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Our Integrated Life

I finish serving lunch to some actors in the Warner Brothers commissary when from another table I hear, “Oh, excuse me.” I turn toward a voice that thrills millions, and say, “I’ll get your waiter right away, Miss Davis.” “I’ve already eaten. This is business. Please sit down.” “I’d love to, but they’d fire me.” […]

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Bette in Bondage

Bette Davis blows by the cautioning hand of an executive secretary and opens the big door, marching straight to the desk of Jack Warner who glances up and says, “Bette, we don’t have an appointment today.” “I just learned you don’t want me to play the lead in Of Human Bondage.” Warner places his pen […]

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Wives of Errol Flynn

Yes, I’ve heard. Even at rest on a green hill overlooking Hollywood, I know my wives and final girlfriend are now gone, and as I remember them I sometimes wish news reports and video images, from a world I was ready to leave, would stop bombarding me. That’s a terrible clip of me entering the […]

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Fallen Star

Producers and directors often exhorted Martin Stevens to beat or at least be like Errol Flynn, and that seemed attainable. In terms of facial structure, Martin looked as if Flynn had fathered him. Hell, maybe he did. So the sequence was logical enough. Martin was outfitted in tights in his first starring film role and […]

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Arnella Flynn, Too Much Like Errol

For decades the inside cover of Parade magazine has been like it is today, a page glistening with faces of beautiful and famous people.  And as I write this, one of those pages stands out more than hundreds of others I’ve read.  It was from an early 1970’s issue and featured the delightful image of […]

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