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Trump Economics

my tax cuts increased deficits while trade wars inflated steel cutting five gm plants in u.s. and fourteen thousand jobs

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Marvin Gaye to his Father

Dear Father, Why do you beat me so? I’m your son and love listening to your inspired sermons and beautiful singing and know someday you’ll be more than a lay preacher. Most of all I enjoy being with you and hoping someday you’ll be proud of me. I know you will. You’ll hug me, and […]

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Violent Virgin Islands

Worn by cold weather and eternal gray days I leave Des Moines and move to the Virgin Islands where a friend from college tells me the weather’s always great except for high humidity and occasional hurricanes. I don’t worry much about climate. I just do what locals do. I like the Virgin Islands but better […]

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Curing Dan Gilbert

This story is in the collection “Basketball and Football”

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