right away he writes a column for the Washington Post, complaining I lack the character and knowledge to be president. He believes I don’t “demonstrate the essential qualities of honesty […]

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Trump Tweets Rob Porter

I’m tweeting and shouting that lives and careers are being shattered by mere allegations, some true, some false, some new, some old, and I want to know what happened to due process. Doesn’t Rob Porter deserve to be innocent until proven guilty? Sure, I’m the big boss but retired general John Kelly, my chief of […]

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Tillerson Confronts Trump

Walking fast Rex Tillerson enters the office of White House chief of staff John Kelly and says, “Tell the president I’m here and we need to talk.” “You don’t have an appointment,” says the retired four-star general, rising to attention. The secretary of state pivots, marches out, and turns toward the Oval Office. Kelly from […]

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General Kelly Takes Command

I’ve been sworn into many positions of command, led marines all over the world, including in combat in Iraq, and am currently head of the of Department of Homeland Security in a capacity that compels me to warn that terrorism “is everywhere. It’s constant. It’s nonstop.” And it will continue, probably for generations. “If some […]

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Scaramucci Confronts Kelly

you wanna my job anthony scaramucci shouts at general john kelly you gonna suffer charging by trump and cameras to stab general with toy knife

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