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Everyone’s Crazy

We’re all lucky Trump enters politics and tells us Barack Obama was born in Kenya and is quite different and ruining the country with Obamacare and debt and Bill Clinton’s a sexual predator and we should lock up Crooked Hillary and that CNN and others are fake news, look right over there he points at […]

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Maxine Trump

maxine waters wants to impeach me for nothing because she’s a low iq individual says the donald donald trump’s a con man been one all his life and loves dictators and repression maxine counters

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Maxine Waters Visits Trump

I know I promised to boycott Donald Trump events wherever they occur including the Capitol and White House. I refuse to dignify the man with my presence because I don’t believe anything he says. He’s abnormal, dangerous, a male chauvinist pig, an authoritarian racist, and he may be impeached because so many of his aides […]

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