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drop your cloak and veil

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Torturous Jackpot

Frankly, Johnson was broke. He’d blown all his money doing unsavory things but couldn’t change that. He had to survive and hoped to soon flourish and thought he would after learning from confidential sources about James E. Mitchell and Bruce Jessen and writing them letters. He knew they could help. They’d been mere staff psychologists […]

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Boko Haram

studious girls nailed by boko haram

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Just Askin’

why half million nigerian soldiers dance with zealots

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pyramid generals mummify those asking questions

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Godane Wants You

Bin Laden considered me extreme and sneered when I wrote, “At your service, Osama.” Good riddance. Al Qaeda’s irrelevant. Come and join Shabaab. I shall liberate all Muslims. As a prerequisite I’ve eliminated many former allies who were soft and didn’t understand we must ceaselessly destroy invading Kenyans and Somali traitors and foreign teachers and […]

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Good News for Jesus at the Bakersfield Islamic Conference

At the sixth annual Bakersfield Islamic Conference, before a few hundred attendees in a hotel ballroom, crew-cut Joshua Evans, looking scholarly behind a long brown beard and matching brown glasses, delivered this information: you cannot be a Muslim unless you believe in Jesus, one of five great Prophets who brought about seminal changes. Islam also […]

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Male Hijab

some men hide from each other in hijabs

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Criminal Justice in Islam

In blighted but affordable east Bakersfield old bank transformed into new mosque hosts annual Islamic Conference where keynote speaker Main Al-Qudah, PhD in Islamic law and imam at large mosque in Houston, steps to podium. He’s slim, stern, middle-aged, dressed in suit and tie, and resembles prosecutor as power points to screen bearing principles of […]

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Avoiding Rape

This story is now in the collection “Tales of Romance”

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This story is now in the collection “Tales of Romance”

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Breaking the Fast of Ramadan

Dawn till dusk Ramadan adherents forsake food, drink, sex, and destructive behavior to “cleanse bodies and souls, empathize with less fortunate, embrace self-purity and self-restraint, cut themselves off from worldly conflicts, and focus on purpose of life by constantly being aware of God.” Month of rigor ends with consumption of dates followed by feast. Afterward […]

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