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Castro Brothers Collide

Can you imagine my tiny brother, President Raul Castro, who would’ve cut sugar cane if not for my political power, ordering me to stay home during Barack Obama’s historic trip to Cuba? I am still the embodiment of the Cuban Revolution. I am still, at least spiritually, the commander in chief. It is I, far […]

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Is Trump the Moderate Republican?

Donald Trump, a racist, fear-mongering xenophobe, continues to paradoxically show some philosophical flexibility as he kicks the electoral asses of three hidebound career politicians – Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and John Kasich – who, even as they march toward presidential irrelevance, cling by their teeth to failed Cold War rhetoric and doctrines that were outdated, […]

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Bernie-Hillary Debate Party

“Have a beer,” says Ed, host of the Hillary-Bernie debate party at his house. “No thanks, gave it up years ago,” I say, and walk into a living room full of revelers watching giant-screen images of foxy Megyn Kelly and happy Ted Cruz, a smiling gentleman unlike the notorious senator who’s provoked Republican colleagues to […]

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La Cubana

Back at the Havana hotel I took my second shower of the day before descending to the pool where I sat in the shade slurping cold Heinekens but was sweating in a tropical sauna that compelled a retreat to my room for a nap and another shower – three was my daily average this trip. […]

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What Happened to Camilo Cienfuegos?

Please remember that on October twenty-sixth, 1959, at a massive rally outside the presidential palace in Havana, thousands of Cubans cheered the leader of the revolution, Fidel Castro, who launched another interminable speech. At a point when rational listeners began to tire, Camilo Cienfuegos, commander of the rebel army, arrived and stepped onto the stage […]

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Che Lives

For months the Bolivian army, guided by the CIA, hunts Che Guevara before wounding and capturing the worn and emaciated revolutionary. He’s taken to a small, dirt-walled schoolhouse in a mountain village and his hands and feet are separately bound. That night, as asthmatic Che wheezes and writhes on the filthy floor, Bolivian officers and […]

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Fidel Castro v. Che Guevara

I didn’t force Che Guevara to leave Cuba. That’s yanqui propaganda designed to impugn my loyalty and judgment and decency. I’ve loved Che since meeting him in Mexico City before the Revolución and admired him more than anyone because more than anyone I’d benefitted from his extraordinary talents. He accompanied Raul and me and eighty-two […]

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Bold Rubio Spanks Trump

It’s unfair that liberal opponents of my presidential campaign, which is becoming a juggernaut, are criticizing me, and also other Republicans but mostly me, for waiting two weeks before denouncing Donald Trump for his remarks that most Mexicans who enter the United States are criminals and rapists and not the best people. Please understand, I […]

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Fidel Meets Marco Rubio

At a time and location neither man will acknowledge, Fidel Castro, age eighty-eight but still a political stalwart even in semi-retirement, shakes hands with United States Senator Marco Rubio, who’s half his age. “Mucho gusto,” Fidel says. “I’m proud you’ve done so well in American politics.” “If you hadn’t forced countless citizens into exile, I’d […]

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Outraged by Castro-Loving Obama

Thank God our Republican Party is now resolved to prevent the worst president in history, Barack Hussein Obama, from normalizing relations with Cuba. How dare he try to throw our nation in bed with Caribbean communists and characterize our Cuban policy of more than fifty years as being outdated and a failure? It has been […]

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Fidel Recalls Benny Paret

(On a recent night I received a phone call from Fidel Castro who wanted to discuss many issues, especially Benny Paret). Fidel Castro – You’re responsible for the death of Benny “Kid” Paret. George Thomas Clark – Come on. I was nine at the time and didn’t even see his third fight with Emile Griffith […]

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Nobel Prize Knockout

That evening in Mexico City I witnessed a historical confrontation or, rather, a sucker punch in the dastardly vein of Pearl Harbor. At the time, as a callow young man teaching English in the exotic capital, I understood nothing of the significance of the event, and no one could have known – though some scholars […]

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Nikita Khrushchev Explains

Don’t blame me Vladimir Putin’s grabbing the Crimea sixty years after I bestowed that lovely peninsula on Ukraine, the great Russian Breadbasket where I’d forged my political career and found a bride. Listen to my son, Sergei. He’s a wizard in computers and missiles and holds multiple advanced degrees and teaches at Brown University and […]

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Final Days of Teofilo Stevenson

This story is from the collection “Death in the Ring”

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McCarthy Nixon Castro – Just Released

Joseph McCarthy, who started high school at age twenty, says he’s a tough and dedicated guy in the boxing ring, on icy campaign roads of Wisconsin, and in the nightmarish confines of the 1950s United States Senate where he chases and tries to destroy enemies he calls communists but are actually demons within himself. Richard […]

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Photos in Box

This story is part of the collection “Paint it Black”

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Richard Nixon Where Are You

Richard Nixon called his first congressional opponent a commie, in ‘fifty senatorial race painted Helen Gahagan Duglas pink before trouncing her, and as vice president under Eisenhower snuggled with Joe McCarthy. By late ‘fifties he already wanted to invade Castro’s Cuba which however imperfect had just freed itself from American lackey Batista. After losing, perhaps […]

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Terrorist in Miami

Those who perished in Twin Towers are confused U.S. government self-proclaimed bastion of anti-terrorism daily strokes enduring terrorist Luis Posades Carriles who in seventies blew Cuban airliner from sky killing everyone and then continued bombing and murdering when not selling cocaine and now says sleeps like baby in Miami where paints landscapes for admirers who […]

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Sam Retired in Florida

This story is from the collection “Echoes from Saddam Hussein”

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Spring Break in Cuba

In the twilight of their lives the once-intransigent Castro brothers, Fidel and Raul, have begun behaving in at least moderately encouraging ways. Fidel recently summoned writer Jeffery Goldberg of The Atlantic magazine and told him President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran was outrageous for demanding the destruction of Israel and a nincompoop for continuing to insist […]

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Fidel Castro Announces his Comeback

A little less than a year ago my imperialist enemies were prancing in the streets of Mafia Miami as they celebrated the imminence of my death, many even claiming I was already gone.  We can tell you now that I really was about dead.   I had one, two, three and more intestinal operations, all unsuccessful, […]

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Fidel Poised

Last week the imperialists again unleashed their lies, wishfully proclaiming I was either dead or incapacitated.  In fact, I was neither.  I was recovering remarkably well from surgery to stop intestinal bleeding.  The Cuban people didn’t need to know whether I had cancer or diverticulosis or some other ailment.  They only yearned for reassurance their […]

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Fidel Castro Forever

This story is from “McCarthy Nixon Castro”

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