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Does Donald Trump Always Pay?

From his desk in the Oval Office, President Trump hollers, “Ivanka, that bastard published the same article again.” She hurries into the room. “Which one?” “The guy from USA Today who says I don’t pay lots of people who worked for me.” “Here, Dad, let’s print out a copy and review the accusations.” Trump reclines […]

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Alum Slams Trump University

I just don’t know if I’m going to go along with the victorious class action lawsuit against Trump University and, like almost four thousand too-eager complainants, accept no more than ninety cents on the dollar from the man who fleeced us. I paid thirty-five thousand for the elite-level program and expected to turn my financial […]

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Obama’s Letter to Trump

Donald J. Trump is getting ready to have a really great time his first night in the White House and about to hit the sack with the force of an exhausted whale when he notices a paper pinned to the wall above the headboard. He grabs the paper, wondering, what the hell does it say? […]

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Trump Interviews Romney

Smiling Mitt Romney, handsome and trim, marches into Trump Tower and rides high the elevator to the office of President-elect Donald Trump. After security guards strip search the former governor of Massachusetts, a secretary tells him, “Please have a seat. The president will be with you directly.” Romney sits in a soft chair and on […]

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Fidel Calls Trump

I generally ignore tweets but an aide excitedly brings me this: “Fidel Castro is dead.” I’m not surprised Donald Trump is celebrating my reported departure, though I think it’s unseemly for imminent heads of state to publicly gloat about the passing of peers, so I tell the young man, “Bring me my phone.” I should’ve […]

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