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My Justice

though i’d been a perfect president democrats impeached me and now want to again but their lies and threats won’t stop me from nominating my new supreme court justice even though radicals plan to someday pack the court

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Trump Rips Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi is a terrible person who hates our country. That’s probably why I didn’t shake her sticky hand before my State of the Union speech but maybe I just didn’t see her. Either way, she didn’t deserve my attention. Remember, last year she tried to keep me from delivering my annual address to the […]

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A Perfect Union

i’m creating jobs and building walls and arresting criminal aliens and killing terrorists to get more votes so don’t deny i’m going to be innocent tomorrow and win in november

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I know what the deceitful Democrats are going to do and so do you and that’s why I’m writing to Nancy Pelosi this whole impeachment is “an unprecedented and unconstitutional abuse.” I’m not even being accused of committing any crimes or misdemeanors, nothing. That’s because I’ve never done anything wrong. It’s Pelosi and the Democrats […]

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Donald Mellows

Lighten up. I’m not really planning to go to war with Iran. I hope I don’t have to. I just want them to think I’m ready. The Iranians know John Bolton and Mike Pompeo want war but are also aware I’ve got people around me who’re doves compared to those two. Nobody’s going to push […]

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Summit Meeting

“Mr. President, may I please have a word with you?” says a young man, standing in the open door frame of the Oval Office. Trump glances up and immediately rises and walks to shake the visitor’s hand. “Dr. King, I wasn’t expecting you.” “I visited you last year on this occasion and intend to do […]

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Pelosi v. Trump

I’m back in the saddle, as Speaker of the House, and heading for the airport to lead a delegation to Egypt and Afghanistan. My cell phone vibrates in my purse. “Speaker Pelosi, you can’t go overseas,” says an urgent aide. “I can do whatever I want.” “President Trump says you must reschedule ‘this public relations […]

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Bush Embraces the New Political World

This story is from the collection “Obama on Edge”

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