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HITLER HERE – On Sale This Week In this biographical novel, Adolf Hitler and his intimates and his enemies have bylines and thus the opportunity to reveal what they did and how they felt during an era of unparalleled destruction. Click here

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80th Anniversary of Start of World War II – Excerpt from “Hitler Here’

World War II in Europe began 80 years ago, on September 1, 1939. This excerpt from my biographical novel “Hitler Here” deals with the first several weeks of what would become the bloodiest conflict in history. PREPARATIONS By A Polish General An alarmed and resolute Poland prepared to meet the enemy. We had defeated the […]

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HITLER HERE on sale at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Stores, and Wherever Books are sold. Adolf Hitler and his intimates and his enemies have bylines and thus the opportunity to reveal what they did and how they felt during a period of unparalleled destruction. Amazon Barnes & Noble, Apple, Kobo and Wherever Books Are […]

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75th Anniversary of D-Day

This excerpt, commemorating the 75th anniversary of D-Day, is from my biographical novel Hitler Here. ATLANTIC WALL By Field Marshal Erwin Rommel The enemy was soon going to strike, probably somewhere on the Atlantic coast of France. Maybe that place would be Pas de Calais, the shortest point across the Channel from England. The Fuehrer […]

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HITLER HERE – On Sale All Week

Hitler Here is a well researched and lyrically written biographical novel offering first-person stories by the Fuehrer and a variety of other characters. This intimate approach invites the reader to peer into Hitler’s mind, talk to Eva Braun, joust with Goering, Goebbels, and Himmler, debate with the generals, fight on land and at sea and […]

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Franz von Papen to John Roberts

“John Roberts, chief justice of the Supreme Court, I’ve been waiting for you to speak up.” “Who’s calling?” “This is Franz von Papen.” “I’ve heard your name but can’t quite place your position,” Roberts says. “I was vice chancellor of Germany in June 1934 when I took big risks to give a speech calling for […]

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Slaughter in the Synagogue

I bet you haven’t heard of Gab.com but you should. This website is committed “to defend free expression and liberty online for all people.” Facebook and Twitter are afraid to do that. They deny the truth, which is that most of the world doesn’t want white people to survive. I’m not afraid to say and […]

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Stalin Summons Trump

This is entirely unfair. While I had to fight that ruthless bastard Adolf Hitler and form an alliance with shrewd but treacherous capitalists Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill, my most celebrated successor, Vladimir Putin, is blessed with a world in which his strongest adversary, Donald Trump, isn’t really his enemy but his most ardent admirer. […]

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Stalin v. Hitler

Generally, I don’t interfere when humans fight as I feel they, the self-anointed greatest creatures on earth, should and must cooperate to prevent conflicts from starting or, once unleashed, summon all creativity and emotional self-control to quell hostilities. From 1914-1918 I in anguish observe vast armies slaughter almost twenty million people, maiming many more, and […]

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Colonel von Stauffenberg Discusses Kim Jong Un

This young man asks what many people have: “Colonel von Stauffenberg, what should the North Koreans do?” By that he naturally means what should the military officers do? “It will likely be up to the colonels,” I say. “Generals have usually lost their youth and vigor while gaining power and prestige. If a lower ranking […]

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The Fuehrer Endorses Trump

This story is from the rousing campaign book “King Donald”

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Netanyahu Young and Old

A generation ago young Benjamin Netanyahu, then Israeli ambassador to the United Nations, appeared on numerous American news telecasts, and I recall thinking what a bright and articulate fellow he was, and considered him reasonable in asserting Israel’s right of self defense while also at least suggesting the Palestinians had rights and legitimate aspirations in […]

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Where did Hitler Die?

I spent twenty years researching and writing a biographical novel called Hitler Here and hoped, after some post-publication interviews, I’d never have to answer any more related questions, which tended to be either of the “Did Elvis really serenade Hitler on Mars?” or “We sure need another guy like him, don’t we?” variety. Most such […]

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Himmler Tutors Trump

This story is in the rousing campaign book “King Donald”

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Stalin Makes Comeback

I hope you hypocritical Americans have read the recent article in the Los Angeles Times. If I had said these things, you wouldn’t have believed them. Now you have to accept that in the only place that counts, the vast Soviet Union, I am again a hero to leaders and peasants alike, and that those […]

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Gasthaus Stiefler

Entering a solid two-story building that houses Gasthaus Stiefler on the ground floor, I survey several morning drinkers before walking to a stocky mid-sixties man made sterner by a frowning gray mustache, wait for him to take another sip of wine and set the glass down, and say, “Herr Customs Official, I have most important […]

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Friends by President Edvard Benes I had just finished lunch when our friends, the British and French ambassadors, came and kicked me in the stomach. I almost passed out, that is my head went blank, and I stung too much to reply. Then I told them I was too angry to say anything. Their shame […]

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Putin Fights Fascists in Ukraine

It is my duty to speak and my nature to lead. Russians and all others respect the most fearsome martial artist who’s ever guided any nation and the special friend of a sensuous young woman. I bring strength, insight, and animal appeal into any environment I grace. Right now, more than ever, my stage is […]

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100th Anniversary – Start of World War One

These stories are from the biographical novel “Hitler Here”

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70th Anniversary – Attempt to Assassinate Hitler

THE ENEMY By Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg This was the opportunity for which I had prayed and striven. At last I was going to be able to get to him directly. The generals definitely weren’t going to do anything. It was up to the colonels. It was up to me, the new chief of staff […]

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Becoming a Hero

This story is from the biographical novel “Hitler Here”

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Germany Attacks Russia – 73rd Anniversary

These stories are from the biographical novel “Hitler Here”

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Alternative – 70th Anniversary of D-Day

Eleven days after the D-Day landing on June 6, 1944, Field Marshal Erwin Rommel was driven to Adolf Hitler’s headquarters. Alternative By Field Marshal Erwin Rommel Hitler either didn’t believe what was happening, or he didn’t understand the implications. I was determined to explain matters face to face. So was Field Marshal Rundstedt. We repeatedly […]

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Crimean Anschluss

Be assured: if I, instead of slumbering Stalin, had been running Russia in 1941, the Germans wouldn’t have attacked and mauled us because I would’ve already smashed them. I understand what’s necessary. We must keep enemies away from our frontiers. The United States and its European mercenaries will not be allowed to surround us with […]

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The Chancellor

night hitler became chancellor said no power will get me out alive 1-30-33

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Kurt Gerron’s Academy Award

I’m planning to be doctor but after Great War wounds, needing to laugh, I bound onto cabaret stages of Berlin and tell funny stories and sing and in short time people line up to cheer. While Germany and much of world plummet into economic mire I rejoice in every performance, live in elegant apartment, and […]

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Last Bodyguard

I study painting like young Fuehrer but as he did abandon studio to protect Fatherland. Stalin’s hordes are occupying other half of Poland in 1939 when someone shoots me in chest. Go home, superiors say. No, I can still serve. They agree and I soon earn introduction to Fuehrer who speaks politely and allows me […]

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French Antisemitism

Husky librarian lectured members of historical society about vast news and photo archives and then discussed college background, emphasizing in grad school had researched paper about nineteenth century French anti-Semitism. As author of “Hitler Here” I approached and said, that’s obscure subject. Yes, but fascinating, he replied. I focused on Edouard Drumont, Adolf Hitler of […]

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Mussolini’s Guest

MY GUEST By Benito Mussolini I did not want to. It was a nauseating notion, me hosting this political charlatan as if he were my equal. I really had to, though. I was determined to do a lot and had to make sure the Huns did not concern me. Hitler certainly needed me more. Russia […]

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Cable Wars

Ben loves war documentaries especially those with Alexander riding Bucephalus into hostile flanks, and Washington rousing frozen untrained troops, and photogenic Grant and Lee posing before ordering slaughter of several hundred thousand young men, and grainy Great War footage showing death in fetid trenches, and better films of proud performers Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Roosevelt, and […]

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Assassination of Reinhard Heydrich

This story is in the biographical novel “Hitler Here”

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Berlin Jewish Cultural League

What wonderful idea is Berlin Jewish Cultural League that comfortably immerses in arts we hundred seventy-five thousand Jewish Berliners who shall relax until Nazism disappears which will surely be soon. In meantime we have music and other outlets here and around Germany. It’s unfortunate but tolerable only Jews perform in orchestra and only Jews attend […]

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Justice Right and Left

JUSTICE RIGHT AND LEFT By Walther Rathenau I was thoroughly aggrieved by the tragedy and sheer idiocy that everywhere enveloped the country. The German mark continued to plummet, along with our national wealth, and we were ever saddled with the quite unfair and unrealistic Versailles reparations assessed us not on the basis of sound international […]

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Eva Braun Reveals Herself

Eva Braun has many bylines in the biographical novel “Hitler Here”

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Speer Studs Out

This story is now in the collection “Tales of Romance”

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Photos in Box

This story is part of the collection “Paint it Black”

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Another Obama is Hitler Letter

This story is from the collection “Obama on Edge”

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Empty Boots

on massive foundation in budapest park great hungarian patriots erected me twenty-five feet high in bronze to celebrate seventieth birthday and thank for destroying nazis in few years without me imperialists threw steel ropes around neck burned legs with blow torches and pulled body down to desecrate face beneath empty boots To see the “Empty […]

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Hank Williams, Please

hank williams please goose step to a mirror before belching hitler

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Otto Dix in The Trench

This story is part of the collection “Paint it Blue” To see “The Trench,” please click here To see “The Seven Deadly Sins,” please click here

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Adolf Eichmann Appears at Film Festival

On the final afternoon of the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, before a near capacity audience in the large theater, Adolf Eichmann – looking typically banal, bespectacled, and grim – was wheeled in a glass cage onto a stage in front of the screen after completion of “Eichmann’s End: Love, Betrayal, Death,” and he demanded: […]

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Nazis Attack Karl Schmitt-Rottluff

This story is part of the collection Paint it Blue

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Germany Attacked Russia 70 Years Ago

(On June 22, 1941 Germany invaded the Soviet Union, unleashing the bloodiest confrontations in history.) Please click here to read an excerpt from “Hitler Here.”

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Book Tour

I had secretly taken an earlier flight to elude the media and (I later learned) several dozen readers who, by the standards of literary greetings at airports, constituted a throng. I wasn’t being rude. I was terrified. I couldn’t allow them to see me stagger out after one of those hemmed-in, gut-busting, ear-popping, time-altering twelve-hour […]

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Benito Mussolini Reviews Vincere

They wouldn’t have made the movie Vincere in Italy when I was the Duce. If they tried, you know what I’d have done. The Duce did not permit unflattering articles, photos, speeches, or thoughts, and no one save a deranged and masochistic individual would have even contemplated thrashing me in a feature film. Ironicially, in […]

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I’m not Hitler

Forgive anger for I have been abused. Though millions suffered more than I, we all ended alike, so I speak with humility and wouldn’t at all if not for most recent outrage which shall address in moment. First, I acknowledge years of good fortune. I was raised in affluent household of physician and charming and […]

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Hitler Greets Ahmadinejad

This story is from the collection “Obama on Edge”

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Franklin Roosevelt’s Assessments on the 70th Anniversary of World War II

Too often, I think, my fellow Americans view World War II as having begun that frightful Sunday morning December seventh, 1941 when carrier-based Japanese warplanes, in an unprovoked and dastardly attack on the United States fleet in Pearl Harbor, killed two thousand four hundred people, destroyed or damaged fifteen warships, and demolished almost two hundred […]

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Historian Offers to Write Screenplay about Hitler Here

How pleased I recently was to receive an email with the subject “Screenplay” and addressed to “Illustrious Sir”.  The correspondent introduced himself with news he’d been reading my biographical novel Hitler Here and thought it was “great” and “what an ordeal (I) must have gone through to produce it.”  Since the book took twenty years […]

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A Jewish Girl in Nazi Germany

During the Los Angeles Book Fair at UCLA in late April, sun-splattered readers roamed by the thousands, and scores stopped by Tent 106 to talk to three other authors and me about our books.  Mine is called Hitler Here.  It’s a biographical novel, and the cover bears a menacing, pencil portrait of the man in […]

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From Germany, a Comedy about Hitler

“Did you know they’ve been laughing about Hitler in Germany?” asked the publicist. “Now?” I responded.  “No, I didn’t.  They ribbed him quite a bit until he took power in 1933, and they still did once in a while later in the 30’s.  But they had to be careful.” “This is different.  They’ve made a […]

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Save Sophie Scholl

This mission is going to be difficult and dangerous in the extreme, and only a resourceful person will have even a grim chance to complete the imperative task – save Sophie Scholl in 1943 Nazi Germany.  We are tired of receiving applicants to save Julia Jentsch, star of the new movie “Sophie Scholl: The Last […]

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Sixty Years after Hitler

Sixty years ago tomorrow gasoline fumes jolted Adolf Hitler and his new bride Eva as they exited their suite to walk a solemn line.  Staff members shook hands with the mentally and physically shattered Fuehrer who was unable to speak.  Eva took each man’s hand and hugged the women, urging one to try to get […]

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Letter to Holocaust Deniers

A few days ago I received several e-mails from a group that says it didn’t happen. To the RePorter NoteBook: Your insinuations and assertions that the Holocaust never happened are preposterous and insulting, and your general explanation of how the ruse was pulled off is pitiful: Americans in the conquered West and Russians in the occupied East lied about the […]

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