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Bernie in Bakersfield

No, I better not go. I think I’m too busy. But busy doing what? I’ve been writing about Donald Trump for several years and working to finish my second book about the blowhard from Queens. I can’t sit at my computer when Bernie Sanders is just a few miles away and soon to speak. I […]

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Trump Weather

don’t worry about south pole ice cube size of tiny delaware breaking off big oceans will drink it while nobody notices

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Trump Paris

climate change isn’t hoax but donald trump is

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Jill Stein Strikes

An enormous woman, more than six-feet tall and two hundred pounds, stands against the far wall. She’s wearing a gunny sack dress and, despite being in her seventies, has long blonde hair. I have too much time to examine her as well as look around a small conference room where about twenty people are waiting […]

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Trump Stake

if tied to stake on pacific beach would trump still proclaim water ain’t risin’

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Ted Crucifies Obama

This story is from the rousing campaign book “King Donald”

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Inside Fire

Last Friday lightning ignites dry hills near Prescott and we twenty guys in Hotshot Crew put on helmets, backpacks, and other gear, preparing to stop or at least limit fire threatening to destroy homes and thousands of acres. We drive into hills and Sunday afternoon turn on chainsaw to rip incendiary chaparral from earth and […]

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Assessing Yarnell

On June 18 my cousin, Carolynn, a retired nurse living in Prescott, Arizona sent this email: “A wildfire broke out yesterday around noon and came over to my side of the mountain by evening. Fear is not a common emotion for me to feel, but feel it I did as I hurriedly packed to evacuate. […]

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