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Diego Tours Rivera Museum

Don’t call it my house. It never was. My father taught school and couldn’t buy the place. We only rented the first floor where my twin brother died when we were one. I don’t much remember the house or the primitive town of Guanajuato and don’t want to. I only recall the bourgeoisie hated my […]

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Hand of Orozco

Chemistry class like all others is boring but mandatory and we’re only trying to enliven it with a gunpowder experiment whose eruption prompts a zealous doctor to amputate my left hand and then place his saw on my right before a more stable soul grabs his arm and insists he work to save the hand […]

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Mexico City – Blog Tour on Goodreads

Mexico City is a beautiful and exciting place. Check it out on my Blog Tour

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Ramos Martinez Visits Rivera

“You’ll never be in the first rank of Mexican artists because your work lacks political dimension,” said Diego Rivera. “Let me refute that, for your edification, of course,” said Manuel Ramos Martínez. “Please, step inside. This is my exhibition at the Pasadena Museum of California Art.” “Quite a modest place next to the grand museums […]

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Entreating “The Two Fridas”

I commend you, “The Two Fridas,” for coming to this exhibition of women’s surrealism, but I must again say I’m concerned about your obsessive love for Diego Rivera. Artistically, of course, you’ve again transformed your physical and emotional pain into a stunning work of art. That’s not the issue, though. The issue is your mental […]

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Amiri Baraka Clears Mind

decades ago when poet amiri baraka’s surname jones rebuked for obscenity by langston hughes in essay “that boy leroi” boy now almost eighty on stage with fiftyish daughter at hammer museum and can’t remember abstract impressionist painter who dripped jackson pollock she said and the mexican muralist my man diego rivera she said baraka generally […]

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In the Blue House

It can’t be too late. This is a meeting so compelling and mandatory that all rules, technicalities, and encumbrances must be ignored. It doesn’t matter they are dead. It doesn’t matter they never knew each other. It doesn’t matter they were married. It matters only that the proper time be chosen, a common instant that […]

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David Alfaro Siqueiros Rides Again

Late on a 1940 spring night David Alfaro Siqueiros mounted a horse and ordered comrades from the Spanish Civil War, whom he’d commanded as a tough colonel, and fellow Mexican communists to also mount up and secure their automatic rifles before riding hard to the villa, in Coyoacán south of Mexico City, where Leon Trotsky […]

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McSorley’s Cats Soothe John Sloan

I’m shy and nervous and can’t get much from women except in brothels where they’ll at least pay attention awhile. In 1898 I meet Dolly at my regular place and suddenly feel I have a chance, maybe I can relax with this woman and really have her, away from here. We start going together right […]

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Frida Kahlo Celebrates her 100th Birthday

Thousands of people every day line up outside Mexico City’s eminent cultural center – Palacio de Bellas Artes – then with reverence and enthusiasm enter the primary gallery where sixty-five oil paintings, declarations of my life, are displayed to celebrate not merely my aesthetic vision but my glamorous and wretched journey, and, I shudder, my […]

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Diego Rivera Denies his Art is Politically Naïve

I am tired of being hounded about my political beliefs, which I’m prouder of than anything except my murals and paintings.  People still say, “How could so gifted an artist be such a political nincompoop?”  Perhaps, then, I should respond that though I was an ardent communist until my death almost a half century ago, […]

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