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Garage Sale

This is going to be the greatest garage sale ever. I’ve advertised in the newspaper and posted pictures on social media and taped flyers throughout the neighborhood and told some neighbors and friends to come over this beautiful Saturday spring morning starting at seven. I open the garage door a half hour early and several […]

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Tales of Romance

TALES OF ROMANCE Entertaining stories about men and women dating, marrying, swinging, divorcing, and more… 99 cents on Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo Books Click here for Amacon Barnes & Noble Apple Books Kobo Books

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Tales of Romance is Published

In compressed language George Thomas Clark presents “Tales of Romance,” a compilation of short stories and creative columns about relationships between men and women. The four chapters are Dating, Swingers, Issues, and Breakups. The book is comprised of 50 new stories and 12 from the critically acclaimed collection “The Bold Investor.” There are many highlights […]

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