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Our Integrated Life

I finish serving lunch to some actors in the Warner Brothers commissary when from another table I hear, “Oh, excuse me.” I turn toward a voice that thrills millions, and say, “I’ll get your waiter right away, Miss Davis.” “I’ve already eaten. This is business. Please sit down.” “I’d love to, but they’d fire me.” […]

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Defending the Dead Ringer

Deep inside a high security prison the meeting room is small and windowless except for an eye-level square of thick glass in the door. A large guard, accompanied by another, lets me in. I wait for the door to close before stepping to a small table where sits a lady in her fifties. I shake […]

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All About Bette

I’m already forty-two and you know what Hollywood and most fans think of aging women especially if they make only three movies in four years and all flounder at the box office. A lot of people in this gossipy town would like to send me away, perhaps in a coffin. I think it’s strange my […]

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Code of The Letter

I’m Jeanne Eagels proud to report when I star in The Letter of 1929, before the Motion Picture Production Code lengthens dresses and stifles hearts to promote moral hypocrisy, we ignore melodramatic compromises and tell the truth about passionate, profane, and imperfect human beings. I’m relieved, for a moment, pumping several shots into my longtime […]

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Investigating Now, Voyager

I drive right up to an old Boston mansion and tell the maid, “I’m Detective Sullivan and must speak to the daughter of Gladys Cooper, Bette Davis.” No doubt alarmed, she comes to the door and says, “What is it, Detective Sullivan?” “I’m quite sorry about the untimely passing of your mother. May I please […]

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Bette in Bondage

Bette Davis blows by the cautioning hand of an executive secretary and opens the big door, marching straight to the desk of Jack Warner who glances up and says, “Bette, we don’t have an appointment today.” “I just learned you don’t want me to play the lead in Of Human Bondage.” Warner places his pen […]

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Errol Flynn v. John Huston

I don’t know how much I’d had to drink but always drank too much at Hollywood parties because I feared the beautiful and talented actresses there were a bit more wonderful than I, and that I’d only be a walk-on as long as I lasted and that wouldn’t be long, and then I’d have to […]

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