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My Midterm Victories

Who’s Matt Whitaker? I guess I met him a dozen times this fall and said he’s a great guy but that doesn’t mean we’re friends. I do know he believes the Mueller investigation has gone too far and that attorney general Jeff Sessions needed to be removed in favor of someone who’d cut Mueller’s budget […]

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Jeff Sessions Heads South

No longer will I tolerate renegades calling me a racist divider of families along the southern border of these United States. I’m already astride Traveller, my galloping gray steed, and arriving at what I’m confident is a humane detention facility for those who tried to illegally enter our sacred land. “Mr. Attorney General, thank you […]

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Sessions on the Mount

I, Jeff Sessions, attorney general of these United States, do not wield God’s name as a saber, I only quote the bible, “Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God,” and in His behalf and those of […]

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Attorney General at the Border

Astride a beautiful large gray horse and wearing an elegant suit gray as Robert E. Lee’s uniform, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions patrols the border, looking for intruders. I pity his prey. Sessions appears warrior enough to slay any foe. In each hand I wave a white paper overhead and shout, “Don’t shoot, sir. I just want […]

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Jeff Sessions Invades California

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, the Alabama-bred former judge and senator who’s now attorney general of the United States, gallops his white steed to the Capitol steps in Sacramento, dismounts, and, bugle in hand, blows a sound that compels local dogs to howl and political workers to cover their ears. Charging out the door and down the […]

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GOP Warns Trump

republican senator john cornyn says don’t fire jeff sessions or you’ll foul this chamber

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The Savior

i must repeal obamacare and save its victims i must fire beleaguered attorney general jeff sessions and save my ass

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Jill Stein Strikes

An enormous woman, more than six-feet tall and two hundred pounds, stands against the far wall. She’s wearing a gunny sack dress and, despite being in her seventies, has long blonde hair. I have too much time to examine her as well as look around a small conference room where about twenty people are waiting […]

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Trump Accuses Obama

This is bad, really bad. I just found out President Obama stooped so low he tapped my phones at Trump Tower during our very sacred election process. That’s Nixon and Watergate kind of stuff. Obama’s a sick guy. What are my sources? Where’s my proof? Don’t worry, I’ll provide all that in good time, right […]

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Streep Invades Trump Tower

I sense tweeting and TV blasting won’t be sufficient so in a radical Hollywood jet I fly to New York and ride in a five-limousine caravan to Trump Tower where I exit and announce, “Meryl Streep to see President-elect Trump.” “You aren’t really Meryl Streep, are you?” says a secret service agent. “Indeed I am.” […]

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