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She Resides with Vincent

As oldest of ten children of a porter, I clean houses and make clothes, and Mother works by my side and younger siblings too. This isn’t enough, though, and we go to soup kitchens and anywhere else for help until I decide to sell what I have and men like it well enough, and I […]

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Van Gogh v. Gauguin

I didn’t want to go to Arles but Vincent kept writing that by painting side by side and sharing artistic ideas we could create our finest works. Really, I had no other offers in October 1888 so relented and took paint and canvases to the south of France and moved into the yellow house that […]

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Lupe Velez v. Dolores del Rio

I’m a lover and hate people who say in Mexico City my mother rented my teenage body. That’s a lie. I was always a good singer and comedienne and first appeared in Hollywood films before turning twenty. I’ve loved many leading men and others and still do and for a few years adored Gary Cooper […]

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The In Crowd

I’m a leader and other girls do what I say and fifteen are helping me deal with Rebecca. I’m bigger and can easily beat her up by myself but that’s not the point. I want everyone to hate her. She used to see a guy who dropped her for me. That’s not enough either. The […]

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Man in Beret

From distance man in beret looks cool puttering in garage one evening calls wife at work and says will have surprise when she gets home he’s reclining in front seat beret in place.

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Foxxconn Drives Chinese

Click here to read “Snapshots of Distressing Events”

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When Is a Boxer Too Old?

This evening I pried through dusty file boxes to retrieve an article I wrote titled, “When Is a Boxer Too Old?” Now I’d answer everyone’s born too old for a sport dedicated to brain busting. I’m not advocating a ban on boxing or mixed martial arts. That’s unrealistic since the masses love violence, and I’m […]

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“La india” of Abraham Angel

i like her fingers and hands on her long orange dress and her toes underneath and especially i like her pretty brown face and black hair between mountains overlooking the home where every night she takes off her dress To see “La india,” 1923, by Abraham Angel, please click here. To read “Who was Abraham […]

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Junior Seau, John Mackey, and the Human Brain

John Mackey left the football field four decades ago and most fans today don’t know his name or his game but they should. He enlivened highlight reels when most tight ends labored as blue-collar blockers. After catching the ball, Mackey simply ran over people: he busted defenders with his legs, bruised them with shoulders and […]

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Vincent van Gogh Talks to Mental Patient

(This conversation occurred last night in a local mental health facility.) Mental Patient – You don’t know the trouble I’ve had. Vincent van Gogh – I had quite a few problems, too. MP – Not like mine. Your paintings generate hundreds of millions of dollars a year. And all the reproductions, merchandising, books, movies…you must’ve […]

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Was Vincent van Gogh Murdered

Two clever biographers appeared on Sixty Minutes and said Vincent van Gogh didn’t really shoot himself in a wheat field more than a bumpy mile from town since he couldn’t have walked so far bearing a wound destined to finish him in thirty hours. Instead, the sleuthing biographers state two teenagers in Auvers, a spot […]

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Big Sneeze

After hosting amorous boyfriend Sunday night and pounding treadmill half hour early Monday morning, popular high school math teacher Martha H drove to school, parked car, and walked toward class, confident she’d have another great week. She sneezed after shutting car door, and nose and sinuses had tickly, cleaned out feeling that became more pleasurable […]

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Bullies on Screen

Millions are bullied at school every year. Documentary film Bully studies several. Let’s focus on two. Bespectacled Alex is skinny, awkward, and nervous. He likes learning but says has trouble making friends, and when tries on school bus, bigger boy says, we’re not friends, I’ll shove broomstick up ass. Alex’s father lectures nobody respects punching […]

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Man in Beret

from distance man in beret looked okay often puttering in garage one evening he called wife at work and said i’ll have surprise when she got home he reclined in front seat beret in place and motor running

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Foxconn Opportunities

May be secret some places but Chinese know many kids young as twelve leave no heat or plumbing villages and ride migratory buses to work for great technology firm Foxconn which gets several thousand applications daily from those anxious to be paid promptly albeit modestly and live in huge heated dormitories and enjoy promised spare […]

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Was Vincent van Gogh Murdered?

This poem has been rewritten in prose and posted May 28, 2012 two clever biographers appear on sixty minutes to say vincent van gogh didn’t really shoot himself in a wheat field more than a bumpy mile from town he couldn’t have walked so far bearing a mortal wound destined to finish him in thirty […]

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The Lens of Diane Arbus

In the most fundamental sense I’m not photographing giants and midgets and the deformed and tattooed and transvestites and the normal my lens makes disturbed; I’m examining what I know myself to be: a misfit who’s always hated that my parents are wealthy. I’m humiliated having nannies. I cringe at the deference of strangers. I’m […]

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Alexis Arguello Explains

I am honored many people are calling me a legendary boxing champion who had a huge heart and danger in each hand, and even more I appreciate they consider me a kind and gracious gentleman. Still, I hear what some are asking, and feel what everyone’s thinking: why couldn’t Alexis, who persevered during many wars […]

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Keeping Hemingway Alive till 109

Never had I craved anything so much as this strange and alluring task.  Thousands of other doctors were clamoring for the opportunity but many piously claimed personal considerations were more important still.  That disqualified them, I am sure.  Only a man obsessed was fit to lead a scientific revolution, and only I was poised to […]

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Superman George Reeves Discusses the Mystery

I must emphasize that “Hollywoodland” is a fine and entertaining movie and certainly better than any screen effort in which I had a substantial part.  In my first year as a film actor I appeared in the opening scene of “Gone with the Wind” but didn’t have much to do.  I should’ve been on screen […]

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Hunter Thompson and Mental Health

Since Hunter Thompson put a gun in his mouth and shot himself last week, I’ve been digging deep into the Internet and reading lots of articles about him.  The first wave of stories commended his hard-punching, eye-gouging, “gonzo” style of insightful political writing in such books as “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” and “Kingdom […]

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