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Saint James Comey

hillary the satanic emailer i had to take down donald the prevaricating mobster i’m going to take down while in heaven I loom atop bestseller list

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Andrew McCabe Trumped

Like former FBI director James Comey, I was fired as deputy director by order of Donald Trump, and like Comey I’d written what Trump told me and passed the poisonous brew to special prosecutor Robert Mueller. I’d like to thank former CIA director John Brennan, who tweets like Trump would if he were literate, for […]

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Trump Justice

There’s no need for you or me to get confused by this legal mumbo jumbo the liberals are throwing at us. It’s all very simple. I did not hire Russian hookers, while visiting their great country, to pee on the bed African Obama once slept in. I did not sleep with Vladimir Putin or Stormy […]

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To Russia, With Love

my daily white house email just announced i’ll make america safer stronger and more prosperous but didn’t mention i may have to squeeze and eventually fire special prosecutor robert mueller who won’t be missed any more than james comey

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Saint Comey

For more than a year I’ve been sacrificing as I try to defend the United States of America from people who are unworthy of leading her. I couldn’t allow Hillary Clinton to become president since she was and is a lying, emailing warmonger, and I’m proud that days before the polls opened I altered the […]

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Nixon Calls Trump

Late last night in the private quarters of the White House, Donald Trump was tweeting about matters foreign and domestic when an aide entered the living room and said, “Richard Nixon’s calling again, Mr. President.” Trump grimaced and picked up an old land-line receiver and said, “You’ve got two minutes, Dick.” “Thanks for taking my […]

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Trump Intelligence

can’t believe comey and fbi investigating russia and me instead of bad obama

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Trump Math

This story is from the rousing campaign book “King Donald”

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