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Rand Paul in Berkeley

You aren’t going to get me to admit it, so quit trying. I never said blacks shouldn’t be served in any restaurant they choose. I said owners can’t be denied the right to serve only those they want, and no government should interfere. That would be tyranny. I’ll tell you how to deter tyrannical politicians. […]

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I’m West Point graduate who ran varsity cross country and track and served in Army Reserve, specializing in military intelligence and counterterrorism. In 2006 I earned master’s degree in international studies and met general and told about academic interest in career. He handed me business card, stressed he’d always been mentor, and said stay in […]

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Straight Talk from Condoleezza Rice

Let me explain: counter-terrorism adviser Richard Clarke had many opportunities to tell us about his concerns during 2001, and he failed to do so. I stated that for the record and was later flabbergasted Clarke claimed he’d sent me an urgent memo on January 24, 2001, when I was National Security Adviser and responsible for […]

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