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Trump Worsens Pandemic — and Podcast #26

Donald Trump doesn’t talk much about the coronavirus deaths except to claim he saved millions of lives by sealing off China from the United States. Like much of what he says, that is a lie, and the Associated Press calls his efforts to stop the advance a sieve. Trump has recently worsened the pandemic by […]

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Podcast #25 – Happy Fourth of July Commentary on You Tube

A different kind of holiday… Happy Fourth of July commentary on You Tube

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Podcast #24 – Trump Owes Nation Fourth of July Explanation

This podcast is available on Youtube and other social medial platforms George Thomas Clark Podcast #24 – Trump Owes Nation Fourth of July Explanation

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Podcast #22 – Teaching ESL Online

These podcasts are available on Youtube and social media platforms. #22 – Teaching ESL Online

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Afghan Trump

no one told me russians might be putting bounties on our soldiers in afghanistan can’t trust our intel but let me call putin for the truth

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The Trump Virus

people mock me by wearing masks so unnecessary since i’ve got coronavirus under control i’m not worried by reports new cases are highest since april that’s gotta be fake news

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Triumph in Tulsa

No need to mention there are a helluva lot of empty seats in the upper deck of the Tulsa arena but I do hint by saying some bad people attacked our town tonight. Or, I’m thinking, maybe some tough Tulsans believe Democrat propaganda this county has the highest number of coronavirus cases in Oklahoma and […]

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Trump Assails Bolton and Supreme Court

I achieved a lot for this great nation, winning the election to save us from Hillary Clinton and then appointing two great conservatives to the Supreme Court. We’d have a five to four majority there most of the time but chief justice John Roberts is playing like an Earl Warren liberal and screwing up my […]

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Bare Faces

may be coincidence we’re fat and uneducated but we hate wearing masks and don’t shop at stores that require them

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Letter from Hell — and George Thomas Clark Podcast #21

Dear President Trump, I must correct you for saying I’m happy in heaven looking down at recent economic numbers you inexplicably brag about. In fact I’m buried looking into darkness and you remind me of the guys who put me here. Sincerely, George Floyd Listen to “Letter From Hell” on YouTube, Apple, Spotify, Google and […]

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What People Think

I’m sick of three months lockup getting worse watching Derek Chauvin drive his knee into the neck of George Floyd till he dies and the nation rumbles. I should get out but where would I go other than the market or pharmacy or on an aimless drive around dreary Bakersfield? People I’ve invited over say […]

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Murder in Minneapolis

Derek Chauvin is a rough hombre. Look at his history. He has almost twenty years as a police officer. Twelve to eighteen times, depending on the source, the Minneapolis Police Department investigates him for using excessive force. He shoots Ira Toles, unarmed and black, in 2008. Three years later he’s placed on leave for the […]

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George Thomas Clark Podcast #20 – Easing Back into Business

We’ve been isolating about two and a half months and getting tense but are now cautiously trying to resume regular business activities and life. There are limits to what we can safely do but the murky waters must be entered. Listen on YouTube, Spotify, Apple, Google, and other Digital Platforms

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Trump Unmasked

i wasn’t making fun of biden and his wife for wearing masks why would i ever do that i just don’t like wearing them especially in public

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Church of Trump

we need prayer i pray five times a day and know we must reopen our churches today and am baffled some worshipers aren’t jumping right in

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Political Lesson

hey biden democracy means more than one candidate the other one’s trump and if some african americans support him they’re still black, despite your dumb ass statement, and others may stay home from polls to spite you

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Online Doctor

She needs to see her doctor and for days has been anxious for their meeting tomorrow. Thank goodness. There’s the text confirmation from his office. All she needs to do is reply yes. But this text is highlighted in drab green and states: Due to COVID-19 precautions, we will email you a link tomorrow to […]

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Trump Corona – Article and Podcast #15

Dr. Anthony Fauci and the coronavirus taskforce have done a great job but their duties are meant to be temporary before our agencies like FEMA begin to take over as certain brave governors reopen businesses, relax social distancing, and we daily watch more than a thousand deaths. We may have lost more than twice as […]

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Biden Returns to the Spotlight

Hey, remember me? I’m the guy who won a bunch of Democratic primaries and earned the opportunity to run against Donald Trump. I ought to be the most visible person in the country, jetting around and bashing the worst president in our history. Instead, like you, I’m stuck at home, hiding from this damn coronavirus. […]

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Doctor Gonzo

my big scientific brain just saved the world let’s inject pour inhale disinfectants into your system to kill coronavirus

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George Thomas Clark Podcast #5 – Buying Food Online

Francilyn O’Brien is avoiding the coronavirus by shopping for food online and receiving the deliveries at home. As a survivor of valley fever, Francilyn is particularly concerned about evading further medical problems. Click here to listen on your favorite digital platform Listen on YouTube

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I didn’t write it. I’m just passing it along. Our great Republican candidate for Congress, DeAnna Lorraine, who got two percent of the vote against Nancy Pelosi, tweeted that irritating Anthony Fauci shouldn’t claim I caused loss of lives by not listening to medical experts. In fact, Lorraine noted, Fauci on February twenty-ninth told the […]

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Fauci Under Watters

Quit paying so much attention to what Dr. Anthony Fauci says about the coronavirus. Get your information from clever commentator Jesse Watters of fair and balanced Fox News. He on air asks Fauci, could you have done anything differently than a full-scale national shutdown, like letting those forty-five and under work and have everyone wear […]

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Points by Joe Six Pack

Liberals and other weaklings are destroying our country with this extreme and shortsighted lockdown. We conservatives have got to reestablish order. We do that by keeping in mind and acting on what President Trump and Rush Limbaugh and Fox News commentators and other patriotic geniuses tell us. First, remember that most of these poor people […]

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George Thomas Clark Podcast #4 – Coronavirus Count

Tom comments about persistent efforts on the right to portray the coronavirus as something less than a pandemic getting more dangerous every day. Click here to listen on your favorite digital platform Listen on YouTube

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Corona Carrier

I fly to Guam and march onto the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt and over the radio tell almost five thousand crew members this is Navy Secretary Thomas Modly and I’m tired of your complaining about the coronavirus spreading on board and infecting more than one hundred seventy of you who have a mission and […]

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Enlightened Governor

I’m jumping on board right quick with other Republican governors and shutting down lots of stuff in my state since I learned some “game changing” information about the coronavirus. “We didn’t know until the last twenty-four hours” that this ungodly virus “is now transmitting before people see signs.” Liberals are saying they knew all along. […]

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Question for China

is it true crematoriums in wuhan have been much more active recently

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Solemn Trump

okay this isn’t a hoax stay home easter and all of april and pray a quarter million of us don’t die

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Letter to Jeff Bezos

Dear Jeff, I hope this letter finds you in good health, and want to tell you I’ve been an avid buyer of Amazon literary products for many years. However, despite my love of the Kindle reader, which stores hundreds of electronic books and permits instant adjustment of lighting and type size and the spontaneous purchase […]

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I Surrender

I’d like to apologize to President Trump though I realize he’s too great and busy to notice or care what people like me think. I’m now in the minority. The majority of Americans, according to recent polls, believe the president is doing a fine job managing the coronavirus pandemic. I guess the majority is impressed […]

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Asking China

how many infections and deaths do you really have

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Easter Sunday

pack those churches long as trump and clan in middle of congregation

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Trump to the Rescue

Come on. Admit it. You’re happy Dr. Anthony Fauci, the celebrity expert about pandemics, isn’t on stage with me today. He’s a little guy, just a squirt, and I think people are getting irritated he always talks about medicine and ignores human pain caused by the shutdown that’s starting to ruin my great economy. Fauci […]

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What It Is

watching people die italian doctors warn it isn’t the flu it’s like chronic pneumonia coming your way

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Cruising with Joe Six Pack

“I don’t get it,” I tell a waitress. “If it’s safe to go into a restaurant and pick up food, why can’t I sit here and chat a while.” “You should be ashamed,” she says. “Quarantining is our only tool to shut down the coronavirus. If we let customers sit around here, instead of going […]

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Spanish Influenza Review

As you grumble quarantined in carpeted homes equipped with flat screens and computers, and wait in lines outside markets to learn there’s no more toilet paper or hand sanitizer, remember a far deadlier pandemic. Good morning Spanish influenza says entering healthy young adult hearts pumping lungs fatally full of fluid by that evening or next. […]

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Coronavirus Count

month ago south korea had four hundred cases now has nine thousand month ago iran had six deaths now has sixteen hundred last week Italy had a couple thousand deaths now has five thousand

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Bernie Announces

Don’t try to talk to me unless you’re wearing a surgical mask. I wouldn’t hear you then and don’t want to now. I don’t care I lost Florida by forty points and also got hosed in Illinois and Arizona and now trail Joe Biden by three hundred delegates. That’s irrelevant. What do you mean what […]

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Pandemic Irritates Joe Six Pack

I still think liberals may be scheming with the Chinese to blame the coronavirus on President Trump but since he seems to be taking it pretty serious now I guess I better try to do the same. But I’m only going so far. No way am I staying home when a kickass movie’s playing or […]

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The Coronavirus, Campaign 2020 – Tom & Jesse Podcast #5

In our fifth podcast, Jesse Portillo and I discuss the latest developments in the coronavirus, our impressions of Cuba – twenty years apart – Joe Biden’s electoral surge in the Democratic presidential primary, and Bernie Sanders’ next moves. Click here to listen

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Trump Attacks Coronavirus

Stated and unstated highlights from President Trump’s solemn address to the nation. I don’t remember saying the coronavirus would soon be down to two cases or maybe one in the United States. That’s just natural optimism based on my having already marshalled “the full power of the federal government and the private sector to protect […]

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Bernie’s Last Stand

Look how the political lackeys are marching to the drumbeat. Kamala Harris says, Joe Biden, it was very hurtful when you opposed busing because I was a little black girl who took buses to better schools but considering the alternatives I’ve decided to back you for president of the United States. And Cory Booker runs […]

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Big Gun Congressman

Blowhard Congressman Ken Buck removes MR-15 from Capitol wall, assumes battle position, and challenges Joe Biden to come and take it. To that one responds, “Okay, tough guy, when the law changes and assault weapons are illegal, either relinquish yours or we’ll take it from you. And you won’t fire a shot…” Bad Ass Rep. […]

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Super Tuesday – Tom & Jesse Podcast #4

Super Tuesday revealed a revived Joe Biden who surges into the lead in the presidential primary. Tom and Jesse analyze the results and discuss psychological dynamics between current as well as former candidates. Super Tuesday – Tom & Jesse Podcast $4

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Super Tuesday at Bernie’s

Late Monday morning I get an email titled “Anybody but Bernie Sanders” that tautly announces, “The Political Establishment has made their choice… That is fine. We always knew it. You’ve always known it. Now it just happens to be clear for everyone to see.” I have no recorded evidence but believe, based on observation, that […]

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Doctor Pence

I’d like to thank the greatest man on earth, President Donald Trump, for putting me in charge of the battle against the coronavirus. He picked the right guy. Before becoming vice president, as governor of Indiana, I stamped out an HIV epidemic by authorizing needle exchanges in Scott County. I hadn’t wanted to permit that […]

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The New Bernie Sanders

Bernie’s in South Carolina trouble. Good old boys and girls down here are worried as hell he’s not only Jewish he’s a communist. And in this debate his Democratic primary adversaries are plenty heated up, too, lashing from all sides as locals cheer. Peach-fuzz Pete Buttigieg says, “It’s time to stop acting like the presidency […]

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Tom & Jesse Podcast #3 – Campaign 2020, Coronavirus

“Tom and Jesse” Podcast #3 focuses on the encroaching Coronavirus and the 2020 Presidential campaign. Donald Trump recently visited Bakersfield and so did Bernie Sanders. Clark attended the Sanders speech and comments on the event. Predictions for the South Carolina primary and Super Tuesday are also offered. Click Here for Broadcast on Youtube

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Bernie in Bakersfield

No, I better not go. I think I’m too busy. But busy doing what? I’ve been writing about Donald Trump for several years and working to finish my second book about the blowhard from Queens. I can’t sit at my computer when Bernie Sanders is just a few miles away and soon to speak. I […]

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Greeting Michael Bloomberg

I’m richer, smarter, and tougher than these low-level Democrats and have spent four hundred million dollars to advertise my success while giving speeches and practicing for my first debate I know I’ll win right here on this stage in Las Vegas. “I’d like to talk about who we’re running against: a billionaire who calls women […]

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What If Trump Won’t Leave

I’m amazed and becoming a little worried several people in recent months have asked me, “General Jones, what would the military do if Donald Trump loses the election in November but claims fraud, or something else, and refuses to leave the White House?” “I’ve been a soldier since entering West Point forty years ago,” I […]

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Here Comes Melania

Oh boy. This is going to be great. I’ve always wanted to meet her but frankly thought I’d never have a chance. Only rich and brilliant winners like Donald J. Trump get to be with women as pretty as Melania. That injustice changed just minutes ago with the arrival of the best text message I’ve […]

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Tom & Jesse Podcast #2 – Campaign 2020, Kobe Bryant

Tom and Jesse Podcast #2 – In today’s podcast we talk about the presidential primary, Donald’s Trump’s upcoming visit to Bakersfield, Melania’s emergence as a fundraiser, the coronavirus, and we remember Kobe Bryant. CLICK HERE FOR PODCAST

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Trump Conquers New Hampshire

I’m getting ninety percent of the vote in our New Hampshire primary while the Democrats keep struggling to decide which bozo they want. Looks like old Bernie Sanders has about a quarter of the vote, about a point more than little Pete Buttigieg, who should grow up before he tries to tangle with me, and […]

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Tom & Jesse Podcast #1 – Campaign 2020, Super Bowl Halftime

This morning it was a delight to record “Tom & Jesse Podcast #1” during which we discuss the recent political surge of Donald Trump, the bumbling Democrats and the seemingly weak Democrat presidential candidates, the murder of prominent California car dealer Jose Arredondo in Mexico, and the dynamite halftime performance of Shakira and Jennifer Lopez. […]

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Trump Rips Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi is a terrible person who hates our country. That’s probably why I didn’t shake her sticky hand before my State of the Union speech but maybe I just didn’t see her. Either way, she didn’t deserve my attention. Remember, last year she tried to keep me from delivering my annual address to the […]

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A Perfect Union

i’m creating jobs and building walls and arresting criminal aliens and killing terrorists to get more votes so don’t deny i’m going to be innocent tomorrow and win in november

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Trump News

in my executive newsletter i explain 0 + 0 = 0 zero crimes zero wrongdoing zero bipartisan support dishonest dems threaten constitution

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Fake Trial

this is a trial ain’t it so where are the witnesses probably gagged by mcconnell’s boxer shorts

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Trump Denounces Bolton

John Bolton’s a warmonger who couldn’t have gotten any job that required Senate confirmation so he begged me to make him national security adviser. People I trust convinced me to bring Bolton in to scare Iran and North Korea but he actually wanted to attack them and plenty of others and would’ve started World War […]

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Holiday Guest

A short man in suit and tie twice taps the frame of the doorway to the Oval Office. “Mr. President, may I please have a word with you?” “Dr. King, I’m always glad to see you but you really should make an appointment.” “I thought I had one every year on this holiday.” Trump stands […]

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Trump Strikes Iran

From the start I’ve said the Iran nuclear deal was the worst in history especially in the hands of terrorists seeking weapons of mass destruction. I can’t believe Obama gave them hundreds of billions. Yeah, it was their money we held but they got a windfall they used against their neighbors and us. I had […]

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Memo from Strategist

Quit handwringing and moralizing. If Democrats are to win in 2020 they must find a candidate who’s more appealing than Trump. That may sound easy but who would that be? Which Dem would you bet your house on? I’ve been looking but don’t see anyone who can win. Politics is show business, and Donald Trump […]

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I know what the deceitful Democrats are going to do and so do you and that’s why I’m writing to Nancy Pelosi this whole impeachment is “an unprecedented and unconstitutional abuse.” I’m not even being accused of committing any crimes or misdemeanors, nothing. That’s because I’ve never done anything wrong. It’s Pelosi and the Democrats […]

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Daniella Stella for Congress

Like President Trump I’m a truth-telling patriot appalled by Rep. Ilhan Omar, the Somali traitor who I must defeat next November at the Minnesota ballot box. I shouldn’t be an unknown trying to beat a darling of the left. Omar shouldn’t even be in office. That’s why I tweeted, “If it is proven Omar passed […]

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Pallid Peewees

Born in New Hampshire and raised in Iowa I’m proud as hell the fine folks of my tiny states, second and fourth whitest in America, have such great influence at the start of presidential primaries. We’ve only got about one point three million citizens in the Granite State but ninety percent are the right color […]

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Joe Six Pack Says

I feel so sorry for President Trump having to listen to all these witnesses lying about Ukraine. Who the hell are Alexander Vindman, Gordon Sondland, and Fiona Hill? They’re nobodies in the spotlight only because they’re attacking the president for making sure Ukraine quits interfering in our elections like it did in 2016. Barack Obama […]

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Donald Duck Diplomats

Don’t turn on your TV. These hearings are a bore. I don’t know why I’m even watching. Can you believe these bums the Democrats are using to smear me? Neither William Taylor nor George Kent, high-ranking but low-IQ diplomats in Ukraine, even talked to me directly about my perfect conversation with President Zelensky. And that […]

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Baghdadi at the Movies

This is really exciting, like being at a movie I’m directing. I’d rather be on site close to the action, exchanging gunfire, but my generals insist I’ve got to watch from here as our several helicopters fly in low and fast before landing at a secret location in northwest Syria. About sixty elite soldiers jump […]

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I’m being lynched by a slobbering gang of Democrats who still won’t accept I won a landslide to become commander in chief of the United States and most of the civilized world. Every day my domestic enemies meet in secret and prepare to release more lies about me. It’s like fighting a ghost. Okay, I’m […]

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Tulsi Counters Hillary

Hillary Clinton says she should’ve won presidency in 2016 but lost so close races in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin because communist Jill Stein siphoned off critical votes. Now, Hillary hears Russians are programming computers to boost another dictator-loving witch, Tulsi Gabbard. Combat-ready Tulsi responds with eloquence that must be quoted, “You, the queen of warmongers, […]

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Trump Dumps on Dems

Nothing makes me happier than watching Democrats debate each other in front of Americans who undoubtedly think the candidates are incompetent. You know there’s NO WAY any of them can beat me and they know it too. That’s why they’re pushing for the illegal and absurd impeachment of an extraordinarily successful president. That won’t work. […]

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My Kurds

Democrats are going to lie and complain even when I keep my campaign promise to avoid endless foreign wars especially in the Middle East. I’m not afraid to strike the Iranians for blowing up Saudi oil. I’m just being realistic they could do it again. Now even Republicans are complaining I moved our troops out […]

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Ukrainian Embrace

(We recently learned that three months ago President Donald Trump called Volodymyr Zelensky, president-elect of Ukraine. Highlights of their conversation follow.) “Congratulations on your great victory,” Trump tells him. “It’s a fantastic achievement the way you came from behind and won easily.” “We worked very hard and are going to drain our swamp. You’ve been […]

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Why Saudi Oil was Attacked

You want to know who is responsible for the drone strikes that blasted the world’s largest oil distribution facility and temporarily knocked out half of Saudi Arabia’s production. Let’s follow the trail. China, Russia, the United States, and Europeans allies bargained arduously with Iran and in 2015 the nations signed the Joint Comprehensive Plan of […]

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Land of Netanyahu

I don’t care if I lose the election. It doesn’t matter if my traitorous enemies frame me for corruption. I care only for Israel. I could have retired years ago. I’m running again only because I’ve been prime minister ten straight glorious years during which Israel has grown and gotten stronger in order to survive […]

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Bolton Out

Late on a late summer evening at the White House, Donald Trump and John Bolton are speaking unpleasantly as they walk toward each other and by the time they’re nose to nose they’re almost shouting. “I’m the president.” “Yes, and I’m the national security adviser with decades of experience in foreign policy, and I’m telling […]

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Trump Twists Netanyahu

In their private communications rooms in Washington, D.C. and Jerusalem, Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu stand before movie screens and gaze at each other before breaking into smiles. “Great to see you, Mr. President. I just wish I could shake your hand.” “We’ll soon be shaking hands again, Bibi, but right now I have a […]

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Love in Dayton and El Paso

Donald Trump, clad in a red bathrobe, tiptoes down the long hall of the White House private quarters and knocks on a closed door he tries to open. It’s locked. “Melania, hurry up, almost time to go,” he says, placing his lips to the door. “I’m not going, Donald.” “You have to.” “You do. I […]

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Trump Irritated by Democrat Debate

What a ridiculous debate, just like the one the night before. The Democrats don’t have anyone with remotely my star power. But that’s not their biggest problem. With their crazy policies, they couldn’t beat me if they nominated George Washington. Right away the candidates started arguing about who’d be better at spending trillions of dollars […]

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Joe Six Pack Demands Better Security After Mass Killings

I know you’re not surprised what the libtards have been shouting all week since the first of four mass shootings: ban assault rifles. That’s the last thing an American should ask for, and I’m confident most citizens understand what we really need is to arm ourselves better and always be ready to kill the bad […]

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Trump Visits Elijah Cummings

Donald Trump squeezes his Oval Office phone and calls secret service agents, ordering them to ready several black beasts for an executive motorcade to nearby Baltimore. After entering the city limits they begin passing old buildings marred by broken or boarded windows and piles of trash outside. “Look how they live,” says Trump. “Disgusting. Get […]

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Daughter Debates Dad

Our flat screen shows a wide stage containing ten eager presidential candidates. “Daddy, what’s a Hickenlooper?” asks my daughter. “That’s a former governor of Colorado,” I say. “What’s he doing in California?” “They’re in Detroit for a debate.” “Why?” “They’re trying to become president of the United States.” “Who’s going to win?” Jabbing my index […]

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Trump’s Happy Tweeter

Real early this morning after another night alone I reach into my pants, grab my tweeter, and shoot too bad Robert Mueller has to subject himself to sadistic Democrats who blew two years and thirty million bucks on a phony investigation led by a guy even Michael Moore soon admits is a frail old man […]

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A View from the Philippines

(This interview was conducted online with Jose Abeto Zaide, a former Philippine diplomat who during a career of more than forty years served as ambassador to Austria, Germany and France. Since retirement, he cheers from the bleachers writing a column in the Manila Bulletin.) George Thomas Clark – I checked my files and note that […]

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At the Reagan Ranch

A helicopter churns above hills covered with oaks near Santa Barbara and descends into green pasture and lands a couple hundred yards from where a man watches, mounted on his horse. When whirling blades stop, he rides up and dismounts and takes off his cowboy hat as the door opens and a heavy man in […]

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Trump Addresses White America

Look at all you fine Americans in the arena tonight and in television land and my online universe. You know I’m no dummy and was aware three of the four congresswomen I tomahawked in tweets the other day were born in the United States. The worst of them, Ilhan Omar of Somalia, really should go […]

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Trump Counters British Ambassador

Shaking several papers in his hand, President Trump shouts, “What the hell are these?” “They’re quotes just leaked from private diplomatic memos by the British ambassador,” says adviser Kellyanne Conway. “Who’s that?” “Kim Darroch.” “Man or woman?” “Ambassador Darroch is a man, President Trump. And he gives great parties.” “Tell the secret service to get […]

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Freedom of Trump

silicon valley better watch out either they stop censorship and bias against conservatives or they’ll face legislation i promised to fox news and other defenders of free speech at white house where google facebook and twitter weren’t invited

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Putin Buries Liberalism

What great guy is Donald Trump. Finally, United States has president who understands trends of history. As new kind of candidate, Trump “saw changes in American society and took advantage of this.” He knew “Western liberalism is dying if not already dead.” Reason is simple: liberals “presuppose nothing needs to be done… Migrants can kill […]

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Casting Director Watches Second Debate

Blessed with the insight of a soothsayer and the power of a kingmaker, I have many times selected the best stars for classic roles. I said cast Humphrey Bogart instead of Ronald Reagan in Casablanca. I picked John F. Kennedy over Richard Nixon. I decreed that Reagan replace Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton topple George […]

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Trump Analyzes First Debate

I’m busy defending freedom and building the greatest economy ever but know you’ll be fascinated by my opinions of the communist party’s first presidential debate. They have twenty stooges running, and ten are standing on stage tonight. Wait, is Julian Castro standing? He’s even shorter than schoolmarm Elizabeth Warren. The guy ought to wear high […]

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On the Brink

From a secret war room, national security advisor John Bolton places his pointer tipped black with an arrow on the wall map, and says, “The Strait of Hormuz is by far the most dangerous place on earth. The Iranians aren’t content to spread terror throughout the Middle East and dream about building nuclear weapons. Now […]

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Trump Heights

“Congratulations, President Trump,” says Benjamin Netanyahu, prime minister of Israel, speaking into a hotline. “We’ve just erected a large sign celebrating Trump Heights where the bloodthirsty Syrians claimed ownership of the Golan Heights until you said it belongs to my country. Thank you so much.” “You’re quite welcome, Bibi. Thank God for you as well […]

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Bashing Biden

Sure, I’d listen to people from another country if they said they had important information about my political enemies. Don’t bother moralizing. You wouldn’t call the FBI, either. Stakes are too high. I’m not only making us great and guarding against terrorists, I’m fighting a very dangerous guy at home. Actually, Joe Biden would only […]

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William Barr Declares

i’m attorney general of u.s. you know and happy explaining to cbs that eleven counts of possible obstruction in mueller report don’t matter because he also said he couldn’t say whether or not president clearly violated law but my department of justice analyzed and determined that as matter of law evidence was deficient and many […]

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Abraham Trump

I love Jon Voight and know you do too. He’s a wonderful Academy Award winning actor and has great political insight he often displays especially when he recently said I’m the greatest American president since Abraham Lincoln. Frankly, I agree. Honest Abe and I are two peas in a pod. He freed the slaves and […]

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a fight’s the last thing i want but if iran starts something that’ll be the official end of the whole damn country

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Donald Mellows

Lighten up. I’m not really planning to go to war with Iran. I hope I don’t have to. I just want them to think I’m ready. The Iranians know John Bolton and Mike Pompeo want war but are also aware I’ve got people around me who’re doves compared to those two. Nobody’s going to push […]

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