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Manila Bulletin Posts “Crocodile Eats Mugabe”

The Manila Bulletin Posts “Crocodile Eats Mugabe” A stunning change of power in Zimbabwe Click here to read “King Donald” by George Thomas Clark

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Crocodile Eats Mugabe

Soldiers storm our village, firing big rifles into the air before shooting a few men, and then run into every hut and drag out those hiding. The commander shouts, “Everyone line up behind the huts.” Men, women, and children run to do so. Some mothers carry babies. “All men, step forward,” says the commander. At […]

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Lion Confronts Murderer of Cecil

Listen, I’m not going to lie that we lions are morally perfect creatures. We’re no better than humans, and neither is any other animal hungry for food and passion. Cecil wasn’t a saint but I prefer him to cosmetic dentist Walter Palmer who paid butchers fifty grand to shoot Cecil with an arrow and track […]

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