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One State or Two

I knew I was going to be a hell of a president but, frankly, I underestimated myself. I’ve got a great feel for diplomacy and international relations. Did you see me at the news conference last week with Prime Minister Abe after the North Koreans had test fired another ballistic missile? I coolly let the […]

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pyramid generals mummify those asking questions

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Morsi the Great

I detest people who doubt I’m ideal President of Egypt. I oppose tyranny and always did in years as activist in Muslim Brotherhood. Now I’m battling reactionary elements of former regime trying to regain power and repress liberty. I don’t allow courts to help enemies of progress. I ignore them and godless parties seeking to […]

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Egyptian Generals Suppress Opponents

to protect freedom won in revolution we egyptian generals must stop foreign backed enemies demanding democracy settle down or fall into mubarak’s courtroom bed

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This story is from the collection “Obama on Edge”

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Explosions and Elections in the Middle East

Several days ago Iraqi insurgents in Hilla detonated a massive car bomb scattering body parts and clothes onto a street puddled with blood.  About one hundred twenty people died and many more were wounded.  Most of the victims – typically – were unarmed, unprepared, and lightly guarded recruits for the army and police.  They were […]

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