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Nikki Next Time

trump confused about nikki haley’s plans in twenty twenty

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James Mattis Moderates John Bolton

Dr. Harrison didn’t get drunk on fine wines at the party for powerbrokers in Washington, D.C. that recent night but did consume enough to hand the keys to his wife, after only brief debate, and rode shotgun, singing his alma mater’s fight song. At home he again acceded in gentlemanly fashion and, still clothed except […]

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Meet John Larson

I see the ruddy face of Representative John Larson roar through my Facebook news hole this afternoon, and, shortly after thinking who the hell’s he, I click the video and give thanks I’m not one of his Republican opponents on the floor of the House as in strong voice he rips their “profiles in lack […]

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Representing Sean Hannity

it’s private but now you know michael cohen’s given me some legal tips but he never sent invoices and i swear none of this had to do with third party

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Stalin Assesses Syria

I love my giant TV in the sky and hotlines to hell where you still dwell. No longer do I have to worry about the deadly schemes of millions of enemies internal and external and my stressful duty of arresting, torturing, and slaughtering them. Those tasks now fall to others, in many nations, and I’m […]

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Saint James Comey

hillary the satanic emailer i had to take down donald the prevaricating mobster i’m going to take down while in heaven I loom atop bestseller list

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China Pressures North Korea

(These secret communiques between President Kim Jong Un and President Xi Jinping were intercepted and assembled in March 2018 by the intelligence agencies of the United States and South Korea, and released early this morning.) Kim Jong Un – Mr. President, you’ve slashed imports of our products by eighty percent so far this year. And […]

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Au Revoir, Paul Ryan

i’m tired of riding trump titanic and snoozing on capitol couch but may someday return if i can sleep in white house and keep attacking social security and medicare

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Mighty Morals

I accept your passionate call to step in and stop the investigative nonsense that’s enveloping this nuclear nation of bluenose hypocrites. First, we don’t need to know if Donald Trump twelve years ago had a quick roll in the sack with stripper and porn star Stormy Daniels. We also don’t need to know if, during […]

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Trump Tweets Assad

my first message assad you’re a sick animal and i’m gonna punish you for poison gassing mothers and children my second message we’re getting out of your shithole country before midterm elections in november

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Border Politics

since arrests at border continue declining to lowest in forty-six years why is trump banging immigration drum

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Vicente Fox Counters Trump

Lights glow, TV cameras roll, and Donald Trump says, “I want you to remember my remarks at Trump Tower the day I started my campaign for president. I used the word rape, and people said I was too tough. Now they’re saying I’m right. On the journey coming up here, from Central America through Mexico, […]

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Kim Jong Un in China

I have always admired President Xi Jinping and warmly congratulated him last year when he won reelection as general secretary of the central committee, and this year I again sent my regards after he was reelected president in a way that means president for life. Even these overtures seemed insufficient, so I conveyed to President […]

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Manila Bulletin Posts: “Trump and Biden Brawl”

Manila Bulletin columnist Jose Abeto Zaide, former Philippine ambassador to Germany and France, has again posted one of my columns. “TRUMP AND BIDEN BRAWL” in the Manila Bulletin Click here to read “King Donald” by George Thomas Clark

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Easter Egg Hunt

no more daca deal too many dreamers need wall happy easter love donald

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Did Donald Dally

no matter what happened between the porn star the playmate and the president it’s none of our business

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Guns and War

On the recent Saturday when a few million citizens, many quite young, gathered to protest gun violence in scores of cities and towns from Washington, D.C. to Los Angeles, I boosted several of my Facebook links to stories I’d written about guns and war. These promotions attracted many new readers who, by demographic selection, I’d […]

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Trump and Biden Brawl

Joe Biden, former vice president and still a slender six-footer at age seventy-five, stands at the microphone in an elegant Washington, D.C. hotel and, before Democratic governors and their staffs, begins hammering President Donald Trump for cutting taxes for the wealthy, risking a trade war with Europe and Asia, risking nuclear war with North Korea […]

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Manila Bulletin Posts “Trump Interviews John Bolton”

Jose Abeto Zaide, former Philippine ambassador to France and Germany, has again posted one of my columns in the Manila Bulletin. This one is titled “Trump Interviews John Bolton.” “Trump Interviews John Bolton” in the Manila Bulletin “King Donald” by George Thomas Clark

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Trump Interviews John Bolton

I like saying, “You’re fired,” to people who aren’t on board with my views and I’m probably going to say that to my national security advisor, H.R. McMaster. He’s still an active general but no way does he understand war the way I do. And I also think John Bolton knows a lot more about […]

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GOP Supports Mueller

trump panting to fire special prosecutor robert mueller republicans warn he better not mueller’s just following the facts

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Andrew McCabe Trumped

Like former FBI director James Comey, I was fired as deputy director by order of Donald Trump, and like Comey I’d written what Trump told me and passed the poisonous brew to special prosecutor Robert Mueller. I’d like to thank former CIA director John Brennan, who tweets like Trump would if he were literate, for […]

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Gun Safety in the Classroom

I love living and going to high school in a beautiful California town by the sea where my favorite teacher is Mr. Smith. He’s also got eleven years of experience as a reserve police officer and really knows a lot about guns. This morning, in his administration of justice class, he’s showing us how to […]

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The Right Walls

i don’t like california but it’s great to be here at the border where i’m looking at prototypes of eight wonderful walls i’ll chose from to save countless lives and hundreds of billions of dollars and that’s how mexico’s really paying for our wall

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Jeff Sessions Invades California

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, the Alabama-bred former judge and senator who’s now attorney general of the United States, gallops his white steed to the Capitol steps in Sacramento, dismounts, and, bugle in hand, blows a sound that compels local dogs to howl and political workers to cover their ears. Charging out the door and down the […]

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Clean GOP Election

intelligent republicans on house committee declare trump team didn’t collude with russians intelligent democrats say republicans refused to subpoena bank phone and other relevant records

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Calling Rex Tillerson

Listen, I already told you all I’m not going to let anyone damage this smooth-running administration by forcing me to admit I called Donald Trump a moron. I have great respect and affection for the president, and hope he feels the same about me. It’s my duty to tell him the Iran nuclear deal is […]

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Presidential Fire

yeah that’s right i told some republican politicians they were scared of the nra but i’m not i just had a couple of meetings and decided it’s better we keep letting kids eighteen buy assault weapons

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Maxine Trump

maxine waters wants to impeach me for nothing because she’s a low iq individual says the donald donald trump’s a con man been one all his life and loves dictators and repression maxine counters

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Trump Shock

hold it i thought south korea said kim jong un promised to denuclearize but maybe he just wants to talk about it and i’d look dumb

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Big Boys to Meet

(The following are transcripts of recent, and quite separate, private utterances by the world’s two most feared warriors.) Donald Trump – Other presidents didn’t have the guts to negotiate with Kim Jong Un or his father or grandfather but I’ve got brass balls, and my threats to completely destroy his country have scared the Little […]

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Trade Warrior

republicans extremely worried about tariffs trump relaxed because trade wars easy to win

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Reform McConnell

mitch mcconnell hot on banking reform cold on guns

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William F. Buckley: 1925-2008

William F. Buckley National Review Dear Mr. Buckley, Despite being a liberal who never met you, except through Firing Line and your columns, I still miss your wit and charm and, let us not fail to mention, your convoluted but entertaining proclamations about conservative rectitude. As noted by some of those fortunate to have known […]

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Gun Checklist

Most citizens have already formulated and memorized their gun checklists. I’m writing mine down. 1. No one under age twenty-one can buy any gun. Nikolas Cruz, the deranged school shooter in Parkland, Florida, was nineteen. End of discussion. If you can’t support this sane law, Senator Marco Rubio, resign your seat. 2. Establish a universal […]

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Trump Surge

hey hope you’ve noticed my approval’s back over forty percent and people like my economy and jobs and tax cuts so you tell me which demo can beat me in three years

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Wayne LaPierre Visits Trump

America’s protector in chief, Wayne LaPierre, enters the White House and, as a secret service agent approaches, waves go away. “It’s okay, I’m only packing a pistol.” “Excuse me, sir, but no one’s permitted to bear a firearm when entering the Oval Office.” “Listen, son, I’m head of the NRA that donated more than thirty […]

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Fortifying Schools

I’m dynamic General Jones on my way to becoming Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Before I get there, right away, in fact, I’m going to unveil my blueprint for fortifying our schools, arming our educators, and protecting our children from the insanity and violence of those who misuse some of the most wonderful […]

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Trump Victimized

trump tweets fbi so busy framing me for colluding with russia it failed to follow up signals from florida school shooter

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NRA Praises AR-15 Rifle

As I write this on Sunday afternoon, four days after deranged Nikolas Cruz used an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle to massacre seventeen former high school classmates in Parkland, Florida, I again check the National Rifle Association website – – and still predictably find nothing about another national tragedy. Instead, the NRA has reposted an article […]

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impotent old shooters stroke their guns

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Trump Arms Mentally Ill

why did trump overturn obama-era regulation making it more difficult for mentally ill to get guns NBC News story about Trump and this issue

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Trump Tweets Rob Porter

I’m tweeting and shouting that lives and careers are being shattered by mere allegations, some true, some false, some new, some old, and I want to know what happened to due process. Doesn’t Rob Porter deserve to be innocent until proven guilty? Sure, I’m the big boss but retired general John Kelly, my chief of […]

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Trump Justice

There’s no need for you or me to get confused by this legal mumbo jumbo the liberals are throwing at us. It’s all very simple. I did not hire Russian hookers, while visiting their great country, to pee on the bed African Obama once slept in. I did not sleep with Vladimir Putin or Stormy […]

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State of Trump

Look at Paul Ryan trying so hard not to smile, in his seat behind me, as he thanks Heaven he no longer has to frown throughout a State of the Union speech by Barack Obama. Like all true citizens, Ryan knows under my leadership our country is enjoying a “new tide of optimism… incredible progress […]

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Manila Bulletin Posts “Martin Luther King Meets Trump”

Manila Bulletin columnist Jose Abeto Zaide, former Philippine ambassador to Germany and France, has posted another of my columns: “Martin Luther King Meets Trump” Read about the raucous 2016 presidential campaign in “King Donald”

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Martin Luther King Visits Trump

Speeding in a golf court on a splendid golf course not far from presidential palace Mar-a-Lago, Martin Luther King steered toward the executive foursome and braked hard, skidding along the grass behind the fifth tee just as President Donald Trump began his downswing. Trump dribbled the ball about twenty yards and spun to scream, “Hey, […]

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Trump Immigration

the donald says he’s not racist but wonders why u.s. brings in haitins and people from shitholes in africa TRUMP CLARIFIES I’m not the person the media’s portraying me to be and am as far from being a racist as you can get. Okay, in private I did talk a little tough about immigration, but […]

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Admiral Yamamoto in Korea

We’ll talk about North Korea in a minute but first you should know I love the sea and more Kawai especially when I’m in Tokyo out of uniform in her arms. I tell her about studying at Harvard two happy years, and likewise two incisive years as naval attaché in Washington, D. C. I like […]

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Trump Button

my nuclear button’s bigger than yours

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Rocket Man Ready

our nuclear forces are complete the magic button is on my desk happy new year

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Proud Putin

Alexei Navalny is evil man who lied and insulted me during fake campaign for president he won’t win because he’s felon convicted of corruption and our noble election commission kicked him out of race I’ll dominate since few believe Navalny’s charge his popularity is surging because Russians know struggling economy’s my fault along with problems […]

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Trump Health

obamacare is dead long live trumpcare

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Trump Taxes

working poor know it’s a lie my tax cuts favor rich

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Balls in Lithuania

I surrender. No longer can I pretend I’m uninterested in the Big Baller Ball Family. In fact, I sense I’m going to write about them whenever I get the urge. I don’t care father LaVar, aside from Donald Trump, is the most obnoxious man in the nation. It doesn’t matter he gets more publicity than […]

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What About Predatory Women?

Envision those male politicians, corporate bosses, and college administrators who enjoy flagellating themselves and other men while females of all ages and stations help them lay on the whip. Right now, that’s the self-righteous, politically essential, and cool thing to do. Make believe that most men are beasts and most women aren’t. Pretend the fair […]

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Roy Moore Says

loving sweet girls the ten commandments the confederate flag and stepping on gays i’m shocked alabamans betrayed me electing liberal doug jones i demand a recount

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Manila Bulletin Posts “Nuclear Role Reversal”

Retired Ambassador Jose Abeto Zaide, now a columnist for the Manila Bulletin, has posted another of my stories about foreign affairs: “Nuclear Role Reversal.” Click here to read “King Donald” by George Thomas Clark

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Jerusalem 2117

Who was that American president, the minor figure who blabbed a lot? Donald Trump, that’s right. He acknowledged seventy years of reality and proclaimed Jerusalem the capital of Israel, and promised the United States would therefore move its embassy there, from Tel Aviv, as soon as his architects and engineers could build and secure a […]

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Franken Out

ok i’m resigning from senate but in that spirit demand pussy grabber in chief leave office and girl groping roy moore drop from alabama senate race

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Sunday Morning Conyers

I’ve fought for civil rights in the streets of Detroit, through the media, and in the House of Representatives more than half a century. A bunch of attention-seeking female employees can’t take that away from me. My legacy is secure because their claims are absurd. I touched no legs or fannies, though I’m sure many […]

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Nuclear Role Reversal

Frankly and without self-pity I tell you that I have a dangerous and therefore stressful job as president of South Mexico, which for years, with the help of our Chinese allies, has been holding off communist hordes in North Mexico and the United States. To help you understand, let me briefly review essential events after […]

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Moore Voters

trump finally says go get ’em roy but unclear if he refers to teenage skirts or alabama voters

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Trump Scorches Balls

I’m sure you all read my vital presidential tweets and know I worried those three shoplifters from the UCLA basketball team were going to show me up and not tell everyone how much they appreciated that I intervened with President Xi and saved their asses from ten years in a Chinese prison. They should’ve said […]

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imagine senator al frankenstein lecturing others about sexual harassment until we learn he behaves about like me

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Manila Bulletin Posts “Easy Riders, Best of Friends”

The Manila Bulletin Posted “Easy Riders, Best of Friends” – On my website it is titled “Donald Duterte” and a bit more candid. Thanks to veteran diplomat Jose Abeto Zaide for sharing his space. Click here to read

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Encouraging Mass Murder

Let me understand, Kevin Janson Neal often fired gunshots from his home and neighbors complained when police came, knocked on his door, and left when Neal didn’t answer, except when he stabbed a neighbor and was arrested and soon out on bail and barred from having firearms police allegedly knew he still had. So it’s […]

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Donald Duterte

Bearing a big smile Donald Trump for a hefty man strides rapidly into Malacañang Palace and extends a hand to his host, President Rodrigo Duterte, who says, “No, bro, like this,” and holds out his right fist, evidently a more macho version of the Nazi salute, which after all was open-handed, and nods for Trump […]

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My Guy Putin

i believe putin’s sincere he didn’t interfere in my election and know cia political hacks are trying to sabotage my relations with russia

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Golfing with Shinzo and Donald

I’ve caddied for many of the greatest golfers in history, packing Tiger Woods’ bag the day he shot sixty-two in an exhibition with Japanese legend Jumbo Ozaki who, despite being almost sixty, fired a hot sixty-seven. Today, I won’t be carrying clubs because our distinguished guests here at Kasumigaseki Country Club – Hideki Matsuyama, fourth […]

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Economic Delights

president trumpets continued unemployment declines initiated by obama and celebrates many stock market highs that could challenge annual record set in nineteen twenty-eight but not clear if president also worries about events the following year

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Manila Bulletin Posts “Kim Jong Un in Iran”

The Manila Bulletin and Ambassador Jose Abeto Zaide have posted my most recent column, “Kim Jong Un in Iran”

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Kim Jong Un in Iran

Just so you understand, I have a hot line to Iran and can contact Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei any time I want but I won’t need a phone today. After a secret trip by means that must remain mysterious, I’m meeting Khamenei in Tehran where I’ve been invited to discuss how we can save our […]

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An Honorable Man

In the mid eighteen fifties, near the grand columns of Arlington House in Virgina, about seventy of us stand before our master George Parke Custis and feel great joy as he says, “When I pass from this earth, you shall all be free.” “Did Master write his instructions so his heirs would understand?” I stun […]

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From Russia With Love

fake investigation none of my guys colluded but hillary sure did

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Senators Blast Trump

about those two gop senators who claim i’m desbasing our nation bob corker’s a flake and jeff flake’s incompetent neither could get elected dogcatcher

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Trump Assesses The Donald

I knew I was going to be a great president but, frankly, I’m far surpassing my own expectations and am rebuilding the nation and the world in ways I know are necessary. Let’s start with disastrous Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act I just I last week cut back because its author had lied to the […]

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Iran Trumped

the donald decertifies iran nuclear deal as well as persian gulf he calls arabian

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Manila Bulletin Reprints “Tillerson Confronts Trump”

The Manila Bulletin and Ambassador Jose Abeto Zaide Have Reprinted “Tillerson Confronts Trump” Is the president determined to start a nuclear war? Read my column in the Manila Bulletin

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Tillerson Confronts Trump

Walking fast Rex Tillerson enters the office of White House chief of staff John Kelly and says, “Tell the president I’m here and we need to talk.” “You don’t have an appointment,” says the retired four-star general, rising to attention. The secretary of state pivots, marches out, and turns toward the Oval Office. Kelly from […]

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Tillerson Reassures

listen to me trump’s smart and loves his country and i hope won’t fire my ass

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Trump Backs Tillerson

it’s totally phony that rex tillerson called me a moron

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Trump Towels

hurricane victims huddled in puerto rico get paper towels thrown by trump who has a lovely touch

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Hot Tweet

from erect tweeter trump declares secretary of state tillerson wasting time talking to little rocket man in north korea where the donald will do what has to be done

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Puerto Rican Tweet

hurricane devours puerto rican food water and electricity and san juan mayor begs u.s. to save people from dying at one of his golf courses trump tweets such poor leadership from mayor and others who can’t get their workers to help

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Market Value

real wages stagnate while dreary houses soar and stocks climb on high limb

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Fake Launch

trump tweets iran test-fired missile designed to reach israel but there was no launch and one wonders why the president is forever permitted to lie

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McCain Care

draft dodging trump demeaned my imprisonment in viet nam but that’s not why i’m thumbs downing his health care plan

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Before Kickoff

on his knee jerry jones stands tall for dallas and nfl

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Manila Bulletin Reprints “Trump at United Nations”

I’m honored that my creative commentaries about North Korea and nuclear weapons continue to interest readers in East Asia. Here’s a link to “Trump at United Nations,” quoted in its entirety by Jose Abeto Zaide, veteran diplomat and columnist for the Manila Bulletin. Read it in the Manila Bulletin

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Trump at United Nations

It’s a great honor to be at the United Nations right here in my hometown of New York. I do think the building’s a little shabby and would’ve been a lot prettier if I’d built it but that’s okay. We’re here today to celebrate the fact that because of my leadership the stock market is […]

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trump joins nuclear rocket man one way to mars

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Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals

trump doesn’t favor punishing children for actions of illegal alien parents but stresses kids now law abiding adults and may have to leave since we’re nation of laws

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Kim’s Big Bomb

You tell me not to make ballistic missiles, I create them. You tell me not to test them, I fire whenever I want. You tell me not to make nuclear warheads, I produce them. You tell me not to test them, this morning I tested one eight times more powerful than the bomb you dropped […]

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Donald Trump v. Kim Jong Un

Let’s see, in 1950 North Korean soldiers, materially aided by China and Russia, attacked and mauled South Korean troops, which then received massive aid from American and other United Nations forces to repulse the invaders but then the rescuers became invaders and, despite many warnings from the Chinese, continued to charge further north, bombing and […]

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Taliban Responds to Trump

We fighters in the Taliban never rest long and this morning some of our highest ranking members arise quite early and form a semicircle around our color TV to watch President Trump rail about Afghanistan. One of our English speakers conveys the highlights, though we’ll later get an official translation. Trump starts by declaring there […]

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Mayweather Meets McGregor

After more than a half century of watching legendary champions fight each other, and reading about the fistic exploits of ancient titleholders, I, the average wimpy fan, am disturbed that Conor McGregor, a guy with no professional boxing experience, nary a fight, is going to potentially earn a hundred million to debut against one of […]

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Free Arpaio

ignoring families who roasted in desert tents on arizona border trump says you’re pardoned sheriff joe

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Bye Bannon

i leaked all over white house fools and sailed back to

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Trump Unglued

sad our great statues celebrating slavery and bloody civil war are being ripped apart by liberals bad as charlotesville nazis who defend our values which early twentieth century required us to dip bullets in pigs blood to kill muslim terrorists who didn’t understand they were our prisoners in their philippines

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