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Casting Director Watches Second Debate

Blessed with the insight of a soothsayer and the power of a kingmaker, I have many times selected the best stars for classic roles. I said cast Humphrey Bogart instead of Ronald Reagan in Casablanca. I picked John F. Kennedy over Richard Nixon. I decreed that Reagan replace Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton topple George […]

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Google Trump

Standing next to his computer in the Oval Office, Donald Trump declares, “It’s a disgrace Google rigs search results to show bad stories about me when users search Trump News. You know that can’t be right. Liberal fake news organizations like the Washington Post and CNN always pop onscreen while the fair conservative news media […]

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Does Donald Trump Always Pay?

From his desk in the Oval Office, President Trump hollers, “Ivanka, that bastard published the same article again.” She hurries into the room. “Which one?” “The guy from USA Today who says I don’t pay lots of people who worked for me.” “Here, Dad, let’s print out a copy and review the accusations.” Trump reclines […]

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Trump Tough in Minnesota

I’ve come to Minnesota to get away from this border hassle. Don’t lecture me about kids. I’ve got five and they’re all really great, especially Ivanka. I’m concerned about kids everywhere. That’s my job as most powerful hombre in the world. All along I’ve been worried about kids getting split up from their parents on […]

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What’s a Samantha Bee

from around the nation conservative pundits call to ask why i haven’t denounced samantha bee who’s she the unfunny comedian who c-worded ivanka trump four letters right then that’s what samantha bee is

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Kushner and Bannon

“I know you’re just thrilled the president banished me from National Security Council meetings,” says Steve Bannon. Standing several feet away, Jared Kushner examines the eminent advisor. “I’m also certain you’re very proud to be the son-in-law of the most powerful man in the world. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here. You inherited wealth from your […]

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Empathetic Trump

I know some of you feel I lack empathy and have been calling me a narcissist, and that’s really unfair. As your president I’m up every night, tweeting and worrying about my most important priority, your safety and well-being. I also want to help people around the world. Inevitably, I think a lot about the […]

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The Inaugural Speech

I am today honored to stand before the impoverished and miserable people of the United States and take my rightful place as a successor to George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. I too shall be your savior and forever protect you from people like the four failures sitting behind me on this executive stage. President Jimmy […]

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Bonding with Putin

After aides set up the call, Donald Trump grabs his phone and says, “Thank you so much, Vladimir.” “My pleasure, Donald.” “Don’t worry. When I take over, the United States will improve relations with Russia.” “I hope so. The American media persists in portraying me as a bullying dictator determined to restore the power similar […]

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Fidel Calls Trump

I generally ignore tweets but an aide excitedly brings me this: “Fidel Castro is dead.” I’m not surprised Donald Trump is celebrating my reported departure, though I think it’s unseemly for imminent heads of state to publicly gloat about the passing of peers, so I tell the young man, “Bring me my phone.” I should’ve […]

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Picking the Right Trump

This story is from the rousing campaign book “King Donald”

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