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Trump Assails Michael Cohen

I’m not going to tell you where I live but Donald Trump and his goons just pulled up in five black beasts from which they jump and Trump motions for them to encircle my house as he pounds up the walkway to kick my door. I jerk it open. “The doorbell works fine for people […]

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Mohammed bin Salman Swears

ignore preposterous cia claims i ordered murder and dismemberment of comrade jamal khashoggi i have real culprits in custody and five will be decapitated after receiving fair trail

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Tillerson Confronts Trump

Walking fast Rex Tillerson enters the office of White House chief of staff John Kelly and says, “Tell the president I’m here and we need to talk.” “You don’t have an appointment,” says the retired four-star general, rising to attention. The secretary of state pivots, marches out, and turns toward the Oval Office. Kelly from […]

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Trump Tweets Obama

everyone loves my tweets especially “reason that president obama did NOTHING about russia after being notified by cia of meddling is that he expected clinton would win” now democrats keep pressuring jared kushner great kid who i’ve asked to save world this smear won’t work since jared keeps hiring great lawyers to prove there’s NOTHING […]

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Nixon Calls Trump

Late last night in the private quarters of the White House, Donald Trump was tweeting about matters foreign and domestic when an aide entered the living room and said, “Richard Nixon’s calling again, Mr. President.” Trump grimaced and picked up an old land-line receiver and said, “You’ve got two minutes, Dick.” “Thanks for taking my […]

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Kushner and Bannon

“I know you’re just thrilled the president banished me from National Security Council meetings,” says Steve Bannon. Standing several feet away, Jared Kushner examines the eminent advisor. “I’m also certain you’re very proud to be the son-in-law of the most powerful man in the world. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here. You inherited wealth from your […]

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