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I expected cheap shots and lies from liberals and they unloaded bundles in Vice, their movie about me. Right away they gleefully recalled I had a couple of drunk driving arrests as a young man and dropped out of Yale to repair power lines and almost got dumped by my fiancée, Lynne. At least they […]

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Taliban Responds to Trump

We fighters in the Taliban never rest long and this morning some of our highest ranking members arise quite early and form a semicircle around our color TV to watch President Trump rail about Afghanistan. One of our English speakers conveys the highlights, though we’ll later get an official translation. Trump starts by declaring there […]

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Dr. Trump Assesses Hillary

This story is from the rousing campaign book “King Donald”

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Mullah Omar Denounces

My comrades and I in the Afghan Taliban are outraged by the cowardly and vicious attack by so-called Pakistani Taliban fighters who murdered a hundred forty innocent children studying at a military school in Peshawar. We would never commit such vile crimes, and extend profound condolences to the Pakistani government, and particularly the Inter-Service Intelligence, […]

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Torturous Jackpot

Frankly, Johnson was broke. He’d blown all his money doing unsavory things but couldn’t change that. He had to survive and hoped to soon flourish and thought he would after learning from confidential sources about James E. Mitchell and Bruce Jessen and writing them letters. He knew they could help. They’d been mere staff psychologists […]

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