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The Bold Investor

In these luminous short stories George Thomas Clark presents a smorgasbord of mysteries, adventures, and issues. Edgar Allan Poe may have been murdered. Promising actor Martin Stevens drinks and drugs himself from Hollywood to the streets. Extraterrestrials benignly dominate the earth until they suddenly demand humans make Bakersfield the world’s greatest city. A shy teacher […]

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Therapy – A Short Story about a Basketball Player

The basketball bounced long into Jimmy Barton’s strong hands, and he dribbled straight at the player who’d shot and was now backpedaling, and as he passed half-court Jimmy planted his right foot and drove left but instantly cross-dribbled, twisting the defender onto the floor, and glided in for a lay-up. Haggin, the center, ran up […]

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Lube Job

This short story originally appeared in the collection “The Bold Investor” They were in his backyard, and she was smiling at him. He knew what she wanted. He wanted it, too. But not now. He wanted to wait. He needed to drink some more, and lifted the bottom of a cold can toward branches of […]

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Book Signing Saturday October 19

Starting at noon Saturday at Russo’s Book Store – 9000 Ming Ave. at the Marketplace in Bakersfield, CA – I will be signing copies of my short story collection “The Bold Investor.” Click here for book information

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In the Blue House

It can’t be too late. This is a meeting so compelling and mandatory that all rules, technicalities, and encumbrances must be ignored. It doesn’t matter they are dead. It doesn’t matter they never knew each other. It doesn’t matter they were married. It matters only that the proper time be chosen, a common instant that […]

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The Collector

This story is part of the collections “Paint it Blue” and “The Bold Investor”

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Fallen Star

Producers and directors often exhorted Martin Stevens to beat or at least be like Errol Flynn, and that seemed attainable. In terms of facial structure, Martin looked as if Flynn had fathered him. Hell, maybe he did. So the sequence was logical enough. Martin was outfitted in tights in his first starring film role and […]

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This story is from the collections “The Bold Investor”

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I Am MacArthur

This story is from the collection “The Bold Investor” <

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Exhumation of Edgar Allan Poe

Baltimore, MD – During forty years of torment Edgar Allen Poe was orphaned, shunned by foster parents, dismissed from the University of Virginia because of indigence, dishonorably discharged from West Point, underpaid by editors, beset by depression and other organic ailments of the brain, mired in poverty, torn by feuds personal and professional, widowed when […]

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