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Trump Goals

i’m gonna slash arts strangle public broadcasts squash state dept and smother epa

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Upstaging Maestro

sinuous hair strikes bernstein seizing baton

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Freudian Advice

Sigmund Freud occasionally injected small amounts of cocaine under skin and effused it magically cured depression and induced euphoria while giving strength and endurance of ox. Believing delights caused “absolutely no craving” he wanted to share with fiancée he warned would soon kiss quite “red” to prove “big man with cocaine in body” is stronger […]

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Showdown in Fresno

For two months I’d been teaching and writing most of the time and hadn’t left Bakersfield and wanted out but was reluctant to break the numbing routine and probably wouldn’t have if during the summer I hadn’t purchased an escape ticket for the late October game at Fresno State against Boise State, the now renowned […]

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Dancing with Jack

This story is part of the collection “Death in the Ring”

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