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Marilyn Reverses Niagara

On a scenic trail near powerful Niagara Falls I’m kissing my very handsome young boyfriend and we’re planning what to do about my husband Joseph Cotten who’s been released from an army psychiatric hospital but is even worse now, a haunted man wandering around early every morning, and later today he scares guests in our […]

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Marilyn Likes It Hot

The star of Some Like It Hot knows she moves and sounds like no one else. “Where have you been, Marilyn?” asks the director, Billy Wilder. “I’ve been sleeping. How about you?” “You’re two hours late, again.” “I’m sorry, Billy, but I couldn’t sleep last night and took some pills that just knocked me out.” […]

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Art Aragon’s Sweetest Ladies

This story is from the collection “Death in the Ring” Click here to see a photo of Art Aragon and Marilyn Monroe

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